Get The Complete Guide Below To Backup and Restore Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Kik Chat History!!!

iOS Kik Backup & Restore now allows you to backup and restore Kik messenger app data directly to computer that actually makes it very easy for users to backup and restore Kik chat history on iOS device and print Kik Chat history on computer.

Part I: Backup iPhone/iPad Kik Chats to Computer

Part II: Restore Kik Chats to iOS Device or Export to PC

Part I: Backup iPhone/iPad Kik Chats to Computer

Step 1: Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer

At first, you are required to run the iOS Data Backup and Restore on your computer and then click on Backup & Restore from the available option. Now connect your iPhone/iPad to computer.

Once, your device gets connected, click on “Social App Data Backup & Restore” tab and then click on “iOS Kik Backup & Restore”.

Step 2: Start to backup your Kik chats

Click on the "Backup" button, and after that the program will automatically start working. You will then only need to keep the device connected all the time during the whole process and you have to wait for some time to get the process done.

After the above process gets completed, you will then see the reminding message “Backup Completed” as mentioned below.

Part II: Restore Kik Chats to iOS Device or Export to PC

Step 1: View your Kik backup files

In order to check the content of Kik backup files, you can simply click on "To view the previous backup file >>" on the first screen.

Step 2: Extract your backup file

Here you can see all backup files of your Kik chats. Choose one you wish to check and click on the "View" button and then on “Next” button. This will start the scanning process.

Now, you can view the Kik backup data and select the files that you want to restore to your iOS device or export to PC.

If you want to restore your Kik backup directly to your device, then simply click “Next” button.

Step 3: Restore Kik Chats

Once the scan process completes, click on “Restore” to restore all Kik backup chats to your iOS device.