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Well, everyone knows that Apple has launched its new iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X few weeks ago. This new iPhone X has different predecessors from any other iPhone models and is loved by many iPhone lovers.

This is one of the first devices which have stunning OLED screen and also the first phone to do away the iconic button.

But similar to other Smartphone’s, several issues have occurred with this latest iPhone and they are really annoying. Many users have reported such issues to be a big challenge.

So today, we have gathered few annoying issues/problems of iPhone X which users have faced along with their fixes so that they can work for you to get out of the situation.

So, let us look at some of the iPhone X annoyance and their fixes so that your new iPhone keeps working perfect without any further problems.

iPhone X annoyance and their Fixes

Face ID not working properly

Many iPhone X users have reported that after locking their device, they are unable to open it because their face ID does not work fast or it works late.

Actually it works when you raise your device or simply when you press wake button, and then you can see a padlock on top of the screen. When your face is detected, your iPhone gets unlock which only takes 2 seconds.

But face ID works faster than that which means that whenever your screen turns on, you can instantly swipe up. But now it’s taking time for many users and this is really very annoying. So, how to fix it? Well you can follow the below steps:

Start unlocking– You should stop waiting for padlock’s unlocking animation. Simply swipe the screen from bottom because this may unlock your device immediately as many times face ID recognizes you till you reach the Home screen.

Distance matters– Your Face ID does not work when you are too far from your iPhone X screen. It works best between 10 and 20 inches from face. So be little closer while unlocking your device.

Sunlight problem– Many times when you are outside and you try to open your device, it may show you problem because sunlight may confuse you. So while unlocking your phone, make sure sunlight is not the problem which is stopping you from opening the lock.

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Notifications are hidden

Well, notifications are important for many users and many don’t like it. But when your device shows problem due to Face ID, then users cannot see their notifications. Well this is a default setting and one of the security feature that is loved by some people where as annoyed by some users.

However there is a fix for it. You only need to go to Settings > Notifications > Show previews and after that select Always. This process will help you to see your notifications with preview even after your iPhone X is locked.

Yellowish Tint

Well, another annoying issue is a yellowish tint on iPhone X. This problem is irritating many iPhone X users and they are connecting this issue with the new OLED panel that iPhone X have.

However, this yellow color is due to the iPhone X feature ‘True Tone’ which was first used on iPad Pro. If this feature is on then your device will automatically change the color of iPhone X. Although this is a useful feature as it reduces eye strain and also improve readability.

But this may be frustration for many iPhone X lovers. Nothing to worry, it’s simple to fix it. You have to disable the ‘True Tone’ for few minutes and everything will be OK.

If you want to remove it permanently then go to Settings and click on ‘Display and Brightness’. After that you will get the option of ‘True Tone’ from where you have to disable it to get away of the irritation.

Crackling sound from iPhone X speakers

Another annoying issue from iPhone X users is that they are experiencing come crackling sound from their iPhone X when they are listening song from their front speakers. This problem occurs when the volume is high or reaches its maximum level. Even this problem occurs while making calls, playing ringtones, music, playing videos etc.

Apple knows about the problem and replacing their affected devices free of charge. Also investigating to know how this problem is occurring. You may don’t know why this problem is happening, whether it is a hardware issue or software, it is not clear.

So its best solution is, not to use speakers at high volume and iPhone X users can use ear pods to listen any songs or videos etc. If not, then better to contact Apple and replace your device.

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Green line appearing on iPhone X screen

Many iPhone X users have reported the problem of facing green line on left or right side of their iPhone. Every user has experienced it in different manners. Some of them have come across the issue while rebooting their devices; some of them don’t get the problem after first turning on the device but after certain period of usage whereas some have noticed it on lock screen.

However there is nothing damage done to the screen with this green line and so it was thought to be the issue of the display.

Now, how to solve it? Well this issue has come across to many iPhone X users and it is due to the OLED panel which was introduced on iPhone X. the only option to fix it is to take your device to nearest Apple store or its service center and you can get a replacement of it.

Already Apple knows about the issue and it is replacing all such devices have problem and even they are working on to know the root of the problem.

Becomes unresponsive in cold temperatures

When users using their iPhone X in cold temperatures, the device is showing problem in accessing. This is the problem for many users especially who lives in colder parts of the world. Even if the temperature changes and if the device is in contacts with it then also the same issue occurs.

For some users, it only lasts for few minutes whereas for some, it goes for longer period where phone completely freezes. Know how to fix iPhone freezing issue.

Although Apple has noted this problem and is working on to fix the issue. Some users have reported that locking/ unlocking the iPhone X screen will help to solve the issue.

However, Apple has said that this annoying problem will be solved with an upcoming iOS software update. So there is nothing to worry much about this issue.

Old methods of doing things are gone forever

Well, you may bit confusing but this is true that whatever you used to do with your old iPhones, the same thing you cannot do with your new iPhone X. the reasons is that in iPhone X, there is no Home button.

And this completely means that now its not that easy to do any task immediately. So you have to forget all those things you are habituated on old iPhone models.

This is yet another annoying problem for many iPhone X lovers. But there is a solution for the things you do daily like resting your device, taking screen shot, closing apps etc. Now with this new iPhone X, how would you do all these? Let us look at them:

Reset your phone– Press volume-up and then volume-down and after that press and hold wake button till you see the Apple logo. Then immediately release the button and all these things you have to do in a quick series.

Close all apps– Swipe up the screen from bottom but don’t move your hand from place for at least two seconds. After that you will get all the apps which are open in a sequence. Now the app which you want to close, find it by scrolling left or right.

Press it and hold for few seconds. You will get a red icon with while stripe. Click on that to close the app. You can use the same process for closing other apps as well.

Taking screenshot– Only you have to press and release the volume-up button along with wake button.

Switching off iPhone– You can press and hold volume button or sleep/wake button for few seconds. Your phone will vibrate and you can see a menu that states “slide to power off” slider.

iPhone X screen burn-in

As it is already mentioned that iPhone X features OLED display and due to this, users can experience sharper and stunning photos. But at the same time, users have seen a burn-in on their images. Even Apple was aware of the issue and so it released a statement saying- ‘image persistence’ or ‘burn-in’ could appear on the iPhones.

Well to fix this issue, Apple says to reduce the brightness of your device. You can easily adjust the brightness by going to control center and there you can easily adjust the iPhone X brightness.

Another thing which you can do is to turn Auto-Lock. It is seen that static images are more likely to burn-in so you should be careful that your iPhone’s screen is turned off when it is not in use. For that, simply go to Settings > Displays & Brightness > Auto-Lock.

Unable to reach my thumb on whole screen

Well, this is also another annoying issue for many iPhone X users. Because iPhone X comes with big screen as it have plus-sized and due to this only, Apple has included Reachability feature. This features works well- simply double click on Home button and the top screen will come down to bottom which makes it possible to access the device using thumb.

However iPhone X don’t have Home button so this feature works well. To enable it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and after that toggle Reachability on.


Well, iPhone X is really an amazing phone that is loved by users and it has many new features. Though it may cost you little bit but the features it provides make it worth to buy. No matter whatever issue you come across with this new iPhone, but there are ways to deal with.

I hope whatever issues and solutions I have mentioned in this blog will help you to solve such annoyance whenever you get. Rather than all these, iPhone X is a much better device to use.

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9 iPhone X Annoyance And Their Fixes Nobody Told You
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9 iPhone X Annoyance And Their Fixes Nobody Told You
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9 iPhone X Annoyance And Their Fixes Nobody Told You
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