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As I have promised that I will come up with Part II of iOS 11 problems and their solutions, so now I am here with the other part which will explain some other iOS 11 problems that comes to iOS users. Go below for details.

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Common iOS Problems and Solutions are:

#12- iPhone begins to run slow

After upgrading to iOS 11, many users device starts to run slow and this is really a painful moment. Every application work slow like camera takes 5 seconds to launch and in fact other apps takes time to begin. This issue is reported by many iPhone lovers and they want to solve this issue ASAP. Well you can fix such problem on your own after following the below steps:

  • Try to free up some space on your iOS devices
  • Disable background app refresh so that it can improve the performance of your device
  • Once restart your device because this can solve the issue
  • Switch on reduce motion by going to General > Accessibility > Turn on Reduce motion

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#13- Freezing issue of iPhone after iOS 11 update

Many times you have noticed that your iPhone freezes at least once after upgrade to any new version of iOS. Again after update to iOS 11, the same problem appears. This problem is common to occur and makes user impossible to work. However everyone wants solution to get rid of such problem.

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#14- Several iTunes error occurs

This is also one of the common problems which many iOS users come across. They face iTunes error which comes after upgrading their device to any new version of iOS. There are several such types of error like iTunes error 53, iTunes error 4013/4014, error 3014, error 3194, iTunes error 9 and many others. However you can try to solve such problems via below steps:

  • First check USB cable
  • Update your iTunes if it is not updated to the latest version

#15- iMessage problem after every update

After every update of iOS version, iMessage/message pops up which states that iMessages gets crashed or stops working or unable to auto delete the old conversations to make some free space. But you can solve the issue by below mentioned steps:

  • First check whether you are connected to network or not while sending iMessages
  • Open iMessage again after turning off and see whether it is working or not
  • Reset all settings of your device by going through Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings
  • You can reboot your device to fix such problem

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#16- Unable to receive or make calls

As messages don’t work after update to iOS 11, similarly iPhone users face problem in making or receiving calls. This is yet another big problem which should be fixed immediately.

  • First reset your device network settings
  • Check blocked phone numbers
  • Update your carrier
  • Restore your phone
  • Try to re-insert your SIM card

#17- Small issues on iPhone wallpaper

Though this is a small problem of iPhone wallpaper changing but this is a issue which can stop you from accessing your device. In this, the wallpaper for lock screen remains the same with Home screen even after it is changed. This is all because of iOS 11 bug. So you can follow the below steps to fix it.

  • First update your device with iOS 11 beta 7
  • Switch off your iPhone and then reboot it
  • Reset your device to factory pattern by going to settings

#18- Update stuck on slide to upgrade

This problem once occurred on iOS 9/10 but again it has been seen after update to iOS 11 and hopefully it is not yet solved. While upgrading iOS 11, it occurs and to fix this problem, common ways like recover your device and upgrade it with iTunes. Follow the simple steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: First update iTunes to its latest version

Step 2: Then hit on device button

Step 3: Now select Restore backup and then select a recent backup file and after that hit on restore

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#19- Incorrect appearance of notification

You receive any notification when your device is locked. But when you update to iOS 11, you get the notifications but not as it was before. They come in separated way like on top or on middle or at the bottom. To fix the problem:

  • First restart your device by pressing Sleep/Wake button along with Home button for few seconds until you see the Apple logo
  • Then clear all the notifications on screen by clicking “x” on notification screen. After that wait for new notification and look whether the problem has solved or not.

#20- iPhone apps like calculator stops working

Calculator problem has not seen before in any iOS update but after iOS 11 update, it also started showing error. Its performance decreases especially when calculating 2007+2017+567. However to fix this issue, you can go through the steps below:

  • You can download some useful iPhone manager apps to do all sort of activities in better way
  • Reinstall the app after uninstalling and rebooting your phone
  • You can download 3rd party calculator apps which works better after update to iOS 11 or higher versions

#21- Safari not working

Safari is the most preferable choice for iPhone users which works fast and also a user friendly that offers private browsing mode with bookmarks. But after iOS 11, this also seems to be in trouble. If you are among such problem then you can go through the below tips to fix the problem.

  • Clear all cookies and caches on safari
  • Also check your network connection is strong or not
  • Do a hard reset of your device and again restart it

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#22- iPhone Speaker not working

After upgrading iOS devices to iOS 11, iPhone speaker seems to get disappeared. Many users have complained about it. Now how to solve this problem is a big deal. User cannot see the speaker button, so what to do next? Well to fix such issue, first try to connect your earphones when it is in discord app and you will see the screen + button. After that, remove the earphones and look for the speakers whether they are working or not.

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#23- Unable to send E-mail via Microsoft account

Well this is also another problem which users have to face after update to the latest version. People used Outlook, Exchange 2016 accounts to send email on iOS 10/9/8 and they never showed problem.

But after update to iOS 11, they are now facing problem in sending E-mail from Microsoft accounts. But the solution for this problem has also released by Apple. Users have to update iOS 11.0.1 to sort out such email problem.

#24- Siri not working

Siri is one of the useful things which become a part of almost every iPhone users. Here you have to just say “Hi, Siri” and you will get what you would like to eat, where to go, how and many more. But users have reported that after update to iOS 11, Siri is not working. Now how to solve such issue?

Step 1: Ensure your network connection is good

Step 2: Go to Settings > Siri and ensure “Hey Siri” option is on

Step 3: Reset all your settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings and again set up Siri

Step 4: Also check your Bluetooth is not switched on and try Siri once again

#25- YouTube not working as before

Everyone wants to enjoy some latest videos on their YouTube app but how would you feel when the app stops working and you are not able to watch videos. YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing services. But after update to iOS latest version, instead of becoming better it becomes worse and not working hence making the entire devices slow. So to fix such issue, go through the steps:

  • First check the network bandwidth and if possible upgrade it
  • Don’t watch videos in 4k but watch YouTube videos in resolution of 720p or 1080p
  • Stop YouTube running on background when you want to access other apps
  • Update YouTube to its latest version

#26- Problems on Facebook manager

Nowadays everyone wants to stay updated on their social networking sites especially on Facebook. But this has also problem after updating to iOS 11. Many users have reported that they are facing problem in Facebook manager. But you can solve this issue by following the steps mentioned here:

Step 1: Do a restart to your Facebook Messenger

Step 2: Upgrade your Facebook app

Step 3: Re-install your Facebook manager

Step 4: Restart your iPhone/iPad

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#27- iPhone ringtone not working

As mentioned above about speaker problem, similarly ringtone problem is also associated with iOS 11 update. iPhone 8/X users have reported issue on their iPhone’s ringtone. Now how to fix this problem?

Step 1: Go to Settings > Sounds to alter the ringtone volume

Step 2: Check whether ‘mute’ option is not set on and set it to ring

Step 3: Restart your device

Step 4: You can contact Apple for the solution

#28- Power button stops working

Among several problems, iPhone’s power button not working is also one of them. After update to iOS 11, power button does not work according to iPhone users. When you face such issue then simple way to get out of it is by shutting your device in menus. For this you have to go to Settings > General and move to bottom where you will get the option “shut down”. This will switch off your device and this option is great when something goes wrong on your device.

#29- Problems on AirPods

This is also another small problem after update to iOS 11. AirPods or headphone problems. Many times AirPods won’t connect to iPhone or iPad. However this can be solved without any much difficulty. To fix it, take both the AirPods off and put them inside the case and after that close the case. After that wait for few seconds and then again take them out from case.

#30- Apps in disorder way

Have you faced all the apps of your iPhone in disorder way? If yes then it can be due to iOS 11 update. Many users have asked about the solution of such problem. Well, this is really a disgusting thing and to fix such issue, sees the below steps:

  • Rearrange your apps order in the folder
  • You can also create more folders so that apps can be managed.
  • In fact no need to create folders if you have less apps on your device.

#31- Weather App does not work properly

Weather app is also useful as it keeps you updated with the weather forecast. But after update to iOS 11, this app also started to show problem. It only shows sunrise, and not sunset. Though this problem is not big but it can trouble you. But you can fix this issue:

  • First uninstall the app and again reinstall it with a new version
  • Also you can opt for some third party weather app so that it can work on your latest phones
  • If you have patience then wait for the next update of iOS 11.


Well, all these are some of the problems which you can get after update to iOS 11. Though here all the problems are not mentioned but all these are common problems with their solutions that you can encounter easily.

If you find any other problems after update to iOS 11 then don’t forget to comment below. Furthermore, you can visit our Facebook, Twitter and G+ page and if you have any questions on your mind then ASK HERE.

31 Common iOS 11 Problems on iPhone/iPad And their Solutions- [Part II]
31 Common iOS 11 Problems on iPhone/iPad And their Solutions- [Part II]
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