reason to upgrade to 10.3.1

Recently Apple has released its latest version iOS 10.3.1 around the world which consists of many new features.

All iOS users will get better experience with this new update.

But do you know why this update is important for you or do you know the reason to upgrade to 10.3.1 and why not?

don’t worry, read further for more details.

This new update comes with improved Siri functionality, new Apple find system with redesigned News and Music apps. But do you think that this update will give your better performance and you don’t have to suffer from any iOS problems? Is this new update is really for every iOS users?

Let us find out in this blog what benefits this new iOS 10.3.1 will provide to user and what are the demerits of it? Here you will be guided why you need to upgrade to the latest version and why should not?

For whom is iOS 10.3.1?

If you are an iOS user then it is very important notice for you. Before upgrading to iOS latest version, you should know whether the recent update is for you or not. Generally iOS 10.3.1 is for all iOS 10 compatible devices which includes iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4 or later, iPad mini 2 or later along with 6th generation iPod Touch or later.

reason to install iOS 10.3.1 and why not

In fact, about iOS 10.3.1 and how to upgrade is completely provided here.

One thing you should know that the update differs on size for every device. But the update can bring some potential issues which can force you to think whether to upgrade or not.

Well below mentioned are some benefits and some downsides of iOS 10.3.1 which should everyone know about it and better decide what to do.

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Reasons to upgrade to 10.3.1

Reason 1- Gain more space on your iPhone/iPad

Apple comes with new Apple File System (APFS) in its latest version. But this change was announced previously in 2016 which has almost taken a year to implement. It replaces old HFS and also searches storage on device.

There are many iOS users who continuously face low storage issue on their device. With this update, they can get some free space. Not much space but can get some space which can really help to breathe out from congested space. This update is really for such user whose internal storage is running out.

Reasons 2- Get out of any iOS problem

If you are an iOS 9 user or its older version or even using iOS 10 older version then its obvious that you will come across bug or performance issue. For fixing such issue on iPhone, you can upgrade to 10.3.1. This can completely increase the performance of your iDevice.

Updating to the latest version can patch up any type of issue that comes on iPhone or iPad with older version. There are many problems which includes bad Bluetooth, bad battery life, UI lag and in fact lots of other issues with Wi-Fi. But after upgrading, all these issues will be fixed and it has shown improvement on the device performances.

You should know that this update comes with bug fixes and it can fix:

  • Any problem which prevent Maps from displaying current location after resetting it
  • Improvement on VoiceOver stability for phone, Safari and Mail
Reason 3- It will provide you better security

If security is important for you then this new update is for you. If you have already updated your device with iOS 10.3 then this new update will bring single security patch. But if your device don’t have iOS 10.3 installed then updating iOS 10.3.1 will help you in wide way to secure your device.

iOS 10.3 has come up with 60 known patches for all harmful exploits and its previous version iOS 10 and 10.2.1 has bought 14 known patches. Among them, there was also a patch for Safari ransomware bug where iOS users were extorted after visiting pornography sites.

But there is nothing to worry as this new update is for every iOS users and if having any problem then it can completely help you to get away of it. So if you have failed to update your device with any previous version then upgrade to 10.3.1 which has security patches with it.

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Reason 4- Install if you use WhatsApp

Almost every smartphone user uses WhatsApp feature on their device. The same thing is for iOS users who have not installed iOS 10.3, they should upgrade to 10.3.1 because updating to this version can provide new features to WhatsApp users.

install iOS 10.3.1

As WhatsApp has released an update which delivers improved support for SiriKit. This completely means that now your WhatsApp messages can be read by Siri. Just you have to say “Hey Siri” and request to begin reading your messages. This can help you to respond to your friends or family members also by simply using your voice. But all you need is to upgrade to iOS 10.3.1 to get all these features of WhatsApp.

Reason 5- If you have AirPods

If you have AirPods then upgrade to iOS 10.3.1 that can help you with new feature that you will get inside Find My iPhone application. When you lose your track then this update can help you to find it. With the update, you will get Find My AirPods feature that is inside Find My iPhone application.

Similar to Find My iPhone feature, this app also help users to find the location where AirPods were connected over Bluetooth. Even allow to create a sound which can help you to find your lost headset. This feature is really help to all iOS users and you will get the benefit only when you update your device to its latest version.

All the above mentioned are the reasons why you should install iOS 10.3.1. In fact you will get more benefits when you use your device with this latest update. But its time to know some demerits also which can stop you from installing iOS 10.3.1.

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Reason why you should not upgrade to 10.3.1

Reason 1- All apps will not work or work badly

After installing iOS 10.3.1 to your device, your device may not work properly or some apps won’t work. Few apps will work fine whereas others sometimes crashes or have some other issues. However in coming days, few apps will be upgraded but now, the time can be very critical for you and you cannot enjoy with the features that this new update provides.

Reason 2- If you have jailbroken

If you have any interest in jailbreaking then this new update is not for you. Previously iOS 9 jailbreak was released for some devices but it is not available for 10.3.1. Now if you want to update your device to this new version then there is a chance to lose all your current jailbreak and at the same time you will also lose the ability to jailbreak.

Till now there is no such news where we can confirm that iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak will come, it can take several days to get some news from Apple about its release. Till the update comes, we have to wait and it will stop you from updating iOS latest version.

Reason 3- Your old device may not be compatible

You might have read before that this new update supports iPhone 5 and its later devices, so it means that it is not compatible with older phones. According to recent news, 40 percent of iPad will not be able to run this new update.

In the earlier releases, the new update was not supported to all older devices and some may run but not as new devices. This is because older devices don’t have better memory, processors and of course more storage. But nowadays, the devices are coming with faster processor and enough storage, so phone also runs smooth.

So all these are advantages and disadvantages of upgrade to 10.3.1. Now you can know better whether to install it or not. Well if you want to improve your phone’s performance then surely this update is for you. But if you have older device then its better not to go for iOS 10.3.1 because it might not support the devices and you cannot enjoy the features of new update.

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Final verdict

Apple has updated its one of the latest version iOS 10.3.1 which is very much impressive. It supports all iOS devices except few which are old and it improves performance and also help users to free up space. Users will get some best features and can fix any type of bugs which occurs. However some users are still reporting that this update is not very perfect but if overall performance is seen then iOS 10.3.1 is really a good step to move forward and enjoy the latest feature which it provides.

Reason to Upgrade to 10.3.1 and Why Not to Install iOS 10.3.1
Reason to Upgrade to 10.3.1 and Why Not
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