ios 8 update erroriOS 8 makes iOS device more efficient, but the hard thing occurs while the process of iOS 8 update. While updating you may come across many kinds of problems like lack of space, device stuck on Apple logo, lost data, etc.These problems are very irritating, if you are facing one of the given problem then first calm down and apply the below given commons problems. Some problems and their solutions are given bellow that may help you update your iOS 8.

Question 1: I am unable to load iOS 8 due to lack of free space, at least 4.6 GB memory is needed by it to upgrade to iOS 8. How can I get 4.6GB for my iPhone to do the iOS 8 update?

Answer:  Don’t upgrade to iOS 8 on your device directly because through this way you need as much as two times storage to upgrade to iOS 8. Upgrade your device through iTunes, under this method all installation packages will be downloaded to your device, the download and install process will be completed on your computer. If you want direct upgrading then you have to free some spaces from your IOS device.

Question 2: While the updating process, my iPhone just dead with Apple logo stuck on it.

Answer: Such type of problem occurs because your iPhone can’t restart usually. To fix it simply Download and install Wondershare on your PC and connect your iPhone with it via USB cable, from the mail window, click on the ‘Restart the device’. It will remove such problem.

Question 3: An error occurred while downloading iOS 8.

Answer: We know that iOS 8 is very popular and more than thousands of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users around the world are trying to upgrade to iOS 8 at the same time. So it is normal that Apple’s serves have been harassed for users to log in to do the upgrade. If you get the error message like ‘an error occurred’, then try it again.

Question 4: It froze during the iOS 8 update

Answer: This problem can be fixed after restarting your iOS device. Keep pressing the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for about 10 seconds. After restring the device, go to Settings > General > About to check the iOS version the device is running now. If you never found iOS 8 then restart the process of iOS 8 update again.

Question 5: After updating my 4S to iOS 8 lots of problem occurs on my iOS device: 1- More than 1.5 sec of lag occurs when I call; 2- While a call my signal falls to zero level and then goes up; 3- The notification icon shows more than 5 sec for whatsapp. These problems are didn’t have in my previous iOS version i.e. IOS 7.

Answer: First make it clear that iPhone 4S is not able to run iOS 8 but it is present on the list of iOS 8 compatible device. To fix the laggy problem, the only alternative for you is to speed up the iOS 8 on your iPhone because you can’t downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7 anymore.

Question 6: After updating to iOS 8 on my iPhone 5s, I am unable to play some songs that were downloaded with a third party app. The mp3 files quit after playing about 10 seconds.

Answer: It means your third party application is incompatible with the latest iOS 8 you’ve installed on your iPhoen 5S. You have two options to solve the problem:

1. Transfer your music files to your system by using Wondershare TunesGo then import these songs to your iTunes and sync them to your iPhone again.

2. First make sure that the third-party app you’ve installed is compatible with iOS 8 or not if it supports iOS 8 then update the application to its latest version.

Question 7: I have the iPhone 5s, and ever as I’ve upgraded to iOS 8, I experience the internet on my iPhone gets slowdown completely. I’m sure that it isn’t my internet issue because it seems well on ALL my other devices such as my updated iPhone.  It can take 30sec to a minute to load a single webpage when on my iPad (which i havent upgraded) it only takes a few seconds.

Answer: To fix such problem first, reset your iPhone network by going to Settings > General > Reset > tap Reset Networking Settings and confirm the action. After then restart your iPhone 5s to see the result.  After resetting internet connection if the Internet connection is still slow then try to speed the iOS 8 on your iPhone

Questions 8:  I backed up my iPhone 5S and then try to restore all on my 6 Plus. After the restoring from backup start syncing all my apps, pictures, etc., to my 6 Plus, it gets jammed on the part where its syncing apps. It hangs after the first app at “Copying 1/102 Apps”.

Answer:  Apple has established that there is a bug for iTunes to sync apps to iPhone. So in this case, if you require to transfer apps to your iPhone 6 plus, you need to do it direct on your iPhone: connect your iPhone to WiFi > go to App Store to download or re-download required apps to your iPhone, also make sure that apps you want to download are iOS 8 compatible.

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