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Are you an iPhone or iPad user who wishing to record iPhone screen but facing trouble with screen recording?
Are you thinking how to mirror your favorite game on large screen so that you can have better experience but not getting any way to do it?

Well if you are such user who is facing trouble in recording screen of your iPhone then here you will get the best solution for your problem.

Screen recording on PC is easy and for that you can get lots of screen recording software but what about when you want to capture videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

Screen recording is not a rocket science because to record video on iOS devices, iOS offers major challenge while mirroring screen or when plain recording. So all thanks to Apple as it provides an excellent feature to users.

Screen recording is one of the key feature which helps those person who owns a website or a blog because it is a way that allows to create videos, mirror content and also can share those with friends and family members.

For recording iPhone video, there are lots of apps available on App store but all does not provide the best feature. However if you have a common iPhone or iPad then recording screen will not give you any happiness and it will not be useful for you. But for those who are professionals and they have to make presentation for office, for them iOS Screen Recorder is a useful app.

So instead of going for different solutions, use iOS Screen Recorder software as it provides best solution to record your videos. An average iPhone user can also record their video if they want by making some attention-grabbing video on computer.

About iOS Screen Recorder

iOS Screen Recorder is one of the best tool which is used to record your PC or iPhone’s screen. This can be easily installed on your iPhone and can record the events which are important on your screen. The software offers a high quality screen mirroring of your iPhone. Even it allows to identify the file location for the recorded video which you want to share. The best part of this software is that it records iPhone screen on laptop and PC wirelessly. This software is excellent, safe and completely safe to use.


Features of Screen Recorder

Though you may know about the software but still there are some important features which should be noted as it will help you to know more about the software. Some of them includes:

  • iOS Screen Recorder will allow you to record iPhone screen without any wire, means it will record wirelessly.
  • No matter whatever profession you have, you can very easily record your assignments and can share them with your colleagues.
  • Can be used for presentations by using projector with your iDevice or PC
  • It does not contains any kind of problem with compatibility
  • It works in almost every iOS devices and versions starting from iOS 7 to iOS 10.

How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad via iOS Screen Recorder

Well when time comes to record your iPhone screen then you will get two ways to do that. First, is you have to download the software on computer and then connect your iPhone over Wi-Fi network and after that start recording your phone’s screen through AirPlay Mirroring.

Second, directly download the app on your iPhone and after that start recording your iOS devices. Though the software is not available on App store, so you can download the app through the given link:


User Guide: How to Record/Mirror iPhone/iPad/iPod Screen on Computer

Step 1- Download iOS Screen Recorder

First, run Dr.Fone on computer after which you will get the below mentioned image with several options.

Step 2- Connect iPhone and Your Computer to the Same Network (LAN)

Connect your device and PC to same network

  • When your system is connecting to Wi-Fi network then connect same Wi-Fi on your network
  • When your PC is not connected to Wi-Fi network then you should put your device and computer under same LAN

Then click “iOS screen recorder” on your system which will pop-up window of iOS screen recorder.

Step 3- Enable AirPlay Function on your iPhone

  • For iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9

Swipe up from bottom of screen to open control center and click “Airplay” and select Dr.Fone, then enable “Mirroring”.

  • For iOS 10

Swipe up from bottom to open control center. Click on ‘Airplay Mirroring‘ and select Dr.Fone to mirror your device.

Step 4 Start Recording Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Screen

Here you will get two buttons at the bottom of screen. Just click on left circle button to begin the recording of your iPhone and hit on Right Square to display a full screen. Well if you want to get out of the full screen mode then hit on square button and press ESC on keyboard. If you want to stop recording the click on circle button. Dr.Fone will take you to the folder where the video is saved.


Final Thought

Those who have own a website or a blogger then this software is one of the best choice. This can be used for screen recordings, creating assignments and screen mirroring. Users can very easily operate this tool as it provides seamless and smooth operation. It supports HD recording and this tool is best for app and game developers.

Record iPhone Screen with iOS Screen Recorder in Easy Way
Record iPhone Screen with iOS Screen Recorder in Easy Way
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Record iPhone Screen with iOS Screen Recorder in Easy Way
Now get the best way to record iPhone screen without any problem by using iOS screen recorder. This will best guide you how to record iPhone screen.
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