Fix iTunes Error 9

8 Solutions To Resolve/Fix iTunes Error 9 or iPhone Error 9! The Eighth Solution Works Effectively.

Have you come across following iTunes error?

The iPhone [device name] could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (9).

Are you an iPhone user facing problem with iTunes error 9 or iPhone error 9 and want to fix it?

If “YES” then read this blog till the end and follow the solutions and steps to solve and get rid of iTunes error 9.

Most of the iOS users, in fact almost every one comes across several errors some or the other way. Unlike iTunes error 17 and error 3014, this iTunes error 9 is not so common.

Just check out practical scenario below!

Practical Scenario: User Getting iTunes Error 9.

How to fix Itunes Error 9?

hello friends, i got an iphone 6 16GB. It shows the Itunes Sign.

When i try to restore i always get itunes error 9. Before it worked great.

I didn’t drop it nothing, i just wanted to do an update and this happens.

i tried i4tools but it stays at 20 % “Nor Data”.

One time it went to 80 per cent but then crashed.

i spent more than 4 hours on it but didn’t find any solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

– Original Post From IFIXIT

Well, when you get iTunes error 9 , then it will put you in several trouble. When it occurs, everything stops and nothing is accessible on iOS devices. So it is very important to fix iTunes error 9 but before that you should also know about iTunes error 9.

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What is iTunes error 9?

iTunes error 9 is one of the security software problem and occurs while updating or restoring firmware on iPhone, iPad or iPod via iTunes. This is a serious issue that must be solved and in fact it avoids to access the device. Nothing works on the iOS device due to the error. As for an instance, your PC crashes with error 9 while running the same program. But this error is a very rare code.

But how this iPhone error 9 or iTunes error 9 occur?

Find the causes below!

Causes Behind The Occurrence of  iTunes Error 9/iPhone Error 9

Well, the error occurs due to several reasons behind it. Some of them includes:

  • Firewall blocking access to Apple servers
  • iPhone jailbroken
  • The security software avoiding access to Apple servers
  • Due to network settings error
  • Interruption of USB connection due to damaged ports, cable etc

As it is already mentioned about iTunes error 9 and its causes, so it is also important to learn how to fix such error? Though anything can be the cause of error 9, therefore here you will get best 8 ways to deal with iTunes error 9.

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8 Solutions To Fix iTunes Error 9 or iPhone Error 9

The below mentioned solutions apply to fix iTunes error 9 that occur with all iPhone and iPad such as iPhone 8/7/6/5/5S/4/3, etc.

Note: In few solutions that are mentioned below (particularly from solution 1 to solution 7) you may lose your data stored on your iPhone or iPad while fixing iTunes error 9. Hence, it is recommended that you must iOS Data Backup & Restore software to backup all data of your device to computer first.

Solution 1: Check USB Connection and Port Connector

Error may occur anytime and when your device is connected with your computer while data transfer and if there is any disconnection between them then iTunes error may occur. Follow the steps and check whether USB connection is in right place.

  • Only use the cable that comes with your device.
  • Then switch to different USB port on computer but don’t plug it o keyboard.
  • Plug it to a different computer

Solution 2: Remove iTunes Error 9 via clearing iPhone Cookies, Caches, and History

Normal surfing may gather lots of junk files on iPhone which is not noticed usually. And when these junk files are not cleaned then problem can occur on iPhone due to which the device runs slow or an error 9 might occur.

To clean the junk files, go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website data. This will completely delete your browser caches or history of the device.

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Solution 3: Update iTunes to Latest Version

Sometimes because iTunes is not updated so such type of error occurs. So it is recommended to update iTunes with its latest version. Follow the steps below:

  • First open iTunes on your PC
  • Go to iTunes window from the top bar and select Help > Check for Updates
  • Then follow the instructions to install latest version of iTunes
  • At last after installing, reboot your PC to solve iTunes error 9

Solution 4: Do Hard Reset Your iPhone/iPad

Many times error occurs on iPhone due to software problem like software crashes. But following this method can solve such problem. Just press and hold Sleep/Wake button along with Home button at same time. Hold those buttons at least few seconds and then release when the logo of Apple appears. After that try to charge your device again.

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Solution 5: Factory Reset Your iPhone/iPad Device To Fix iTunes Error 9

If you restore your iPhone then you can easily fix iTunes error 9. However you will get two ways to do that. First, when you are unable to access to your computer then it’s better to restore iPhone directly on your device. Just follow the steps:

Setting > General > Reset > Erase All content and settings, after which a pop-up will appear to enter a passcode. Simply enter the passcode and factory reset your device.

Solution 6: Restore iPhone With iTunes To Avoid iTunes/iPhone Error 9

There is another option where you can fix iTunes error 9 by restoring iPhone with iTunes

  • First open iTunes on your PC.
  • Then connect your iPhone to PC with USB cable.
  • After that select iPhone when iTunes appear
  • At last hit on “Setting” > “Summary” > “restore iPhone”

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Solution 7: Check Security Software

The security software installed on your iPhone or iPad is not able to communicate with Apple on its update software. The issue could also occur when you try downloading files like songs or syncing your device and you get the iPhone/iPad error 9.

  • Check your security software settings and make sure connection to Apple is enabled.
  • Make sure your iPhone and iPad is detected by iTunes.
  • Also check that time, date and time zone are set properly on your computer.
  • Make sure that you have latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  • Make sure that security software is up-to-date.
  • Update your Windows/Mac operating system.

So here you have got the best seven ways to deal with iTunes error 9 which occurs while upgrading your iOS device.

But, when the above methods does not work then follow the next topic which will completely guide you how to fix iTunes error 9 without losing any data.

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Solution 8: Fix iTunes Error 9 or iPhone Error 9 Without Losing Data

When nothing goes on your way to fix the error, then it’s better to go for professional software like iOS System Recovery. This is the best option where users will easily able to fix iTunes error 9 and that too without any data loss.

The software works effectively and fix iTunes error, DFU mode, iPhone/iPad stuck at recovery mode etc. It supports all iOS models and is fully compatible with iOS latest version 10.3. It helps users to solve any kind of error without any data loss.

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Steps To Repair iTunes Error 9/iPhone Error 9

Step 1: Select the Repair iOS System feature

Select “iOS System Recovery” from Dr.Fone main window and after that connect your device with your computer via USB cable. When it detects then hit on ‘Start’ button to continue.

Step 2: Download and Choose Firmware

Now you have you first download the firmware on your device which Dr.Fone automatically search for the latest versions. Hit on ‘Download’ option and then wait.

Step 3: Repair your iOS to its normal position

After download is completed, it will automatically begin to repair the device so that the device can come back to its normal level. In Few minutes, it will indicate that device is restarting to its normal mode. This complete process only takes 10 minutes to repair.


So here you have got the best fixes to resolve iTunes error 9. Using all the above mentioned methods can give you relief from such errors. But still when all those methods does not works according to your way then you can take help of best tool that is iOS System Recovery, that help you to completely deal with iTunes error 9 on your iPhone.

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