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Apple’s latest iOS update i.e iOS 10 & 10.1.1 is available for iOS device users, this update is available via OTA and there are lots of users enjoying features of this latest updates. But updating a compatible iOS device to iOS 10 is not an easy task as there are several kinds of iOS update issues like Unable to Verify Update error can appear while the updating process and affect the entire updating process. So how to Fix Unable to Verify Update error as this type of problems can also harm the stored data and why so it is recommended to create a complete backup of your iDevice before starting the upgrading process.     

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In this blog we will read about one of the common iOS 10 upgrading problem i.e. “Unable to Verify Update” error. This error is very common for the iOS users; once this error appears then the entire upgrading process gets blocked. So it is recommended to fix Unable to Verify Update error as soon as possible. The “Unable to Verify Update” error is one of the irritating issues that come in to view on your iPhone or iPad telling you that your device is no longer connected to the internet, even though the device has proper internet connection.

You can’t proceed without fixing this issue as it will appear again and again and prevent the upgrading process, when you try to update your device without fixing “Unable to Verify Update” error. Don’t worry as you don’t have to call any professional or visit Apple store. You can fix Unable to Verify Update error without any professional knowledge, you need to do is simply apply the below given Top 7 Tricks to Fix Unable to Verify Update Error in iOS 10 & 10.1. It is also recommended to apply the below given precautions before proceeding to the given tricks, these given precautions will help you to avoid any kind of other issues.

Preparations before to Fix Unable to Verify Error

In order to get rid of iOS 10 stuck on verifying update screen on iPhone or iPad you just need to apply the given tricks, but before starting must read/apply the following tips:

  • Make sure that your iDevice is completely charged
  • Verify that your internet/Wi-fi connection is strong and iDevice has an active Wi-Fi connection
  • Make sure that your iDevice has the proper free space to install iOS 10 update
  • Avoid restoring your iOS device if you doesn’t have a complete backup

Complete Tricks and Tips to Fix Unable to Verify Update Error for the Regular Updates

Trick 1: You Need to Kill the Settings app

In order to kill the setting app you need to open the task manager. Simply tap the Home button twice to open the multitasking window, find the Settings by sliding left and right and after finding, swipe it up to delete it from the RAM. After doing this, restart your iDevice and try to install the update again. If the problem is solved then OK, else go to the next step.Fix Unable to Verify Update 1

Trick 2: Clear RAM Memory

This trick is effective to fix update verifying error stuck, you can easily remove the tasks from RAM Memory. You need to open the ‘Slide to Power Off’ option press down the power button to open this option and release the button when it appears. Now you need to press & hold down the home button. You will see that after few seconds your device will jump back to its regular home screen. That’s it, your device’s RAM memory will be cleared.Fix Unable to Verify Update 2

After it tries to update your device and it is hoped that your device will be updated without issue.

Trick 3: Delete iOS Update

Some update packages are might be faulty and bugged so Apple roll out that types of update packages. So you can’t install then because of mismatched checksum on them. If you are unable to get rid of this issue after playing above given 3 tricks then you need to navigate to General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Storage. A list will be appears, find the Software Update section and tap on Delete Update.untitled-2-copy

After that, download the fresh update & install the software update on your iPhone/iPad.

Trick 4: Try after Resetting Network Settings

This trick will help you to get rid of update verifying issue, but before resetting the network settings some facts you need to know like after resetting network settings all your stored network passwords and other preferences gets restored.reset_ios_network_settings

Open the Settings –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings and tap Reset. Your iOS device might ask you to enter your password before proceeding, enter the password and complete the reset procedure.

Trick 5: Delete Beta Profile from your Device

Sometime update verifying issue may appears because of the active beta profile, so it is recommended to erase the profile and try updating your phone again. Go to the Settings –> General –> Profile Option and find the Beta Software Profile. Now remove or erase the profile and reboot your device.delete_ios_profile

After it download the available update to your iPhone/iPad.

Trick 6: Apply Lock and wake trick using power button

With the help of the Power button present on the side or top you need to lock your iDevice and wake it again after locking. Repeat this process in order to lock and wake your iDevice for numerous times, it is recommended to repeat this process for 5-10 times.untitled-3-copy

Trick 7: You can do a hard reset or hard reboot

Hard reset can affects your stored data and files, and if you dont have backup of your data then you gets unable to restore iPhone/iPad data after upgrading to iOS 10. So it is recommended to take a backup of your iDevice before doing hard reset.

Hold the “Home” button and “Sleep/Wake” button simultaneously. After holding few seconds screen turns and Apple Logo appears now release the buttons.

After your iDevice has rebooted then go to the Settings > General > Abouthardrebootiphone

Verify that the iPhone is running on the iOS 10. If not then you need to start the update process.

Conclusion: It is hoped that at least one of these given solutions can fix Unable to Verify Update error. If you are still unable to solve this issue then you need to update your device. This is done through your Mac or Windows computer using iTunes. As some time OTA updates get buggy so user can’t upgrade their iDevice.


Top 7 Tricks to Fix Unable to Verify Update Error in iOS 10 & 10.1
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Top 7 Tricks to Fix Unable to Verify Update Error in iOS 10 & 10.1
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Top 7 Tricks to Fix Unable to Verify Update Error in iOS 10 & 10.1

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