Transfer  Files  Between  iPhone  and  Mac

Move iPhone, iPad & iPod to/from your Mac & iOS Device with Ease

In order to transfer files, folders and other data between your iOS device and Mac you need a professional Data Transfer Tool. This software is able to transfer video, music, iTunes U etc from your iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer easily.

  • One can easily transfer songs, videos, playlists, iTunes U, Podcasts to & from Your Mac/iTunes.
  • Copy pictures & albums to/from your Mac & iOS Device.
  • Manage contacts by synchronizing with Outlook, Import, export & remove duplicates.


Now many iPhone, iPad or iPod users may realize that the Apple is not as marvelous as it is rumored. At least for one of the critical points as it is iPhone is a one way operating system. With the help of iOS operating system running you can download music, videos and other files from Apple store. But you may run out of memory or insufficient memory of iPhone that may due to loss of data or after upgrade. Hence to transfer the music from transfer music from iPhone to Mac, to transfer photos, music or videos etc from iPhone to Mac becomes impossible. Apart from this the transferring of files from Mac to iPhone is possible but when it comes to transferring of files from iPhone to Mac can be possible only with the help of third party software tool.

To transfer the iPhone from your device to Mac can be possible with the help of MobileGo for Mac software. It is the best all in one iPhone manager rather just a program. It helps you to transfer files between iPhone files just in one click, and cut time spend for transferring if files. It is really very simple to use whether you need to transfer the photo, video, map location or safari link you can just do it with the few taps that can helps you to quickly and easily send your files from iPhone to your Mac.

MobileGo for iOS helps you to transfer videos, songs, iTunes, playlists etc easily. It even helps you to copy albums and photos to your iOS device and to your Mac computer. It even helps you to manage contacts that helps to remove duplicates, import, export and even helps you to synchronize it with Outlook. It even helps you to load your iOS device with the video and music that is incompatible with iTunes. It also lets you transfer all the data from Mac computer & iTunes to your iOS device such as iPhone, iPod, iPad. It helps you to transmit your pictures a and videos from the Photos app, directions (or your current location) from Maps, people’s info cards from Contacts, web addresses from Safari, electronic tickets from Passbook, pages from Notes,  apps that you like from the App Store, radio stations (iTunes Radio), song and video listings from the iTunes app), and so on.

How to transfer data such as Music, Videos, Playlists and more from iPhone to Mac


Step 1: To export the data from your iPhone and Mac you firstly need to connect the device to the USB cable and then open the program window and wait for a moment till the software detects the iPhone and then you will see the primary windows as follow.


Step 2. Transfer files from iPhone to Mac

Then you can choose the desired files from the left side of the list. This will make the file window to appear on the right side. You need to tick on them and click on “Export” to transfer files from iPhone to Mac.


How to Transfer Files from Mac to iPhone

Step 1. Firstly launch the iPhone Transfer for Mac on your Mac
The first thing you need to do is firstly install the program and launch it on Mac. Then you can connect the iPhone to Mac with the help of USB cable.


Step 2. Then you need to move the files from Mac to iPhone
You can also click on one of the wanted files from the left side of the list. And then tick on the files and click on “Add” on the top line. After doing all this you need to click on “Open” to move the files from the Mac to the iPhone.


How to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac?