fix "iTunes error 17"

Have you ever come across any error while accessing your iPhone or iPad?

If yes then what tricks you have used to get rid of it?

Well many iOS users face lots of trouble while they access their device or while they upgrade it. Today we will discuss about how to fix “iTunes error 17″ which generally users get while they try to restore their data via iTunes.

If you are among several users then here you will get the best solution to deal with iTunes error without moving here & there in search of the solution. This blog will completely advice you about iTunes error 17 and what are the ways by which you can solve such error when it occurs. But before that we will take a practical scenario of a user that has come across.

“Every time I try to restore or update my iPhone 6s in iTunes (using my Windows 10) I get the message “The iPhone cannot be updated. An unknown error occured (17)”, and my iPhone is stuck in recovery mode.”

-Apple Discussions

Occurrence of error is a common thing which almost every smartphone user experience some or the other day. Same thing is with iOS users where they come across iTunes error 17. Let us know what this error is about and why it occurs?

About iTunes error 17

When user try to restore their data via iTunes then such type of error occurs. However such type of error exists due to connectivity problem at the time of iPhone or iPad upgrade. You may know about latest update of iOS for iPhone or iPad here.

Error 17 is most annoying and its solution is almost same as error 3194. Even there are other errors which occurs like iTunes error 3014 while upgrading iPhone.

Ways to follow to fix “iTunes error 17”

Users generally get such error when they try to update their old iOS version with latest one, like trying to upgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 10.3.1. So here users should try out several ways to get rid of it.

  1. Check Network

Since it is already mentioned that the issue can be due to connectivity. It happens when users try to upgrade their device where iTunes connect to Apple server. As iTunes fail to connect so the result ends to an error. Therefore the solution is simple, just check whether your Wi-Fi is properly connected or not. The problem may be due to network problem but if everything works fine then you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Update your iTunes

When you are facing problem due to iTunes then simply update it. This is one of the common solution as updating to latest version of iTunes will help to solve the problem. After the installation is finished, update your iPhone or iPad again.

  1. Check anti-virus, firewalls, security software

Disable all security software, firewall, antivirus software, proxies temporarily. Doing this will help to avoid any type of access to outside servers along with other services that can make such issue to occur with iOS management via iTunes.

The anti-virus software installed can obstruct iTunes from connecting to Apple servers and this stops from updating device. Therefore simply check the security software and ensure you are not allowing iTunes to connect Apple servers. If you have to restore or update an iOS device then just disable temporarily. Later on re-enable these services after you have finished.

  1. Restart your PC, iPhone or iPad

Restarting your computer and iPhone or iPad can really make the difference. This is also one of the common and simple solution that can help you to get rid of error 17. Turn off and again on it, then launch iTunes and try to update your device again.

  1. Jailbreak/ Non-jailbreak

This error is very rare to occur when you are using jailbroken phone. If you have so and want to update your device then you will fail to do so. For that you have to restore your iPad or iPhone via iTunes and then backup to restore your data. Though this is a lengthy process but it works.

  1. Edit the “Host” files

Those iOS users who get iTunes error 17 and their iPhone stuck at recovery mode, for them the final solution is to edit the Hosts file. Follow the below steps:

For Windows

Step 1: Go to C: /Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and open it

Step 2: Then search file name “Hosts” and open file as an Administrator

Step 3: Find if any line has, delete it and then save.

Step 4: At last restart your computer and then try again

For Mac

Step 1. First open Finder, then Go to Folder

Step 2. Open /etc/ folder and search the Hosts file

Step 3. Now copy and paste the file on desktop

Step 4. Open the file and search for the lines that have, delete all lines that has and then save the file after deleting the lines

Step 5. At last, restart your Mac and try to check whether you can update iTunes again.


Best Way to fix “iTunes error 17”

Well when all the above mentioned method does not work to repair the error then its time to take some professional help. Use iOS System Recovery which is one of the best and reliable software to fix any kind of issue that occurs in iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. It fixes any type of iTunes error at the time of restoring or upgrading the device. Even repairs several types of iTunes sync problems. This is completely safe and can be used to get rid of such iTunes error 17 easily.

Steps to follow to repair iTunes error

Step 1: Select the Repair iOS System feature

Select “iOS System Recovery” from Dr.Fone main window and after that connect your device with your computervia USB cable. When it detects then hit on ‘Start’ button to continue.

Step 2: Download and Choose Firmware

Now you have you first download the firmware on your device which Dr.Fone automatically search for the latest versions. Hit on ‘Download’ option and then wait.

Step 3: Repair your iOS to its normal position

After download is completed, it will automatically begin to repair the device so that the device can come back to its normal level. In Few minutes, it will indicate that device is restarting to its normal mode. This complete process only takes 10 minutes to repair.


Know How to Fix "iTunes Error 17" While Upgrading iPhone/iPad
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Know How to Fix "iTunes Error 17" While Upgrading iPhone/iPad
Get the complete solution of how to fix "iTunes error 17" that usually iOS users face while accessing their device or while upgrading.
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Know How to Fix “iTunes Error 17” While Upgrading iPhone/iPad
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