Get back your iCloud Drive documents after making iOS update

Best solution in order to rescue iCloud Drive document is iOS Device Data Recovery software that can retrieve your documents after upgrading to iOS 8. This app is professionally designed with powerful algorithm, it is most prominent data recovery program for iDevices that’s capable of directly restoring any deleted or lost files from iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5/4S without any backup.

With iOS Device Recovery you can;

  • Recover inaccessible data from iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch
  • Restore data that’s lost due to deletion, device damage, iOS upgrade, formatting & so on
  • Recover your device from looping recovery mode & Apple white screen of death
  • Get back lost data in just 3 steps- connect>scan>recover
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If you wish to retrieve lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible files from your iDevice, then Dr. Fone for iOs is one for all option.Ben Markton, CNET

Practical scenario

After upgrading any old iPhone 5s to iOS 8.0.2, the “Reset All Settings” option display “No data or media will be deleted”. But after reset all settings all documents in iCloud lost. This issue is very common and the most iOS 8 users would be convinced by the saying “No data or media will be deleted”. After that feel guaranteed to reset all settings without iTunes or iCloud backup.

Reasons that Result in Data Loss for iPhone, iPad or iPod

As you save your essential data on your iOS device, there is also chance to lose all your data all at once. At that time you will not get anything of how to recover those data. But you should know how you have lost your data. Some of them are mentioned below that can help you to better understand the causes:

Damage of your iOS device– When your iOS device gets damaged, broken, drop on water then you have face data loss situation.

Mishandling of devices– Many times you don’t handle your device with care. Due to this, it falls on ground which may lead to data loss situation.

While iOS upgrade/downgrade– Many times when any new version of iOS gets launched then while upgrading to it will have a chance to lose all your data from device.

These are some common reasons through which user of iOS device lose their precious and valuable data. No matter, whatever may be the reasons behind the data loss one can easily restore them back with the help of iOS Device Recovery tool.

Best Way to Recover iCloud Drive Documents

Well, when you don’t get anything then of course third party softwares are available. But another way by which you can restore your deleted data is through backup. If you have created a backup of your iOS data then obviously you can restore them. But if you don’t have any backup then you have to go for third party software.

iOS Device Data Recovery software is the only best and effective tool that will help you in any data loss situation. This tool will give you option to recover iCloud drive document after iOS 8 update. Not only it helps you to rescue deleted documents but also helpful in restoring other data as well without any original data loss.


Steps to Recover Deleted Data from iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

Step 1: Connect iOS Device with Computer

At first, there is a need to launch dr.fone toolkit on your computer. Now use the USB cable that comes with your iOS device so that you can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, to your computer. Now click on “Data Recovery” and select “Recover from iOS Device” option.

Tips: Before you run dr.fone, you should to download the latest version of iTunes. In order to avoid the automatically sync, don’t launch iTunes when dr.fone toolkit is running. It is suggested that you disable the automatical syncing in iTunes beforehand. For this, you have to launch iTunes > Preferences > Devices, check “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically”.

Step 2: Scan Your Device for Lost Data on It

Now simply click the “Start Scan” button to start this program scan your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to scan for lost or deleted data. The scanning process may last a few minutes, most probably, depending on the amount of data on your device. During the scanning process, if you notice that the data you are looking for is present there, then you can click the “Pause” button in order to stop the process.

Step 3: Preview the Scanned Data

The scan will take some time. Once it’s finish, you can see a scan result that appears by the program. The lost and previous data on your device displays in categories. In order to filter out the deleted data on your iOS device, there is a need to swipe the option “Only display the deleted items” to ON. By clicking the file type in the left side, you can preview the found data. You can then see there is a search box on the top right of the window. There, you can search for a specific file by typing a keyword in the search box.

Step 4: Recover Data from Your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

When you find the data you are looking for, you just have to put the check mark in front of the box to select them. And then, click the “Recover” button at the bottom right of the window. By default, the recovered data will be saved to your computer. As for text messages, iMessage, contacts, or notes, when you click Recover, a pop-up will ask you to “Recover to Computer” or “Recover to Device”. If you want to put these messages back to your iOS device, click “Recover to Device”.



Well, finally its clear now how to recover iCloud drive documents. Though they get lost or deleted due to any reason. However data is must to get delete but no need to worry. The above blog completely describes how to rescue lost data from iPhone/iPad.

How to Recover Lost iCloud Drive Documents after iOS 8 Update?
How to Recover Lost iCloud Drive Documents after iOS 8 Update?
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How to Recover Lost iCloud Drive Documents after iOS 8 Update?
Get the best ways to recover iCloud drive documents when deleted or erased. Follow the ways to restore any data from iPhone easily
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