Permanently Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone 6s/6s plus

Get rid of hidden and recoverable files permanently on your iPhone

Want to delete your private photos/videos from iPhone 6s/6s plus permanently? Are you afraid of your privacy while selling your old phone  and hence wants to be sure that all your personal data has been removed completely? Don’t get tensed as you have iOS Private Data Eraser that’s most prominent solution for any such situation.

  • Expunge your iPhone data like text messages, contacts, videos, photos, apps, account detail, passwords and other data stored on it.
  • Work well with Jailbroken iPhone friendly and carrier-locked iOS devices
  • Mil-spec DOD 5220 – 22 M for permanent data removal
  • Also increases performance of your device by cleaning junk files.


Privacy is quiet serious concern on iPhone and it plays quiet important role in our everyday life. So when you start thinking of selling out your device to anyone else then the very first thing you need to consider is that how to prevent your personal information being leaked.

Why the simple press to ”delete” option is not enough to delete data?

With the vast development of IT industry along with the commonness of the cell phone has reverse everyone’s life by making it convenient and colorful. At the same time numbers of iPhone users are worried for their data that are stored in their iPhone like photos/videos that it would be gained by another person. In many cases, most of the people purchase newly launched and SIM cards from online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon etc. and they are ready to sell out their old device so as to replace it with some new one available in the market today.

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Most of the users are sure that they have deleted all their personal data by performing deletion operation in the iPhone but the fact is that they actually don’t know that simple deletion is not that enough, the data is still there and anyone can fetch it easily by recover those deleted data by using the recovery tool. Like the same if your also full confident about your iPhone 6s/ 6s plus data deletion by pressing the “Deletion” button then let it be clear to your mind that it’s not done correctly so don’t sell iPhone before doing complete and unrecoverable deletion of data.


When you attempt to clear the private data on your iPhone the first thing that you all do is the press the “Deletion” button. But when some kinds of items are deleted from your iPhone, it turns out that they actually not get deleted, instead they are marked as deletion status and get hidden by the operation system and they are still on your iPhone. The deleted data will still remain there but marked as deleted and they are recoverable. Now the question arises in your mind, then how will you delete your iPhone 6s/6s Plus data that contain your private photos and videos?

How to permanently delete photos/ video from iPhone 6s/6s plus so the recovery is not possible again?

In order to permanently erase your personal photos and videos from iPhone, so that no one can steal your data to gain access to your iPhone. Most of you don’t even know that generally iPhone has 2 types of memories one is phone internal memory and other is SIM memory. Unfortunately, most programs don’t identify SIM memory details of your handset.

But there are solutions to this also by which you can completely erase iPhone 6s data that is iOS Private Data Eraser which is designed for erasing iPhone files permanently and it is absolutely none recoverable. After using this software you device is completely and perfectly ready to sell it to any one you want. It is an ultimate solution to erase iPhone 6s/6s plus videos /photos permanently and the data is no longer recoverable also.


Methods to permanently delete from iPhone data

Use iOS Private Data Eraser to permanently delete photos/videos

First, run Dr.Fone software on your computer and after that you will see the below mentioned image with several options.

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer

Connect your iOS device to your computer and then select “iOS Full Data Eraser”. After that you will get the below mentioned image:

Step 2: Begin to delete all data from your device permanently

When the program identifies your device then you can click “Erase” button to delete data from your device permanently.

Step 3: Wait till the data deletion is complete

After the data deletion starts, nothing to do but only have to wait till the process completes. Make sure the device is connected properly during the entire process.

When the deletion is finished, you will see the window disappearing as follows.

Now your iOS device is completely deleted and it now turns into a new device. There is no data left and you can use it according to your wish.



Now you must have got an easy idea on how to permanently delete photos/videos from iPhone 6s/6s plus. Try all the mentioned solutions carefully otherwise you ends up to lose your import ant documents too.

How To Permanently Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone 6s/6s plus On Windows/Mac
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How To Permanently Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone 6s/6s plus On Windows/Mac
Know the simplest way to permanently erase your photos/videos from iPhone 6s/6s plus, safely and effortlessly.
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How To Permanently Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone 6s/6s plus On Windows/Mac