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Have you forgotten your iPhone passcode and your phone is locked? Want to unlock your device? Looking for some best ways, then don’t go anywhere. This blog will help you to guide you how to unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod passcode without restore in easy way.

Well, iPhone is one the best Smartphone that is in demand always and people just love to have it. But people are also serious about their data stored on it so they try several ways to protect their device from third party access.

So we people generally set a password to lock the phone so that device is safe. After entering the correct passcode, the device gets unlock. But this way of protecting the device is also a one kind of headache. Because if you forget your iPhone/ iPad/iPod lock screen passcode then you cannot open your device and it will be a serious issue.

After that, you may be looking for the ways by which you can unlock your device passcode immediately. Well, to know how to unlock iDevices, you have to read further.

Practical scenario

My little brother forgot iPhone passcode that he set on my iPhone 5. He entered the possible password several times, but now my iPhone is disabled. How to fix the disabled iPhone without losing data? Thanks in advance!

                                      From: iPhone Recovery

Generally when you enter wrong passcode for 5-6 times then you get a message stating ‘iPhone is disabled’. Trying too many times will lock your device completely and again you will get a message stating ‘iPhone is locked’.

Now, what to do? Your data is stored on the device that you are unable to access any more. Don’t worry, follow the below guide properly and know how to unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod passcode.

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Ways To Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod Passcode Without Restore

How To Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod Passcode Without Restore

When your phone gets locked then that moment is one of the most frustrating one. Your device will get locked and you don’t have access to it. So the best way to unlock your iPhone is to restore your device. But restoring your device can lose all your data. So, first learn how to backup iOS device data to computer.

How To Backup Data From Locked/Disabled iOS Device To Computer

With the help of  iOS Data Backup & Restore software. This will help you to extract all data from your device to computer for backup and there will also be no data loss. So just Download iOS Data Backup & Restore Tool to backup all your important data from disabled/locked iOS device.

Try iOS Backup & Restore Now for Windows Try iOS Backup & Restore Now for Mac

Below follow the step-by-step guide on how to backup data from locked iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Steps To Backup Data From Locked or Disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch To Computer

Step 1: Connect iOS Device to Computer

After you launch iOS Data Recovery Tool on your computer, select 'Backup & Restore' from the available options. After that, use the USB cable to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer. The software will automatically detect your iOS device by default.

Next click on "Device Data Backup & Restore"

Note: For iOS devices, the program support backup of most file types such as privacy data, app data social app data like Whatsapp, Viber, LINE, Kik, etc.

Step 2: Select File Types to Backup

After your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch gets connected successfully then iOS Backup and Restore software will detect the file types on your device and after that you can simply select what file types you want to backup. Then click on "Backup"

Click on the folder icon just located under the file types to change the destination path to save backup files.

The complete process of backup will take a few minutes, which generally depends on the data storage on your device. Now iOS Backup & Restore will display all the supported data such as Photos, Messages, Contacts, Videos, Call Logs, Memos and other related data.

Step 3: View The Backed Up Data

Once the backup process complete, you can click on "View Backup History" to view the all backed-up iOS data. Select the backup file and click on "View". You can select one or multiple backup files to backup or export them to your computer.

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How Can I Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Without Restore?

There are people who ask the following questions:

How do you unlock an iPad when it is disabled?

How can I unlock my iPad without itunes?

How can I reset iPhone when forgotten screen lock passcode?

Hot to unlock iPhone without iCloud?

How to unlock iPod touch without restore?

How to unlock iPad passcode without restore?

Well, the answer to all question lies here! With the use of most effective and powerful iOS Unlock software, you can easily unlock locked iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without restore and without iTunes or iCloud. It easily and quickly removes iOS locked screens – passcode, Touch ID and passwords.

This iOS Lock Screen Removal software support all models of iPhone and iPad such as iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, etc and iPad Pro/Mini 4/iPad 4/3/2, etc.

Try iOS Unlock Now for Windows Try iOS Unlock Now for Mac

So, what are you waiting for simply download iOS unlock and remove the passcode from iOS device now?

Below find out how iOS unlock work and its complete tutorial.

Note: Removing screen lock passcode from iOS device will erase entire data stored within the device, hence it is recommended that you must first backup data of your locked iOS device to computer first.

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Steps To Unlock Locked iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Without Restore

Note: Before you proceed further, you have to first disable "Find My iPhone/iPad" feature. If it is already enabled then below find out steps to disable Find My iPhone/iPad remotely.

Part 1: Steps To Disable Find My iPhone/iPad Remotely

Step 1: In order to disable Find My iPhone/iPad on the lock device, simply Switch OFF the device first.

Step 2: After this, visit icloud.com on your computer and log-in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

Step 3: Once you log-in to your iCloud account, click on "Find My iPhone" icon.

Step 4: Then click on All Devices and put the cursor on the device for which you want to Turn OFF Find My iPhone.

Step 5: No simply click on 'X' icon to simply remove your iPhone/iPad from your iCloud account. This is how "Find My iPhone/iPad" is disabled remotely.

Once Find My iPhone/iPad is disabled, you can now proceed further to unlock screen lock of your iPhone or iPad with the help iOS Lock Screen Removal tool.

Part 2: Steps To Unlock iPhone/iPad Screen Lock

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone/iPad To Computer

Launch Unlock (iOS) on your computer and select "Unlock" among the available option.

Then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with the help of lightening cable. Next click on "Start" to begin the process.

Step 2: Boot iPhone/iPad in DFU Mode

Now you have to boot your iDevice in DFU Mode.

Below find out how to boot iPhone/iPad in DFU mode:

  • Turn OFF your iPhone.
  • Press and hold Power and Volume Down button at the same time for 10 seconds.
  • Now release the Power button but keep holding the Volume Down button until your device enter into DFU mode.

Step 3: Confirm iOS Device Information

Once your device boot in DFU mode, iOS Unlock will show the device information such as iOS version, phone generation, etc. If the information is not correct then simply provide the correct information from the drop-down list. Then click on "Download" to download the firmware for your device.

Step 4: Unlock/Disable/BYpass iPhone/iPad Screen Lock

Once the firmware gets downloaded, click on "Unlock Now" to start the process of unlocking your iPhone/iPad.

Your iPhone or iPad will get unlocked in just few seconds. Also note that this unlocking process will also erase all data on your iPhone/iPad.

Since, unlocking iOS device with iOS unlock delete all data from the device and if you you have forgot to backup data before, then you can now try iOS Data Recovery software to recover data from iOS device after unlocking it.

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Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod via iCloud Find My iPhone

For those people who want to reset iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad password without iTunes or without iOS unlock, they can reset their iOS device with iCloud.

If you have enabled the option ‘Find My iPhone’ in iCloud then you should follow the below mentioned steps to delete the device along with passcode.

  1. First go to icloud.com/#find from another device or computer.
  2. When prompted, sign in with your iCloud Apple ID.
  3. Now hit on ‘All Devices’ option.
  4. Here you have to select the device that you want to delete. But when you don’t find your device on the list, then you should use Recovery Mode.
  5. Click on Erase iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) to remote clean the device along with its password. The device itself needs to be connected to network, or this won’t work.
  6. After this you can restore them from a recent backup.

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Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Passcode with Recovery Mode

Using this method will immediately delete your passcode but your data will also be deleted. No need to worry as it is mentioned above of how to restore deleted data from iPhone. Now to wipe out data using recovery mode, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First connect your iPhone to PC and then launch iTunes

Step 2: Restart forcefully your device after holding volume down and sleep button at a time till you see the recovery mode screen

Step 3: Here you will get ‘Restore’ or ‘Update’ option. Hit on Restore.

Step 4: At last, wait for the process to finish and after that you can set up your iPhone/iPad/iPod

Source: https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT204306

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Bonus Tips: Some Other Ways To Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod

Try entering the most often used password– This is one of the common and best way to restore your lock device. Before trying some other method, it is better to use the most often used password that you remember. This can solve your problem if you enter them correctly, otherwise go for other methods.

People who ask question on how to unlock iPhone, iPad or iPod without computer, then they can contact Apple support.

Or when all above mentioned solutions doesn’t  goes on your way even then also you can take help from Apple support by contacting them.

Final Verdict

Forgetting passcode of iPhone/iPad/iPod and looking for solutions is a common thing for many iPhone users. So for your better knowledge, I have guided you with the most advanced methods to unlock your iDevices. Using iOS Unlock software will help you a quick solution to bypass/unlock/remove passcode from locked iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

Try iOS Unlock Now

However, don’t forget to backup iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with the help of iOS Data Backup and Restore software because removing passcode with iOS unlock erases all data stored on the device.

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