Use ‘Find My iPhone’ to Track Lost/Stolen iPhone/iPad

Have you ever faced the situation where your iPhone is stolen?

What you have done or what you would do in this situation?

Not getting any idea? Don’t worry, be relax and read further to get the answer of every questions.

This is the case for many iPhone/iPad users. Their devices gets stolen or lost and they rather than searching to the device, they buy new device. But what about the data if stored on it? Generally you will not relax until you get any solution, right?

Though the situation is critical but you have to stay calm. In this technology world, there is no need to take pressure as you will get several ways to get your stolen iPhone. If not then you can prevent your essential data to be accessed by third party.

You should not forget that Apple provide best features to their users and when you lose your phone then obviously Apple has taken some steps to handle such situations. iPhone users get the option “Find my iPhone” which is a free service and a part of iCloud. It uses your phone’s GPS and internet connection to locate where your phone is.

So how to use this feature and how to enable the option is mentioned in this blog. Read further to know everything about ‘Find my iPhone’ feature and locate your phone when stolen or lost.

Know how to turn on ‘Find my iPhone’ option

  • First visit the settings on your device
  • After that tap on iCloud and scroll down
  • Click on “Find My iPhone” as shown in the picture below

  • When the entire process is finished, every Apple devices that are paired with your iPhone/iPad will automatically set up
  • Finally, go forward to use Find My iPhone app

Know how to use Find My iPhone on web

Well if you want to track your stolen device and if you have computer then you can track it on web through You just have to follow the steps:

  • First open on your web browser
  • After that log into the account
  • Hit on Find My iPhone option
  • Then hit on All devices which is at top
  • Here you have to enter the device name to track
  • Zoom in and out on map to get to the device more closely. Otherwise you can also follow the other option mentioned here:

Play sound– This is the best option especially when you want to find your device. You have to play audio sound so that others may hear the sound and help you to get your phone back.

Lost mode– This option will help you to lock your device screen with password. This is also helpful to prevent access of other person. In this option, you will ask to enter your phone number which will display on the lost device screen so that any person can call you.

  • First go to Find My iPhone and turn on ‘lost mode’
  • Here enter contact details along with a message which you want to display on your lost device
  • After that, the message will help you find your device as shown in image below. This is to show that iPhone always ask for ID and password to use the device.

Erase– When you think that you will not get the device back then you have the option to delete all your personal data. This is done remotely so that you can protect all your essential data from accessing by others.

Note– This is very important to turn on Find My iPhone feature on your device so that you can apply all the above steps properly.

[TIPS]- How to Use ‘Find My iPhone’ to Track Lost/Stolen iPhone/iPad
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[TIPS]- How to Use ‘Find My iPhone’ to Track Lost/Stolen iPhone/iPad
Get the best tips to use find my iPhone where you can track your lost or stolen device. It can be for both iPhone and iPad
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[TIPS]- How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Lost/Stolen iPhone/iPad