imagesLast week when I was trying to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 6, it automatically struck in restore mode after iOS 6 update attempt. As regular basis I put my iPhone 4 on charge. After downloading and trying to restart, iPhone 4 went into recovery mode. It was unable to boot up, “Connect to iTunes” signal was shown into the screen. After connecting devices to PC/Mac computer and trying to retrieve, the message pops up “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. This device isn’t suitable for the requested build.” or “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred”. iOS 6 is being downloaded by the new iTunes for upgrade. My iPhone 4 has lot of photos, text messages, videos, music files, contacts, mails and others are saved. I was just hoping that I do not misplace any data from my iPhone 4 as it was stuck in restore mode after iOS 6 update attempt. The reasons that cause “Recovery Mode” after upgrading to iOS 6 was not cleared to me. And I did not find any solution to manage to recover iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 with iTunes. And I was worried about my whole data.

But there is nothing to worry because now to recover lost or deleted data from iPhone 4  devices there is a complete solution available for Windows system i.e. iPhone Data Recovery. With the help of iPhone Data Recovery software you can easily recover all my data and successfully recover device, all data including photos, documents, and videos will be restored. But if your device cannot be restored, that does not mean all your data are lost. Your data will not be lost, they are in somewhere in your device.


To restore iPhone 4 device you need to follow the following steps to recovers all your data.

Step 1 – Scan the backup file first.

Firstly, start the data recovery for iPhone on your PC, so that you can get the interface to start. At this point don’t connect or sync your iPhone with iTunes, otherwise you may have to face data loss issue because of overwriting. Now choose your device type from the list and “Recover from iTunes backup file” mode first.

Step 2 – Now start with iPhone Data Recovery.

Once the scanning finishes, all the contents of the backup file were scanned and will be displayed. You can preview each of them and can select any of them you want or select and recover them all in one go. When the lost files are recovered, you can easily import all to your iPhone or just keep it on your computer as a backup because keeping backup is a good practice to avoid any kind of data loss.

iPhone 4 stuck in restore mode after iOS 6 update attempt!

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