things to do Before Installing iOS 10.1.1Is your iOS Device is compatible with the iOS 10 or 10.1.1 update? If you are not sure and want to know that your iDevice is compatible with this latest update or not then you should see the official list of compatible iOS 10 or 10.1.1 devices.

If your device is compatible with this latest update of iOS then before proceeding you need to learn about some important things that will help you to deal with any types of inconvenience after upgrading, there are lots of issues that can affect your iDevice and stored data such as stuck in logo mode, unable to boot, stuck in recovery mode, stuck in upgrading mode and more. In all the situation you can make your device normal but data loss can occur while dealing with these situation, hence in order to eliminate any kind of problem while and after upgrading your iOS device you should read and apply the below given tricks.

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Top 10 Tricks to Do before Installing iOS 10.1.1 in Order to Avoid any Problem

Make Sure that iTunes is updated

An updated iTunes will allow you to recover your device data when a restore or firmware update goes wrong, with an outdated iTunes it is really very difficult to troubleshoot and fix it down. Hence in order to deal with these kinds of situations it is recommended to make sure that iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC is updated to the latest available version.

Update the Backup of your iDevice

If you want to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iOS then it is recommended to create a backup of your entire device data OR if you have a backup then update them. This is the trick that will help you to deal with any kind of data loss situation after upgrading to iOS 10. If any data gets inaccessible after upgrading and you don’t have backup then don’t worry as you can access them and restore with a professional iOS device data recovery tool. This tool dosent needs any backup to restore your data, and one cane easily operates it in order to restore your data with ease.

Charge the device to 100%

According to the Apple’s officials, it is suggested to charge the device at least 50% before starting the upgrading process. Or you can also upgrade your device while the charging process. Both of these suggestions are sufficient, but in order to avoid a single percent of problem it is recommended to charge your iDevice completely and after that start the upgrading process.

Back Up Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch and connected it with the device then before upgrading your iDevice you need to create a full backup of that Watch prior to proceeding, this step will protect your data from any kind of inaccessibility after upgrading the connected iDevice. Hence make a complete backup of your iDevice and store it on your Mac or computer for future use.

Check Device Compatibility

This is the most important things you need to check before going to taking backup and doing anything else for upgrading. As these update is available for the selected devices and models, so you can’t update your iOS device to iOS 10 or iOS 10.1.1 in case your devices is not in the official list of iOS 10 supported devices. If you are not sure that your device is supported, then you should view the official compatibility guide here: iOS 10 Compatibility For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Devices.


Make sure all the iOS Apps are updated

If your iOS device has tons of app updates pending in the App Store, then now you have to update all the update pending apps. As with outdated apps when you update your iDevice to iOS 10 or 10.1.1 then there is a chance of occurrence of compatibility issue. This is one of basic thing that you need to take care before starting the upgrade process. So, make sure that your iDevice’s apps are updated or not if not then update them as soon as possible and after that go with the upgrading process.

Get Familiar with iOS 10

This latest update i.e. iOS 10 is much similar to iOS 9, but at some point you will find that it is packed with much attractive user interface. You will really start enjoying the user interface of this iOS when start interacting with it. It is packed with a latest fresh and interactive notifications experience, revamped Messages app and many of the attractive grips with in iOS 10.

Verify iOS 10 Jailbreak Status

This is one of the important thing that you need you need to take care, knowing the jailbreak status of your iDevice is very important as cannot function in a digital world without a unconventional iOS device, so it is suggested to verify the status of an iOS 10 jailbreak prior to essentially updating that device firmware.

Ready Login Information

Upgrading to a latest version of iOS is not an easy task as you need to do lots of arrangement before starting the upgrading process. In previous, updating an iOS device doesn’t need much input from the user and it was very simple.

But in this update you need to enter some of your personal data such as you need to enter and confirm your Apple ID and iCloud credentials. So that before proceeding to the upgrade process it is recommended to arrange all the login information.

Most Important 10 Things to do Before Installing iOS 10.1.1