Get The Complete Guide Below To Erase Personal Data From iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Permanently!!!

Private Data Eraser for iOS is designed to erase personal data like contacts, social media app chatting, text SMS, photos, Safari bookmarks, notes, etc. Everything is erased from iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch and deleted data are not recoverable by any means.

Below find out step by step guide on how to delete private data from iOS device.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your Computer

First install and launch iOS Data Eraser on your computer and select “Erase” option.

Now connect your iOS device with the help of USB cable and tap on Trust on your iPhone/iPad screen to make sure the device connects successfully.

Once it recognizes your device, it will display the two options for you such as – Erase Full Data and Erase Private Data. Select “Erase Private Data” in order wipe all private data from the device.

Step 2: Scan private data on iPhone

To delete all your private data, first you have to scan the device completely. Hit on 'Start Scan' to begin the scanning process.

Wait for few minutes and all your private data will be seen.

Step 3: Begin to erase all your private data permanently

After scanning is complete, all data is visible such as contacts, photos, messages, call history and more. Now select the data that you want to delete and then press “Erase from the device” to erase private data permanently from the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Since the erased data can’t be recovered by any means, hence, it is suggested that you must be very careful that you do not want any data back and then enter “delete” and press on “Erase now” to confirm.

When the deletion begins, you can wait for few minutes as it can take some time. Your iPhone/iPad may reboot during the process so please do not disconnect the device.

Once the program completes the process, you can see "Erase Completed" message on the window of the program.