Retrieve Deleted iPad Air Data without Need of iTunes Backup!

Want to recover iPad Air lost Data but don’t have recently updated iTunes backup then you should try a professional way i.e. advance iPad Air Data Recovery software. This highly preferred iOS recovery software allows user to get back their lost or deleted data without need of iTunes backup.

  • Packed with advance algorithm that will make able to recover data within few clicks.
  • Easy to understand user interface, so you can restore all types of data without going to any professionals.
  • This recovery software supports all types of iOS devices like iphone, iPad, iPod and other.
Try iOS Data Recovery Now

Nowadays, mobile phones and tablets are the most attracting technology which people of the whole world use it. But when we talk about mobile technology, then we talk about the Apple Company which has launched many advanced devices along with some advanced features. Among all the other devices, iPad air is the latest addition which is introduced by Apple. It has totally different features and appearance compared to other Android devices. Though iPad provides you with extra features, but loss of data is the serious problem which is faced by users frequently.

One of the main advantages of iPad Air is that it helps you to do the things in a faster time compared to the devices which has come before. This is excellent when it comes to process graphics and to store them effectively.  This is the best device for capturing pictures or for video calling or playing games. Therefore, loss of data is the common and very heart losing problem which is faced by many iPad users. People who are using iPad should have the knowledge of how to recover data when it is lost by accidently or deleted due to some cause. By using the right software to recover data, it makes the user to get back the data which you have lost.

By using appropriate software, you can get back all the data and to do so, you can use iPad Air Data Recovery Tool for Windows/Mac which is excellent recovery software with the help of which you can get the data which is deleted accidentally. Using this software, you can recover the data by two methods which are, recovering from iPad Air directly and recover from iTunes backup. With this software, you will be able to recover all the lost photos or notes or calendar etc. this software provide users with advanced features and functions. This file recovery tool works with other devices like iPhone, iPod and other models of iPad on Windows or Mac. This software is easy to use and recover the data completely. This software can:

  • Recover deleted files from iPad Air
  • Supports the latest iOS 7 system
  • Recover data from iTunes backup files for iPad Air
  • Easy to use this recovery tool and also recovered file will keep the original quality.

Steps to recover data from iPad Air on Windows/Mac:

Step 1: Download the software and select “Recover from iTunes Backup”.

Step 2: Select the backup files and then recover your lost data by clicking on the “recover” button.

windows icon For Windows

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup


mac icon For Mac

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup
IPad Air Data Recovery to Recover Lost Data on Windows/Mac!

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