ios 9.3 featuresApple has released its first beta of an upcoming iOS 9.3 update which is for the public beta testers. Now iOS 9.3 is available to public beta testers along with 9.2.1 which is also a minor update. Though it is available for developers and it includes some of the interesting upgrades which help users to sleep better and can be organized. Still, now it has not arrived on your iPhone or iPad but you can know some of its interesting features which can attract you to the latest version.

Stay up late with your iPad

It is a common thing which is seen in many iPhone users that their sleep quality is affected because of the phone’s screen which let users falls asleep every night. Therefore Apple is thinking to make your sleep better by making a simple feature of Night Shift, which can change the colors on screen when it is the night. According to researchers, it is believed that blue light comes from LED screens stops the production of melatonin, a hormone which assists human brains to sleep. Thus moving from white and blue light to some warm color effects like red, yellow and orange is known to be the easier on your eyes which let your body fall asleep naturally.

There are many apps for android phones and computer like Twilight and Flux which can already do such type of changes. But for your iOS device before 9.3, you need to jailbreak your device so that the screen color gets changed. But with the new version of iOS 9.3, iPhone users will get Night Shift mode which will change the color of according to temperature and this will run until sunrise.

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Lock up your notes

The Notes app will also come up with some new features. Now it will be easy to password protect your important notes from interfering. Even you can also finally sort notes by date and title. Though this app is not used much but with the new features, it will make this app more useful.

News you’ll want to read

The News App is already with Apple’s device which provides users with all latest news but with the new version, it will get more personal and also it will show those stories in which you have interest. More articles will be displayed that may attract you along with trending topics of news. After a certain time, the app will also get performance updates and hence it will load faster and can watch videos from the feed.

Smart tools for teachers

One of the awesome teaching tools is iPad and with iOS 9.3 beta, it has got more features far better than before and it will fit best in a classroom. With the help of Classroom app, a teacher can very easily create lesson plans and even they have a facility to monitor the progress of students. Students can personalize what they see by sharing a single iPad by logging with different accounts. In addition, Apple is also making Apple IDs for educations which are administered by administrators.

Apple really wants you to use the Health app

Do you know how to use Health app or still you are in a thought that how to use this app? Now Apple with its iOS 9.3 beta will highlight third party apps where you can connect to wellness dashboard which can tell you about your weight, workouts and sleep quality. Moreover, if you have Apple watch then whatever movement data it collects from health app, you will able to see.

Everything else

With the release of iOS 9.3, many new features are added with Apple’s device. On iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, many new 3D Touch shortcuts are available for settings, App store, weather, iTunes store, Health and Compass apps. Even there is an option to duplicate photos in the photos app, especially when you want to keep the original one and edit another copy.

Some New Features Coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3
Some New Features Coming to Your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3
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Some New Features Coming to Your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3
Check out the latest features that are soon coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3 version. Read them one by one.
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