record iOS screen without jailbreak

Have you ever tried to record iOS screen without jailbreak?

Faced any type of issue while recording?

These are the two common questions which you have heard many times from many user who want to record their iOS screen and in fact you have also faced the situation somewhere in your life.

But one thing you might also have seen if you ever tried to do so is that you will not get any screen recording apps on Apple store. Have you ever thought why?

The reason is due to privacy and security purpose. Actually Apple never allows any application to record iOS screen.

But you don’t have to worry as there are other ways by which you can record your iPhone or iPad screen. There are many free applications which are not available on Apple store but can be used to record your device screen directly from device.

One of them is “Record My Screen” which can easily record iPhone screen. But to do so it requires you to jailbreak your device. Now what to do when you don’t want to jailbreak and want to record your iOS device’s screen?

Why to use screen recording?

Generally people want to record their iOS device screen for many purpose. It varies from user to user.

It actually comes to work when anyone wants to explain others about anything or want to guide about how to play games or how to use the software or how to do any task.

All these and many more other needs to record on your iPhone so that you can show it to others.

But to record iPhone or iPad screen, some uses jailbroken device whereas some want to record without jailbreak.

However in general, there is no need to jailbreak the device. In fact you can easily record your device without jailbreak by reading further.

Now you don’t have to put pressure on you mind as I am here to guide you completely. I have gathered some best solutions which can easily record your iPhone screen and you can feel relaxed to record your videos or any tutorials.

Part 1: Record iOS screen without jailbreak

Part 2: Other way to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

Part 1: Record iOS screen without jailbreak 

Record your iPhone or iPad screen without jailbreak by using iOS Screen Recorder. This is known as one of the best tool which allows to record iPhone’s screen and it is for both desktop and app version.

The only thing it requires is to install it on your device and then record whatever important you have. Furthermore this software records on PC and Laptop also and that too without any wire. Excellent software to use and importantly, it is safe.

Steps to follow to record iOS screen without jailbreak

Step 1- Download iOS Screen Recorder

First, run Dr.Fone on computer after which you will get the below mentioned image with several options.

Step 2- Connect iPhone and Your Computer to the Same Network (LAN)

Connect your device and PC to same network

  • When your system is connecting to Wi-Fi network then connect same Wi-Fi on your network
  • When your PC is not connected to Wi-Fi network then you should put your device and computer under same LAN

Then click “iOS screen recorder” on your system which will pop-up window of iOS screen recorder.

Step 3- Enable AirPlay Function on your iPhone

  • For iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9

Swipe up from bottom of screen to open control center and click “Airplay” and select Dr.Fone, then enable “Mirroring”.

  • For iOS 10

Swipe up from bottom to open control center. Click on ‘Airplay Mirroring‘ and select Dr.Fone to mirror your device.

Step 4 Start Recording Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Screen

Here you will get two buttons at the bottom of screen. Just click on left circle button to begin the recording of your iPhone and hit on Right Square to display a full screen.

Well if you want to get out of the full screen mode then hit on square button and press ESC on keyboard. If you want to stop recording the click on circle button. Dr.Fone will take you to the folder where the video is saved.


Part 2: Other way to Record iOS Screen without Jailbreak

The second method by which you can record your iPhone screen is with the help of QuickTime Player. This option is helpful for those users who have iOS device 8 and OS X Yosemite. So to move further, you need to have iOS 8 running on your device and for Mac having at least OS X Yosemite.

Reason behind using QuickTime to record iPhone screen

Well everything has a reason behind and so here also using QuickTime Player to record iPhone screen has reasons behind. They includes:

  • No need to jailbreak the device
  • Most reliable way to record iPhone
  • Have the options of editing and sharing
  • High quality recording and free to use
Guide to follow to record screen of iPhone or iPad via QuickTime Player

First you need a device running iOS 8 or later, Mac device running OS X Yosemite or later and a Lightening cable or the general data cable. There is no need of any additional software to install.

At last when your iOS device is connected to PC or Mac then follow the below steps:

  • Open QuickTime Player
  • Now hit “File” and the select “New Screen Recording

  • Recording window will occur where you have to hit on the arrow in drop menu and the select iPhone
  • After that select Mic if you wish to record the sound effects

  • At last, hit on Record button. Now whatever you wanted to record is being recorded
  • Now its time to stop the recording once it is finished. Hit the stop button and recording will stopped and saved automatically.



So, you have now gained enough knowledge about how to record your iOS device without jailbreak and its time to use it. Everyone wants to record their iPhone or iPad screen due to some or other purpose. But everyone don’t know how to record iOS screen without jailbreak.

This complete guide will help you to record your screen using two best methods that can really helpful. There is nothing to worry as both the methods are safe and easy to use, so without any hesitation, go through the process and enjoy your recording.

[Guide] – Best Way to Capture or Record iOS Screen Without Jailbreak
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[Guide] – Best Way to Capture or Record iOS Screen Without Jailbreak
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[Guide] – Best Way to Capture or Record iOS Screen Without Jailbreak