indexUpgrading your iPhone device to iOS 7 is the way to experience the latest features and new design but this upgrading process is not supported by all the iPhone devices because this upgrading process demands high processor power. Some older iPhone device can get upgrade to iOS 7 but it can’t support total features of iOS 7.If your older device is upgrade with iO7 then don’t think that it supports all features of iOS7, after upgrading you can never experience many new features such as Touch ID: iPhone 5s, iCloud, Burst Mode: iPhone 5s, Auto Image Stabilization: iPhone 5s, Video 3x Zoom: iPhone 5s, Panorama: iPhone 4S or later, Square and video formats: iPhone 4 or later, In-camera filters: iPhone 5 or later, Photos app filters: iPhone 4 or later, AirDrop (requires iCloud): iPhone 5 or later, Face Time over cellular: iPhone 4S or later, Maps flyover and turn-by-turn directions: iPhone 4S or later etc.

How to upgrade:

Before upgrading your iPhone device make a backup of your device data to protect your data from data lost scenario. You can create a backup by using iTunes, install the latest version of iTuenes onto your computer system, connect your device and create a backup. You can also create a backup of your device data with the help of Wi-Fi network but for this process you need an iCloud account. Connect your device with the Wi-Fi network and login in to iClaude after login go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, turn on the iCloud Backup toggle, and hit “Back Up Now” button.


Use the latest version of iTunes to upgrade your iPhone device, install it onto computer system and connect your iPhone device to the computer and follow the given steps one by one

Step 1– Check you are using the latest version or any older version of iTunes application. If not then download and install most recent version of iTunes application.


Step 2– Connect your device by using the USB cable code.

Step 3– Run iTunes application and select your device from the displayed device list.

Step 4– Now click on “Check for Update” button that come into view in the summary pane.

Step 5– Download and install the available updates of your iPhone device.

Step 6– After finishing the updating process disconnects your iPhone device.

How to Upgrade and Create Backup of iPhone to iOS 7 ?

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