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The iOS 10.2.1 update is small but it really brings some important changes to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, some of the user wants to install iOS 10.2.1 update on your device nowadays and other users might want to skip it.

The iOS 10.2.1 is the official update that is finally available for all iDevices. It is just a tiny update but it s definitely worthy of the attention in the month of February. If you are using older version of iOS then it will be a larger thanks to iOS 10.2.1 and the previous version of iOS of iOS. You will get the complete features and fixes from older iOS updates baked into the version of iOS 10.2.1.There are several reasons to consider installing iOS 10.2.1 but there are several reasons why you might be better off waiting a few or even a few weeks before committing to Apple’s new piece of software.

Below guide will help you let know the reasons you should install iOS 10.2.1 and should not install iOS 10.2.1.

Reasons Why You Should Not Install iOS 10.2.1:


Reason #1: Do Not Install iOS 10.2.1 If You are Worried About Problems:

If you have an excellent experience on iOS 10.2 or below this version and iOS 10.2.1 fails to excite you to that extent then you should consider before installing. There are some users who are complaining about the Wi-Fi issues and several other issues along with Bluetooth, third-party application, activation problem, UI lag, battery drain problem, installation issues, etc.

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Reason #2: Do Not Install iOS 10.2/.1 If You Are Unprepared

There are lots of people who want to install the iOS 10.2.1 on your device. However, some of the users want to consider waiting a few days pr perhaps even a few weeks before it has been upgraded. So not install the iOS 10.2.1update on your iDevices until you have prepared your device for Aplle’s iOS 1.2.1 update. However, it is quite impossible to predict what kind of problems you might run into with the iOS 10.2.1 update. Most of the users will face installation process unscathed but others will run into several issues.

Reason #3: Do Not Install iOS 10.2.1If You are Jailbroken

You can avoid the iOS 10.2.1 update if you have jailbroken or if you are slightly interested in jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The developers of this update have released an iOS 10.2 jailvreak for selected devices but there is nothing available for iOS 10.2.1. Therefore, if you have moved your device from iOS 10.2 to iOS 10.2.1 then you will lose your current jailbreak and will also lose the ability to jailbreak your phone or even tablet.

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Reason For Why You Should Install iOS 10.2.1

Reason #1: Install iOS 10.2.1 If You’re Dealing With iOS Problems

If you are facing any performance or bug issue on iOS 9 or even an older version of iOS 10 then you might think about installing iOS 10.2.1 on your device. This could have a positive effect on the performance of iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The iOS 10.2.1 update comes with an unspecified number of problem fixes that could squash a issue you are dealing with.

The iOS 10.2.1 update could also patch up other performance issues. Some of the most common issues like reboots, UI lag, bad iOS 10 battery life, issues with Wi-Fi. The developers have noticed some improvements to UI speed on the iPhone 5. If you ever skipped the previous version of iOS 10 then you will get some fixes from those updates baked into iOS 10.2.1. Therefore, if you skipped iOS 10.2 or below its lower version then you will get fixes with iOS 10.2.1. So, below you will get a list of bug fixes on board the iOS 10.2 update.


  • It fixes an issue that causes the Move sheet to persist after filing a Mail message.
  • Repairs the issue in which the wrong message would be selected after deleting a Mail conversation.
  • Also addresses an issue with long press activating copy and paste in Mail.


  • It improves the stabilization and delivers a faster frame rate for Live Photos.
  • Resolves and issue where Memories might generate a memory from photos of screenshots, receipts or whiteboards.
  • It improves accuracy of grouping of similar photos of the same person in the problem album.
  • Supports for RAW cameras.


  • It fixes an issue that sometimes prevented the keyboard from displaying in Messages.


  • Repairs an issue where the Braille table could switch unexpectedly with VoiceOver.
  • Adds BraillePen14 support to VoiceOver.
  • It resolves an issue where VoiceOver users could not re-order items in lists.
  • Resolve an issue where Switch Control was sometimes unable to delete Voicemails.
  • Fixes some issues where sometimes Siri enhanced voices were unavailable to Voiceover.

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Reason #2: Install iOS 10.2.1 If You Want Better Security

If you value your security then you will wish to seriously consider downloading the iOS 10.2.1 update on your iDevcies. The iOS 10.2 update brings 13 known patches for potential exploits. This is one more thing than its predecessor. Such patches enhance the security on your iDevices that makes them ideal for those of you who used to store sensitive files or data on your device. If you skipped the iOS 10.2 update and the iOS 10.1.1 update, know that iOS 10.2.1 brings their security patches with it also. Moreover, the iOS 10.2 update had 12 important patches on board. If security is very well important to you then iOS 10.2.1 is probably worth a download.


Reason #3: Install If You Watch Tons Of Content on Your iPhone or iPad

If you skipped iOS 10.2 and you have a look at a ton of content on your iDevices then iOS 10.2.1 is quite a worth a look as it features support for the new TV app. The brand new TV application provides you with a single place in order to access your favorite TV shows and movies as well. The update also delivers new and useful upgrades for Siri.

Below you will get the highlights from Apple:

  • Up Next: Users can enjoy the shows and movies they are currently watching which may aksi include recent iTunes purchases and rentals. All these are presented in the order they are most likely to watch first.
  • Watch Now: Watch Now is where viewers will have a look at their collection of available shows and movies from iTunes and apps. From Watch Now, viewers can then go to Up Next or recommended to select what to watch.
  • Library: With this, viewers can access their entire collection of iTunes movies. Also the TV shows that they have rented or even purchase on iTunes.

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Reason #4: Install iOS 10.2.1 If You Use Apple TV

If you skipped iOS 10.2 then you might want to download iOS 10.2.1. However, if you own and use an Apple TV then you might want to download the iOS 10.2.1 update. This in order to gain access to a key feature iOS 10.2 delivered back in last December. The iOS 10.2 update included in the long-awaited Single Sign-On feature for Apple TV and iOS devices. Below you can get the key components of this exciting iOS 10.2 feature:

  • During the single sign-on process, customers can view a page of all the authenticated apps that a pay-TV provider offers. It offers to some more easily discover. After then download and enjoy of all their favorite video channels.
  • When a user signs into the network app, then any other app on Apple TV from participating pay-TV providers will log the user automatically. This will be all other supported apps that require authentication.
  • It is limited to CenturyLink Prism, GTA, Prism, Hotwire, Single TV, Dish, DirecTV. If you do not see your provider listed here then you will need to find another reason so that it can update to iOS 10.2.1.


After going through the above reasons for not installing iOS 10.2.1 and installing iOS 10.2.1, you must have observed that whether you should install and not install iOS 10.2.1. These tips will help you make proper decision. Now you should install the newly version iOS 10.2.1 or not install iOS 10.2.1. Hope this blog will help you a lot to make a perfect decision when you use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


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