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There are number of users around the globe looking for solution to retrieve data from dead iPhone. However, if once your iPhone device has been dead and if you want to recover data from your damaged iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, then iOS data recovery tool can aid you with that purpose.

  • Retrieving lost media files like photos, videos, audios, messages, contacts, memo, call logs, notes, etc.
  • Rescuing safari bookmarks, browsing history, whatsapp chat history and so on.
  • Retrieve 7 types of deleted data directly from iPhone, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display and more.
  • Restore data without need of iTunes backup, even if the device is smashed, crashed or broken.

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Cody, Texas
Dr. Fone is desktop software (with separate versions for Windows and Mac) that works with all iOS devices. It can recover data directly from the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, the iPad 1, and the fourth-generation iPod touch, and it can regain data from an iTunes backup of all other iOS devices, including newer iPads, the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S. Wondershare plans to add device-level recovery for these newer iPhones and iPads in a version to be released later this year.

In today’s generation the craze of iPhone has made unique personality in our youth and in worldwide. By surfing its features and working in its apps we find more comfortable, free and we find that there is no longer need of laptops and PC’s. Like you’ll people I also installed iOS directly on my iPhone4S on Windows PC or Mac after getting updates it was completely downloaded in a few minutes suddenly I found my iPhone4S is switched off automatically. When i try to on it wasn’t switching on. It was totally dead it wasn’t healed by iTunes. I also connected my iPhone4S with charger but it was not giving any response, but my iPhone is fully charged. I thought that I downloaded iOS it could be dead because of that or by any problem. Please help me so that I can easily get undeleted apps and mails in my iPhone4S.

Hey iPhone users don’t worry! Just chill….we know you all are checking out yours iPhone. It is just an article in which we have justified that how to troubleshoot a dead iPhone4S with all retrieve undeleted apps and mails. So, read this article related to your iPhone4S problem and get solution.

Four easiest ways to troubleshoot a dead iPhone4S:-

  • RechargeWhen you see the battery icon with a red line on your phone, it means your iPhone4S will not be able to reboot until will be charged.
    • Plug iPhone4S into high power USB source.
    • If iPhone4S not receiving power to charge that means it is battery power is empty.
    • When you plug in then wait and see that image of battery and charging lines occurs or not.
  • Reboot – To reboot iPhone4S just hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button immediately for at least 10 seconds. The red slider appears and screen will go to dim but don’t worry about that and be sure don’t remove your fingers from these two buttons until Apple logo appears.
  • Reset
    • Click on settings then
    • General  then
    • Reset All Settings
    • Doesn’t need to worry because none of the content or data from iPhone4S will be deleted.
  • Backup and Restore
    • If these all not works follow these steps:-
    • Firstly you need to backup as well as restore your iPhone4S data. Then immediately create updated backup of iTunes after that connect to your PC and then select it when it appears in iTunes devices. After completing backup your iPhone4S click on Restore because it restoreyourall iPhone4S photos and emails completely in a safe location, and no need to worry about your data and settings.

Suppose when the updated backup is not available with you then, in this case better go to third party iPhone data recovery. This is one of the best and easiest software for recovery of undeleted emails efficiently. So, when you will use iPhone Data recovery tool then just go and immediately download iPhone Data Recovery Software for Windows or Mac advanced features.

windows icon For Windows

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup


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Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup

How to Troubleshoot Dead iPhone 4S & Recover Data from It on Windows/Mac?

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