Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage

Now, in this world without internet connection there is no meaning of Smartphone, Broadband plans are fast and comparatively cheap but when it comes to cellular data then we all are start thinking how to Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage because of its expensiveness and limitations. If you have unlimited cellular data then you don’t have to take care about how much data you use but in case you are using limited cellular data plan then things can be even poorer for you.

Whatever your data plan might be, if you are looking to decrease your mobile data usages on iOS 10 devices then you are at the right place, in this blog you will read how to Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage and end up paying the overage charges by decreasing the iPhone data usage.

Trick 1: Turn off Autoplay Videos Everywhere


There are many social apps like Facebook that play videos automatically while browsing, this can affect your cellular data. So in order to prevent apps from playing videos automatically you need to turn off autoplay videos for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Apply the below given steps:

A. For Facebook:

Click on the “More” tab, choose “Settings” -> “Account Settings” -> “Videos and Photos” -> “Video Settings” -> “Auto-play” and either choose “On Wi-Fi Connections Only” or “Never Auto-plays Videos”.

B. For Twitter:

Go to your profile and tap the “Gear” icon, choose “Settings” -> “Data” -> “Video Autoplay” and then either select “Never play videos automatically” or “Use Wi-Fi only”.

C. For Instagram:

Go to your profile and click the “Gear” icon -> choose “Mobile Data Use” and toggle the “Use Less Data” option.

Trick 2: Turn off Cellular Data for iCloud2

If you are using iCloud Drive for creating a backup of your files and data from applications then it is suggested to see if the “Use Cellular Data” in “iCloud Drive” part of the Settings app is turned on or not.

It is because some app might be creating backing up data, on 3G, without your knowledge.

Trick 3: Turn off Automatic Downloads3

Automatic download is one of the biggest killers of your cellular data plan, so make sure that automatic download option for any apps is set to off. If on, then go to the Settings app, “iTunes and App Store” and from here turn off the “Use Cellular Data” option.

Trick 4: Turn off the Wi-Fi Assist4

This option will really help you to save your phone data, Wi-Fi Assist feature is mainly to “assist” user browsing when Wi-Fi becomes spotty, using phone Data to manage the gaps.

If your iPhone is connected with a really spotty connection then this could be that even big stuff like downloads can affect mobile data.

But don’t worry as in the latest OS, Apple now tells user that how much data Wi-Fi Assist has used.

But it is recommended to disable this feature, by going to “Cellular” -> “Wi-Fi Assist” inside the Settings app.

Trick 5: Turn off Background App Refresh5

This feature is meant to make sure that your favourite apps launch instantly. The problem is that with apps like Facebook, they can keep refreshing every once in a while, in the background, downloading new updates. Updates you aren’t even viewing.

So go to the “Settings” -> “General” -> “Background App Refresh” and turn this option for apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Via this you can also save your battery life.

Trick 6: Avoid using Cellular Data for Apple Music


There are lots of users that are using Apple Music for enjoyment but this feature might be streaming songs on cellular, and consume lot of the data. Simply go to the “Music” section from the Settings app and choose “Cellular Data“.

There are mainly two options available, first is turn off the data and second is you can only disable either streaming or downloads over cellular.

Trick 7: Take Care Of the Mail App7

Setup your mail app on the basis of using your Mail app, via this you can save a lot of data. If mail app is a necessary part of your life and your work depends on it, then it’s worth it. But if you are not using mail on regular basis then it is recommended to stop the Mail app from downloading stuff in the background altogether.

Go into “Settings” -> “Mail” and turn off the “Load Remote Images” option.

Trick 8: Use Chrome’s Reduce Data Mode8

Chrome is one of the smart web browser, this web explorer allows user to save cellular data via reduce data mode options. If you’re visiting heavy webpage like The Verge then it is probable to lose 5-13 MBs of data per page. But with the help of Chrome and enable “Reduce Data” feature available in the settings.

If you turn on this feature then it process the data through Google’s servers, compresses it and then sends it out to you. But sites protected with HTTPS, login pages cant processes through Google.

In order to prevent cellular data you should also use Opera’s mini web browser.

Trick 9: Send Low Quality Images in iMessage10

If you are addicted to iMessage app and sending lots of images through this app then you should turn on the “Low Quality Image Mode” option from the “Messages” section in the Settings app.

Through this feature you can send a compacted version of the image instead of the full resolution. But this option is only available in iOS 10.

Trick 10: Always Monitor Your Data Usage9

This is one of the important points if you really want to save your data, below some methods are given apply any one to monitor your bandwidth usage:

  • Check your monthly bill: Compare your monthly bill as this trick is sure to be accurate, it’s not more useful for keeping tabs on your usage all through the month.
  • Check with your carrier: Almost cellular carriers provide dedicated apps that track what you download to your phone or usage meters on your online account. This option is more effective than waiting for your monthly statement.
Top 10 Tricks to Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage in iOS 10
Top 10 Tricks to Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage in iOS 10
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Top 10 Tricks to Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage in iOS 10
Here are the best tricks to Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage that help to save your mobile data easily. Best 10 tricks are mentioned.
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