Fix "Unsupported Video Format Error"

Are you an iPhone user and want to fix “unsupported video format error”?

Have you ever faced such type of problem with your devices?

iPhone, iPad and iPod is made by Apple which works on iOS operating system. iPhone has brought several unbelievable ways where users can get everything in this fast world. Means it is compatible with the current life style and you can do whatever you want to do because it is a smartphone that can really help you to dive in this competitive world.

Because of its powerful ways, users just love to have it as it has many advanced features compared to other smartphones. Though it is useful in several way but have you ever though what to do when you face issue with your device? The issue can be anything whether the update error or sometimes data loss problem or many times the video available on the device does not play. Here in this article, I would like to share what to do when you get error messages while playing videos on iPhone.

iOS users many times encounter problems while playing their favorite videos on their device. It gives error message, “Unsupported video format”. This issue occurs due to certain problems. Generally it has seen that MOV files are not played on iPhone. Though there are several other format which are played on iPhone but many times many video does not play and shows error. In fact several reasons are behind such error but it is not easy to recognize for users how the actual problem occurs. Mentioned below is an instance which is reported by user on Apple Community.

“I recorded a few videos on my iPhone 6s that’s running on iOS 10.2.1. However, only one video is playing as expected whereas rest of the videos show an error message that reads- Unsupported Video Format – This movie cannot be played because the video format is not supported”

Generally users of iOS get such error messages very often. Many times your favorite video is played but only audio is heard and sometimes vice-versa. This may really make you think of how to solve such problem because if it is not fixed immediately then you cannot watch your favorite videos on your iPhone. But now need to worry as I have already stated above that here you will get the solution to fix the error.

Causes of error

Well the exact cause of the error cannot be depend on a particular reason but there are some reasons which can make your video not playable on iPhone. They includes:

  • When video file is downloaded from untrusted source
  • While transfer of files, device turns off
  • Due to third party camera applications to record videos
  • Import operation is broken on
  • Video file is not downloaded completely because of slow internet connection
  • Sometimes the videos are damaged and so it won’t play

All these are the reasons behind iPhone error but how to fix such error? There are options available that can proceed further to sort out the problem. But before going for any solution, it is recommended to transfer all your files to other iPhone just to check whether the video is playing there or not.

Methods to use to fix “unsupported video format error” on iPhone

Method 1: Restart the device

First close all the applications that are running on the background of your device. Then restart your device after completely closing all the apps. Now play the videos normally and wait if they play. Still if it shows error then make sure that the video file is damaged. So move forward and go through the next step that would definitely help you to fix the error of your iOS device and your video files will play.

Method 2: Go with the conversion process

This process is stated so that if you are unable to play your MOV files on your phone then converting the file to other media file format can help to play that video. Many programs are available which can do this process but here recommended to be aware of any fake program. If third party program is fake then it can further damage the file. So check everything before converting and this process has shown positive results in some cases.

Actually those videos which are not from iTunes store, they might not play on iPhone, iPad or in iPod. So, its better to convert those videos to portable format using iTunes. This can make the video compatible to play. Follow the link below:



The above mentioned blog states about the error message that iOS users get. This error occurs while they want to play their favorite videos on their iPhone. Maximum time this error occurs because the video is not compatible. It means that the video is not downloaded from iTunes and this is one of the reason behind it. However here every possible ways are mentioned to help you out from such critical situation. This condition can occur to anyone and any can prefer this article to move further to deal with iPhone error.

Here’s How to Fix "Unsupported Video Format Error" On iPhone?
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Here’s How to Fix "Unsupported Video Format Error" On iPhone?
Solution of how to fix "unsupported video format error"that occurs in many iPhone while watching video on devices. Best way to fix the iPhone error.
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Here’s How to Fix “Unsupported Video Format Error” On iPhone?