Here’s How to Fix “Unsupported Video Format Error” On iPhone?

Fix "Unsupported Video Format Error"

Are you an iPhone user and want to fix “unsupported video format error”?

Have you ever faced such type of problem with your devices?

iPhone, iPad and iPod is made by Apple which works on iOS operating system. iPhone has brought several unbelievable ways where users can get everything in this fast world. Means it is compatible with the current life style and you can do whatever you want to do because it is a smartphone that can really help you to dive in this competitive world. (more…)

[Video] How to Use iMessage with Screen Effect in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad

With iOS 10, you can have the best opportunity to make your iMessages more expressive. You can now add effects to your message bubbles, send animations that can take over the entire screen. Also, you can add a personal touch with a handwritten note, and much more. You need iMessages to send message effects. If you are not sure whether you are using iMessage or SMS/MMS texts and learn the difference. (more…)

How to Fix iTunes Error 3014 When Updating/Restoring iPhone

how to fix iTunes Error 3014

Sometimes you may encounter the issue when you determine to upgrade your old iOS version to the latest one on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch then the iTunes error 3014 may show up. You may get this error due to several reasons but there could be several reasons to have a look on. Here, in this post, you will get to know everything about this error and also you will find the solution to resolve this error with ease. Let us first have a look at some common symptoms of getting iTunes error 3014 when updating or restoring iPhone: (more…)

3 Easy Ways To Recover Wi-Fi Password From All iPhone Devices

3 Easy Ways to Recover Wi-Fi Password From All iPhone Devices

Wi-Fi is the name given to the most well-known wireless networking technology that uses radio waves in order to provide wireless high-speed network connections and Internet. One of the most common misconceptions about Wi-Fi is that the term Wi-Fi is a word used as a short term for “Wireless Fidelity”, but in actual, this is not the thing. Wi-Fi is nothing but just a simply a trademarked phrase that means IEEE 802.11x. (more…)

[Infographic] 10 Best iOS 10 Features

Apple has recently launched its new version of iOS, iOS 10. It has lots of features included in it. Some of the hidden among the updates to the Messages app, Apple Music and everything else we’ve all heard so much about, there are a handful of new iOS 10 features you may not have stumbled across. So here in this infographic, you will get to know about every feature that has been added to the new iOS 10 installed devices. To know more about the iOS 10 features, you can log on to: (more…)

Ways You Can Apply To Delete Data Permanently From iPhone 7/7 Plus

Delete Data Permanently From iPhone 7 7 Plus

Privacy is a quite concern on iPhone 7 as it used to play an important role in our daily life. Things like messages, contacts, banking information, social networking, etc are to be stay secured in order to keep your private things protected. So, if you ever think to sell your used iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus then the very first thing you should consider is how to prevent your personal data or information being leaked. (more…)

5 Most Common Annoying Issues In iPhone 7 and Their Fixes

5 Most Common Annoying Issues In iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is much similar to its predecessors but the deeper you dive, you will find the more improvements. The camera you will find is a quite good and there are dual speakers and the most appreciated thing you can find in this phone is the water-resistant quality. Apart from this, you can find some errors that can be so annoyed that you would wish to sell or get another phone before trying to solve the errors. But here, in this blog, you will find some common problems you are facing in the new iPhone 7 and also you will get the complete solution that will surely help you fix all the issue you are getting with their possible fixes. (more…)

Top 7 Tricks to Fix Unable to Verify Update Error in iOS 10 & 10.1

Fix Unable to Verify Update

Apple’s latest iOS update i.e iOS 10 & 10.1.1 is available for iOS device users, this update is available via OTA and there are lots of users enjoying features of this latest updates. But updating a compatible iOS device to iOS 10 is not an easy task as there are several kinds of iOS update issues like Unable to Verify Update error can appear while the updating process and affect the entire updating process. So how to Fix Unable to Verify Update error as this type of problems can also harm the stored data and why so it is recommended to create a complete backup of your iDevice before starting the upgrading process.      (more…)