Save iPhone Notes to Computer

Many times you may have experienced that you have to write something important immediately and you don’t have anything to write on. You have your phone on hand and you quickly note down on your iPhone.

Your iPhone have the feature where you can store your entire history of notes. However making notes is a daily task for almost every smartphone user and when nothing goes on mind then user use note app. This happens due to inconvenience. In fact many times, user themselves open note app to write something like sisters birthday, an appointment, shopping list or some other task.

In fact, many user want to store their important notes on their computer so that if anything wrong happens then you can get it from computer. So now the matter is how to copy notes to computer from iPhone?

Well, go below to know how to copy iPhone notes to computer.

How to copy iPhone Notes to Computer?

Copying notes from iPhone is not an easy task because you need a proper tool for that. You have to first export your notes from iPhone to computer with the help of tool. In this situation, one of the best software iOS Data Backup & Restore can help you.

This software export your data directly to computer. It scans your device in search of notes and after that you selectively select all the notes and save it on your computer. Even it is helpful in finding lost notes on your phone.


Steps to copy notes from iPhone to computer

Step 1: First install the program and then run it

Once you launch the software, run it on computer. After that connect your iPhone and select ‘More tools’. Then select ‘iOS Data Backup & Restore’ option as this allows you to save your data from iPhone to computer.

Step 2. Select “Notes & Attachments”

To move forward, you have to select ‘Notes & Attachments’. Even this option is helpful in saving other files as well.

Step 3. Scan notes on your iPhone

After scanning begins, wait for some time.

Step 4. Now preview and select each notes on your iPhone to copy on the computer

When the scanning finishes, all data is seen in preview. Select ‘notes’ and then choose the items that you want to copy and click on ‘Export to PC’. Now you have saved your notes successfully on computer.


[TIPS]- Best Way to Save iPhone Notes to Computer
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[TIPS]- Best Way to Save iPhone Notes to Computer
Know how to save iPhone notes on your computer. Get the best ways to save notes from iPhone to PC easily.
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[TIPS]- Best Way to Save iPhone Notes to Computer