Retrieve Lost/Deleted iPhone 6s Data On Windows/Mac

To iPhone users the experience of data loss is not rare one, no doubt iPhone brings great and good user experience but besides this data loss let users run a great risk. Like the same this troublesome situation can also happen in your iPhone 6S too. At that time it’s very important to find a reliable data recovery program to recover up your lost iPhone data. iPhone 6S Data Recovery is one such tool  that can help you recover your lost data in  an hassle free manner. Its user-friendly interface is quiet easy to access and superb to get back your deleted data without compromising its originality.

  • Does Recovery in 3 modes: Allow to recover data directly from iPhone 6(Plus) and extract iTunes or iCloud backup files.
  • Data loss in any situation: Retrieve iphone 6s data that are lost during deletion, factory settings restore, jailbreak failure, iPhone lost or broken etc.
  • Flexible Recovery: Recover any item also from iTunes/iCloud backup files.
  • Recover lost iMessages, text messages, photos, contacts, videos, notes, etc.
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iPhones are the Smartphone that are marketed by Apple. Nowadays it has been liked by most of the users because of its simplicity and lots of user friendly functions. You can click photos, shoot videos, save contacts, attachments, documents, texts, mails, music files, and many more. Now just imagine if the data that you have saved in your device gets lost or deleted either by mistake or unknowingly.  In that case what should be the first thing that you must do after losing your data from iPhone 6S either for Mac or for Windows. It is generally advised to immediately stop using your device in order to prevent the data from getting overwritten by the new data. You are advised to follow the following steps which are mentioned below in order to recover the recover your lost data.

How to prevent data loss from iPhone 6 S

It is important to back up your device regularly, if you are having an important data in it. There are several ways by which you can prevent the data loss. Normally you can use iCloud and iTunes to backup your device. Or you can use any third party software which gives you an option to selectively export data from it to the computer as a backup.

How to restore data from iPhone 6s on Windows/Mac from iTunes backup

At any time if you have lost your data then you can restore it from iTunes. To recover your lost data you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Connect your iPhone and the computer with the help of an USB cable.
  2. Then open iTunes.
  3. Whether you are having an erased or a new device, you will be prompted by the iTunes to restore from backup.
  4. Or else, under DEVICES in the left menu, you have to Control-click on your device.
  5. Then you have to select Restore from the Backup.
  6. Select the backup that you want to sync and then click on Restore button.

How to restore data from iPhone 6s on Windows/Mac from an iCloud backup

  1. Go to Settings then General and click on Software Update. If a newer version of iOS is available, then follow the onscreen instructions for downloading and installing it.
  2. Make sure you have a recent backup to restore from.
  3. Then go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap “Erase all content and settings.”
  4. In the Setup Assistant, proceed to “Set up your device,” tap Restore from a Backup, and then sign in to iCloud.
  5. Proceed to “Choose backup,” then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud.

If you are unable to restore the deleted data then in that case you can recover them back with the help of iPhone 6S Data Recovery software on Windows/Mac. Using this software you can directly restore your data into your device and that too in an easy way. This is professional software which would help you in recovering the data like attachments, documents, texts, snapped photos, videos, mails, music files, contacts and many more.

How to recover data from iPhone 6S on Mac and Windows

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Computer


Choose your device to start with, install the program on your system and launch it. Then connect your iPhone to the PC.

Step 2: Select the Recovery Mode Different from the recovery mode. You should select “Recover from iOS Device” in the following interface:step 2

Step 3: Enter the DFU Mode and Start Scanning. You need to enter the DFU mode to scan your iPhone for lost data files. So follow the 3 steps below (for iPhone 4/3GS only, if not, just click “start” to scan):


windows icon For Windows

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup

mac icon For Mac

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup

iPhone 6S data recovery – Recover Data From iPhone 6S on Windows/Mac

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