Sync Notes on iPhone and iPad

When you are using iPhone then you should know that it has an in-built Notes app. This Note app is very helpful as it can create memos, text and many other which can help you afterwards. Though it is helpful in several ways but it can also sync everything from your device.

Many times you need to sync your important iPhone notes but you don’t know how to do that. Let us know how to sync iPhone/iPad notes easily.

Part 1: Sync iPhone/iPad notes with iCloud

  • First you have to launch the settings
  • After that select iCloud
  • Now enter all the details
  • Remember to switch on services which you want to sync when you logged in

After everything is finished, all the data will get displayed according to its application.


Part 2: Sync iPhone/iPad notes for Gmail

Even Gmail account can be arranged via settings app and can be used with built-in Notes app. For that you have to follow the steps below:

  • Launch settings app from Home screen
  • After that choose mail or contacts
  • Then choose add account feature

  • Now click on Gmail
  • Here enter the details for Gmail account.
  • Click on allow when you receive “iOS would like to…” screen

  • Now here you have to select the service you want to sync like Mail or Notes
  • After the process finished, click on save option

Part 3: Sync iPhone/iPad Notes with Yahoo

Even you can save and record notes from your computer to iPhone/iPad by logging into Yahoo account. But for that you have to enable sync between Yahoo account and Notes app. After the feature is enabled, the Notes gets automatically synched between yahoo and device. After that you can access notes folder on your device. Follow the below steps:

  • Click on settings icon of device
  • After that click on mail, contacts and calendar option
  • Now click on Yahoo to begin synching process and then go to Notes
  • After all the above steps completed, click on save option.

Part 4: Switch iPhone/iPad account for Notes

Even there is a option where you can switch account in notes for iPhone/iPad. For this, you have to first click on account option of Notes. It will show the synched notes with email accounts. After that go to settings and inside it, select mail, contacts and calendars.

Here you should do the following:

Click on Notes option where you can get the list of all saved and synched notes from you email account on iPhone. Also there is a option to see individual notes under email account name.

However if you have more than one account and want to switch from one to another then go to settings inside notes option. There select Default Account where you can select the account you want to create new notes.


[TIPS]- Methods to Sync iPhone/iPad Notes in Easy Way
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[TIPS]- Methods to Sync iPhone/iPad Notes in Easy Way
Get the best methods to sync iPhone/iPad notes in easy way. Here discussed about various ways on how to sync notes from iPhone and iPad
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[TIPS]- Methods to Sync iPhone/iPad Notes in Easy Way