8 Common iOS 10 Problems and How to Fix them?

Guide to Fix iOS 10 Common Issues

Are you experiencing iOS 10 issues? If yes then you are not alone as there are lots of users are suffering from different types of issues. In this blog you will read about the 8 Common iOS 10 Problems appear after upgrading your iDevice to iOS 10. From Below given issues find your one and apply the complete Guide to Fix iOS 10 common issues, with the help of all the given fixes you can fix iOS 10 errors without need of any expertise so you don’t have to call any professional or visit the service center. (more…)

Top 10 Tricks to Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage in iOS 10

Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage

Now, in this world without internet connection there is no meaning of Smartphone, Broadband plans are fast and comparatively cheap but when it comes to cellular data then we all are start thinking how to Reduce iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage because of its expensiveness and limitations. If you have unlimited cellular data then you don’t have to take care about how much data you use but in case you are using limited cellular data plan then things can be even poorer for you. (more…)

Complete Guide to Remove built-in Apple apps from the Home screen on your iOS 10 Device

remove app in iosGood news for iDevices users! Now they can easily remove unwanted apple apps from their iOS 10 devices. Remove unnecessary apps that you don’t use and make your iPhone organized, Apple added a new feature for ios users: In this article you will learn “how to remove unwanted pre-installed apps?”, “what apps you can uninstall?”, “what are the side effects of removing apps?” and more. (more…)

iOS 10 Data Recovery: How to Recover Deleted iPhone/iPad Data after iOS 10 Update

Recover Lost Data on iPhone After iOS 10 Update

Retrieve Data from iPhone iPad after iOS 10 Update

Use iOS 10 Recovery software on your Windows or Mac computer to recover deleted from iTunes or iCloud backup or recover the data without backup. This best recovery tool can recover photos, videos, SMS, call history, bookmarks, contacts, whatsapp messages, notes etc on your iOS device.

How to Recover iPhone/iPad Data Lost When Upgrading to iOS 10/9.3

recover iPhone/iPad data after iOS 10/9 update

Data Lost on iPhone iPad after upgrading to iOS 10 Beta/iOS 9.3

Though made the full preparation for coming to iOS 9.3/10, still you may face data loss issue while upgrading your device. In order to get out from this troublesome situation try iOS Data Recovery Tool. This superior program supports recovery of lost /deleted/formatted iPhone/iPad/iPod data. (more…)

How to Permanently Delete iPhone Data without Restoring

erase everything from iPhone without restoring

Erase Everything From iPhone Without Restoring

Everyone is worried about their data security. Privacy is the bit concern on iPhone as it plays an important role in our life. We use it to for different and important task like text messing, social networking, payment, storing business data. So when we decide to sell or gift our old device that first that knock our mind is how to prevent our important data being leaked. To assure yopurself that your data 100% secure you need to try iPhone SafeEraser, which guarantee to permanently delete iPhone data without restore. (more…)

How to Restore your missing Address Book from iPhone?

How to Restore your missing Address Book from iPhone

Efficient way to recover your missing address book from iPhone:

It may happen that while using your iPhone, you found that the memory space in your phone is very low, so you have deleted some of your unimportant files from the gadget, and later you discover that while cleaning your phone, you have mistakenly deleted your Address Book as well. The other factors that are responsible for losing your address book are upgrading your iOS version, resetting your iPhone, iPhone jailbreak and many more. In such cases, the address book can be recovered from your saved backup and if you are not having any backup, then in that case, it can be recovered with the assistance of iOS Data Recovery Tool. (more…)

How to Rescue Deleted Contacts from iPhone 7?

Rescue Deleted Contacts

Simple and Easy way to Rescue Deleted Contacts from iPhone 7:

While using your new iPhone 7, it may happen that you have mistakenly deleted your contacts, or you have performed a factory reset, these are basically two important factors that are responsible for loss of contacts from your iPhone. Do not worry you can easily rescue deleted contacts with the help of iOS Data Recovery software and that too in an easy way. (more…)