Transfer Voice Memos From iPhone To Computer

If you are wondering how to transfer your recorded voice memos from iPhone to computer then you will surely feel relaxed after knowing that there is one such tool that can help you out in this. And that amazing tool is TunesGo software which is a powerful software to transfer the voice memo from iPhone to computer. In a few simple clicks, it back up all on your external hard drive, PC or another Apple device stuffs safely.

Features Included:

  • Transfer songs, videos, playlist, iTunes, podcasts to & from PC/iTunes.
  • Copy photos and album to and from your PC/iDevices.
  • Load your iDevice with music and video which is well compatible with iTunes.


We generally use iPhone’s Voice Memo app to record interviews, music or any songs. It really works great and provides simple access features. Simply place your iPhone on table and let the Voice Memos do that heavy lifting. It’s obvious that after recording something you don’t want to delete but also don’t want to keep it on your device to take up space. Or sometime you want to move those files onto some other device like on your computer.

You can sync your voice memo with the iTunes so that you can easily keep or remove it from your iPhone. If you are wondering how to transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer then read the below post. Exporting the voice memos is quite simple then you thought. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone to iTunes. And there is nothing more after that, how to import voice memos into iTunes is shown below. Remember that the process is same whether you have Windows PC or a Mac.

How to sync voice memos with iTunes


Step 1: Simply connect your iPhone with your computer.

Step 2: Now open the iTunes on your computer and then choose your device from sidebar.

Step 3: Choose “Music” from tab options present at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Choose “Sync Music” and then choose “Include voice memos.” It will extract your voice memos and load them into iTunes.

Step 5: Hit “Apply” in bottom right corner of iTunes. iTunes will start syncing with your iPhone and will download the voice memos to your computer.

After sync your voice memo to iTunes you can store them on your computer. You can even try s professional software to transfer the voice memo from your iPhone to computer. TunesGo is the powerful software that helps you to manage everything on your iOS device which iTunes cannot do. You can transfer your iOS data and transfer them between your iPhone and PC.

How To Transfer Voice Memos From iPhone To Computer

To transfer the data you first need to connect the devices by the help of USB data cable and after this open the program window.

Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone To Computer

Hit ‘ To iTunes ‘ in the primary window to export all the media from your iOS device to iTunes Library . After this your voice memo, videos, playlists, music etc will be export to iTunes from iOS device. If you want to copy the music from your device to iTunes Library then move to Music window to execute this task.


This is other way to transfer the files from your iPhone. In the media management window, you can easily export the media to iTunes PC. Just click on file which you want to export after click on ‘ Export ‘ button in the menu bar. Now you can transfer the media files to the iTunes library or to your PC or nay other device with as ease.


Note:  If you want to transfer the data you can even click on the ‘Smart Export to iTunes’  directly for transferring the voice memo to your iPhone to iTunes. As the song will be transferred that is not in iTunes Library that avoid the data duplication.

How To Transfer Voice Memos From iPhone To Computer