Transfer iPhone Notes to Computer

Nowadays, Smartphone has taken the entire world on its way and now without Smartphone, it seems something is incomplete. It has really changed everyone’s life a lot. Many times you may require some important tasks to note and you don’t have anything with you.

You simply take out your Smartphone and note it down. This is because your device has Notes app. Every important thing you can easily note on your device. It can also used to list some important tasks and also can remind you for any task if required.

Notes are important but have you ever thought what would happen when you lose your tasks from your iPhone? Well the situation may be very annoying and you would suffer from data loss. So before you face such situation, you should transfer iPhone notes to your computer. Doing this can help you to read the notes later on and a way to save your important notes in safe place.

So let us know what are the ways by which you can transfer your iPhone notes to compute? You will get the guide of best methods that will give you different-different option to transfer iPhone notes to PC.

Part 1: Transfer iPhone Notes to PC with best software

Well one of the best way to transfer iPhone notes to computer is by using iOS Data Backup and Restore. This software let you export your iPhone notes to PC. It easily transfer iPhone notes without any issue and known for its effective work.


Step 1: Connect iOS Device to Computer

After you launch dr.fone toolkit on your computer, you are required to select “iOS Data Backup & Restore” option from the list of tools. After that, use the USB cable to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer. However, dr.fone will automatically detect your iOS device by default.

Step 2: Select the data type

Here you have to select what kind of data you would like to transfer from iPhone to PC. For notes, you can select “Notes and Attachments”.

Step 3: Scan the data

When the scan process begins, you just have to simply wait and keep your device connected.

Step 4: Selectively transfer iPhone notes to PC

Now check the data which you would like to transfer and then click on “Export to PC”. All the notes get transferred successfully.


Part 2: Transfer iPhone Notes to PC with DiskAid

DiskAid is a transfer manager for both Windows and Mac. It helps to transfer everything from iPhone to PC. So this can help you to transfer iPhone notes easily along with data like messages, photos, contacts, call logs etc. One thing to note is that if you want to export notes then it can be done but to import, the thing is not much easy. But the notes are saved in .txt format which can easily viewed on Notepad on PC.

Follow the below steps to know how to use the app to transfer iPhone notes to PC

  • First download and install DiskAid and the connect your iPhone using USB cable to PC

  • Then click on “Notes”. All the saved notes will appear of your phone. Now open them and hit on ‘copy to PC’.

  • At last, you will be asked to choose destination and all your notes will be saved to your computer.

NOTE– You can transfer any file from iPhone to PC but it will depend on the size of the file. But it does not support iCloud account so it cannot transfer iPhone note directly.

Part 3: Transfer iPhone notes with iTunes

Even you can transfer your iPhone notes to PC through iTunes. But here your iPhone notes will only get save on your Outlook account. Follow the below steps:

First connect your iPhone to PC and open iTunes. After that hit on info tab

Then go down and select ‘sync Notes with outlook’ and click on Sync button

When the process is over, you can see the notes in Outlook application. Now click on Notes icon where you will see all the notes from where you can copy and paste them wherever you want.

NOTE– If you don’t have an Outlook account or don’t want to access it then this method is not for you.

Part 4: Transfer iPhone Notes via iCloud

You might know that the safest place to store all your data including notes is simply uploading them on iCloud. It works by enabling iPhone notes in iCloud. Follow the below steps:

  • First go to settings and hit on ‘iCloud’

  • Now enter iCloud account details and enable ‘Notes’ option

  • Again go back and click on ‘Notes’ and select ‘iCloud’ as default account

At last your iPhone notes will automatically uploaded to iCloud account. Now you can easily access your account with iPhone or iPad with same account.

[TIPS]- Complete Guide to Transfer iPhone Notes to Computer in Easy Way
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[TIPS]- Complete Guide to Transfer iPhone Notes to Computer in Easy Way
Get the complete guide to transfer iPhone notes to computer in easy way. Best solution to quick transfer iPhone notes to computer
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[TIPS]- Complete Guide to Transfer iPhone Notes to Computer in Easy Way
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