Get The Complete Guide Below To Mirror or Record The Screen of Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch To Computer

iOS Screen Recorder is designed to mirror or record screen of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Below, follow the steps to mirror/record screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch easily.

Part I: Mirror and Record iOS Screen on Your PC

Part II:Fix Airplay Option Is Not Showing

Part III: Fix Cannot Find Mirroring Button

Part IV: Fix iOS Screen Not Showing or Disappeared on Computer

Part I: Mirror and Record iOS Screen on Your PC

Step 1: Connect your Devices to Computer

First, run iOS Screen Recorder on computer after which you will get the below mentioned image with several options.

Connect your device to Local Area Network (LAN)

Connect your device and PC to same network

  • When your system is connecting to Wi-Fi network then connect same Wi-Fi on your network
  • When your PC is not connected to Wi-Fi network then you should put your device and computer under same LAN

Then click "iOS screen recorder" on your system which will pop-up window of iOS screen recorder.

Step 2: Mirror your device

For iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9

Swipe up from bottom of screen to open control center and click "Airplay" and select Dr.Fone, then enable "Mirroring".

For iOS 10

Swipe up from bootom to open control center. click on 'Airplay Mirroring' and select Dr.Fone to mirror your device.

Step 3: Now record your iPhone screen

Here you will get two buttons at the bottom of screen. Just click on left circle button to begin the recording of your iPhone and hit on right square to display a full screen. Well if you want to get out of the full screen mode then hit on square button and press ESC on keyboard. If you want to stop recording the click on circle button. iOS Scree Recorder will take you to the folder where the video is saved.

Part II:Fix Airplay Option Is Not Showing

There are some users who complain they don't get Airplay option. So here mentioned four solutions to help you out.

Solution 1: Always ensure your device and computer is both connected to same network

Go to settings > Wi-Fi, then select the network which your computer is connecting to

Solution 2: Just check if iOS Screen Recorder is blocked by Firewall

When iOS screen recoder is launched for the first time then it pop-ups security alert from windows firewall. Hit on 'Allow access' to allow screen recorder to communicate on private network and public network both

If you mistakenly hit on 'cancel' then follow the below mentioned steps

Step 1: Go to "Start" > Control panel > All control panel items > Windows Firewall > Allowed apps. After that you will get the list of apps which that communicate via windows firewall. Now hit on change settings button and tick "Wondershare Screen Recoder" to allows the iOS screen recorder to communicate.

Also ensure 'Bonjour service" is allowed to communicate via windows firewall.

Note: Just check whether Antivirus software block the start of AirPlay, iOS screen recoder and Bonjour service.

Step 2: Also ensure Firewall is turned off

Go to Start > Control panel > System and security > Windows firewall > Customized settings and then turn off windows firewall under 'Private network settings' and 'Public network settings'.

Step 4: At last restart the iOS Screen Recorder just to check whether you can see the AirPlay option.

Solution 3: Restart your Bonjur service

Step 1: Go to Start > Run. Input 'service.msc' and then click 'OK'.

Step 2: Locate 'Bonjur service' under column name. Then right click 'Bonjur service' and then choose 'start' from menu. If the Bonjur service is already started then choose 'Restart'.

When you find the 'Start' option is gray then it means that service is disabled. Then follow the steps to enable it:

  • Click right on 'Bonjur service', then select properties
  • Then select 'Automatic' to startup type
  • Tap on 'Apply' and then select 'start' under 'service status'
  • At last, hit on 'OK" to finish the settings

Step 3: Again launch the iOS Screen Recorder just to check whether you can find AirPlay option on control center.

Solution 4: Reboot your iOS Device

When all the above mentioned steps does not work then select Reboot option and you can find the AirPlay option in control center.

Part III: Fix Cannot Find Mirroring Button

When you come across such type of problems then follow the below mentioned steps to repair it.

Step 1: Swipe up to open control centeron your iPad. Click on AirPlay and you can see the below window.

Step 2: Now select Dr.Fone from the list. After that scroll up and you can find 'Miroring' button, enable it.

Part IV: Fix iOS Screen Not Showing or Disappeared on Computer

There are some users who do not show up or disappear on computer when the Mirroring button is enabled. This issue can be solved by following 'Fix Airplay is not showing.