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Best recovery option - It is the best recovery option. I easily recover my memorable pictures which were accidentally formatted. It’s totally amazing.

-John Doe / Director of - 30-08-2015

Amazing software - I was scared when I don’t found my entire files. They are very important files. But Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS helps me a lot. It is just fantastic!!

-Sherra / Housewife, Scotland - 29-08-2015

Thank you Wondershare Dr. fone - Thanks!! I easily recover my messages back. It’s great software. I’ll always use this and also tell everyone about it.

-Stephan / Student, Alaska - 12-08-2015

Best software for iOS - Best software to recover files without having backup, it restore accurately.

-Jordan Roebuck / Businessman, Argentina - 06-07-2015

Best software - The best software I really appreciated it. Its trustworthy I easily get back my lost stuffs. Fantastic!!!

-Tom Laily / Manager, Alabama - 24-06-2015

Superb!! - It’s truly superb application, I become FAN of it!! Without any hesitation just try it. It’s very effective. Trust Me.

-Jim Carry / Senior Executive, California - 25-06-2015

Perfect application - My recovery process was so easy and fast. I was just speechless. PERFECT!!!!!

- Jack Addison / Senior Manager, Alaska - 18-05-2015

Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Win) Review. - AWESOME!! This product helps a lot to recover by missing things on my iphone… Thanxs Wondershare!!

- Peter Disuza / Business, Argentina - 15-05-2015

Good one. - It is really helpful product. As I recover my data easily by using this software. It is a really Good!!

- Henry Morgan / Student, California - 19-04-2015

Easy Recovery - My deleted messages are easily recovered to my iphone . Even the recovery through itunes is very hard. It is amazing…

- Elizabeth / Housewife, Colorado - 08-04-2015

Unbelievable - It’s really unbelievable I easily recover my lost stuffs. Provides good service highly recommended. Truly unbelievable!!

- Katty Perry / Professor, Delaware - 02-03-2015

Good App - I can’t imagine. How fast the recovery process was finished. Easy to you and 100% guaranteed product...

- Jennifer / Marketing Excutive, Florida - 12-02-2015

Wondershare Dr.Fone - I was looking for a prefect tool for recovering my whats app info and I come to know about this application it helps me out. Really good application.

- Linda / Student, Texas - 12-01-2015

Best product ever - It’s one of the best product. And recovery process is so easy and beyond imagination…

- Rihana Disuza / Housewife, Florida - 28-12-2014

User friendly - It is so easily to use even the cave man can use it. I easily recover the data. Good!!

- Alezander / General Manager, California - 1-12-2014

Photos Recovery - I recovered my lost photos with help of Dr. Fone . I would be grateful and happy. It is really useful product. Thanks!!!

- John / Supervisor, New York - 11-11-2014

Recovery program - All my contacts are erased from the phone. I don’t know how it happen but know I totally relaxed as I use this software and my problem was fixed. It is excellent!!

- Nancy / Director, New Jersey - 10-10-2014

Thankful - Very Good!! It helps me a lot. I am thankful to it!!

- Jaison / Student, MaryLand - 07-09-2014

Excellent Software - It is very excellent software for recovering my data back and I was thankful to Dr. Fone.

- Helen / Housewife, France - 14-08-2014

Recover files easily - It is a very powerful tool. To recover files easily and get the data back, it’s the best option. Nothing else!!!

- Michale / Business, Rusiaa - 02-07-2014

Wonderful - I would really like to thank Dr. Fone because it recovers all my precious messages which are deleted accidently.

- Peter / Businessman, Nevada - 15-06-2014

Recovered my videos - I recently buy the iPhone and deleted my videos from Icloud and what worse they all are totally erased. But this is a great product. Thanks DR. Fone. I didn’t need to purchase till I was not sure that all my lost videos would found. Easy to use and got all the videos back.

- Tom Peterson / Deputy Manager, South Africa - 05-04-2014

Best Application for Recovery - Last night I was transferring files to my laptop and while doing the process something went wrong. I was totally depressed and helpless as I don’t have the backup. Then search for the best recovery application and found about Wondershare Dr. Fone recovery tool. I downloaded it and purchased the license. You won’t believe within the couple of minute I get back all my files without any loss. Thanks a lot Dr. Fone!!

- Britanny / Student, Vermont - 25-02-2014

Successful recovery of my iphone - After updating my iphone all the data was lost. I was only left with the option to restore it through itunes it is really which I don’t want and I found this recovery software which is very helpful for me. And it is of very reasonable cost. By spending 70 bucks I can recover my valuable data. Thank you!!

- Sandra / Teacher, Dubai - 05-01-2014

Good app - Recover all my photos with the help of this software, which I never thought I did see again. Thank you Dr. Fone.

- Johnson / Manager, Swizerland - 22-12-2013

Best app for iOS - It is great software and works wonderfully. It recovered all deleted data in my phone.

- Lucy / Business, Italy - 02-12-2013

Nice app - One of my friends suggested me to use this program. I must say this is a this is a best app for iOS recovery. Thank you Wondershare Dr. Fone.

- Silvesta / Housewife, Egypt - 05-11-2013

Wondershare Dr. Fone - With the help of this program, I was easily recovered my deleted voicemails which means a lot to me.

- Daniel / C.A., Montana - 28-10-2013

Good program - It works really fast and service was also great. Highly recommend it.

- Tony / Accountant, Alaska - 14-09-2013

Thank you - This app literally help to recover my files. Thank you so so much!

- Calara / Student, Kentucky - 09-08-2013

Dr. Fone - This program is better than iTunes. It restores the contacts completely and selected. Awesome!!

- Philips / Civil Engineer, Kensas - 17-07-2013

I am relieved - I am so grateful to this app. It not only recovers my data but also able to get the deleted note that was so important for me.

- Adam Gilcherist / Business, Los Angelas - 20-06-2013

Wondershare for Dr. Fone for iOS - Best software, I am trying to recover my lost data in iphone. Thank you.

- Rosemarry / Housewife, California - 12-05-2013

Dr. Fone - Very useful, especially when you are restoring backup files. Excellent software.

- Vicki / Student, vermont - 30-05-2013

Review - I have trying other application in the past but this one was far exceeding them. It is worth the money. Thank you.

- Garry / Director, America - 22-05-2013

Too good - It helped me to recover the stuff that I formatted accidently. Thank you Wondershare Dr. Fone

- Adel Neigm / Company Associate, Los-Vegas - 03-05-2013

Rate - I have deleted all my friend’s contacts. By using this software, I’d recovered all my lost contacts. Very useful product… thanks!

- John Kingston / Manager, England - 23-04-2013

Wondershare Dr. Fone - I use this software to retrieve my lost videos. It is a powerful program and easily gets the videos back. Thanks Dr. Fone.

- Eliena / HouseWife, South Korea - 15-04-2013

Best - I recovered my lost data with help of Dr. Fone. It is really a great app. loved it, surely use it again.

- Louise / Student, Kenya - 28-05-2013

Perfect app for recovery - It is simply a best program and been able to restore all my lost stuff. After trying all experts, I found this one is very useful. Amazing!

- Mark Anthony / Businessman, California - 27-06-2013

Review - I thought everything was lost because of water damaged to my ipod. Then I found this program and recovered all my lost stuff from iCloud backup saver. Huge relief!

- Alex / Salesman, Colorado - 15-07-2013

Pricey but good - I used this software to backing up data on my iphone. I must say this works great in every scenario.

- Maria / Housewife, France - 25-07-2013

Recovered Files - I am an IT professional. Last week I deleted my precious data while formatting my system. This is very useful program that easily recover all of my lost data. I would recommend this program to other users if you face any problem.

- Philips / SEO Executive, U.S. - 07-08-2013

Recovered my pictures - I deleted my memorable pictures from iCloud accidently and they all are totally gone. It is a great product I have ever found. It is easy to use and got my all pictures back. Thank you Dr. Fone.

- James Disuza / Student, Brazil - 21-08-2013

Review - I was looking for perfect software for recovering videos from iphone. One of my friends suggested me for this software. It is really a good application and works very fast. I easily recovered my videos. I am thankful to wondershare!!

- George / Executive, Russia - 09-09-2013

Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS - It is very useful program to retrieve lost information from iOS devices. It helps me to recover my all precious data. Thank you Dr. Fone.

- Justin / Worker, Rome - 21-09-2013

Recover my contacts - I lost my all iphone contact numbers then I used this software. It is a very fine app and easily retrieves my lost contacts.

- Jeenifer / Student, London - 01-09-2013

Good App - My deleted data are easily recovered to my iphone even the recovering information through iCloud are tough. Thanks!

- Emma Lopez / Housewife, Paris - 19-09-2013

Dr. Fone - I was able to recover my lost stuff with this software which I deleted accidently. Thank you Wondershare Dr. Fone.

- Jhonson / Senior Manager, Texas - 10-09-2013

Recover data - It is a best option for recovering deleted data to iphone. I was really thankful to Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS.

- Katrin / Junior Manager, Paris - 29-10-2013

Review - I recently brought my new Ipad and thought the notes were secure on this. I deleted my important data mistakenly from the iCloud and they were completely lost. Dr.Fone is wonderful program as it recovers all my lost stuff. It very easy to use and understand and I did not have to pay for this program.

- Lisa / Housewife, Paris - 21-11-2013

Amazing - The software is amazing. I restore my files easily and the result is perfect. Love it

- Martina Youhn / Software Engineer, England - 06-06-2012

Awesome - Awesome software! I lost hundreds of dollars value in my notes. I badly needed a solution to recover all my data. This program so far is priceless. And the recovery process is also very easy and fast. It is so good. Love it !!

- Royan / Director, China - 25-12-2013

Best Product - Love it. It is a great product; I easily get the back the files back. I was totally scared but it is just incredible!!

- Garcia / Student, London - 05-01-2012

Review - It is wonderful software; the recovery process is so fast. It’s unbelievable within the couple of minutes I recover the photos.

- Caterina / Teacher, Kenya - 14-02-2012

Prefect app - I was totally tensed when I lost my lovable pics, But now I am relieved it help me lot. Love it!!

- Sam / Worker, Swizerland - 25-03-2012