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Recover your deleted apps from iPhone/iPad

Have you deleted your app to save memory or have you mistakenly removed your app and now you want it back but you don’t how? Take the help of a professional iDevice recovery software. With the help of this recovery tool you can easily recover Application and their related data without any difficulty.

  • Get back any type of lost/missing/deleted apps like watsapp, WeChat and more.
  • Retrieve other types of data like photos, audios, contacts and more.
  • Very easy interface so one can easily operate this app and get back their data.

Try iOS Data Recovery Now

There are many times when you have accidentally deleted up your favorite app while removing unused apps on your iPhone or iPad. Earlier you had the only option either to re-purchase the app again on iTunes or restore it from a backup. But now things have changed a lot since that time. Now, if you delete an app, you don’t have to worry or panic. Apple has made it much easier to restore your deleted app. iCloud, Apple has made app management much simpler and trouble-free.

Now all the apps that you download or purchase for free are kept stored in the cloud in your Apple ID account, so as to allow you to recover when the next time you needed it, that means Re-downloading the app doesn’t cost you anything if you’ve already bought the app. It doesn’t require any iCloud account and you can quickly download it from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.Here you will get all the easy and necessary steps required to recover your deleted app.

How to Restore Accidentally Deleted Apps by Name Search

  1. Open the “App Store” application and use the ‘search’ box to search the name of the app that was deleted like, Angry Birds was deleted, search for ‘Angry Birds’
  2. Locate the matching result through the results carousel, if there are so many matches found then to get the information about the found app tap on it.
  3. Select the cloud download icon to start restore process of the app, if you tap on it then it will start the downloading process again but you may need to confirm the Apple ID login in this process
  1. redownload deleted app

Note: For this you must find the exact name match from the search list.

As many apps store data in iCloud so restoring them through the App Store like this will also usually restore their accompanying data unless it was specifically removed when the app was deleted.

If you failed to restore your deleted app using the iCloud app feature then you can recover your app from iTunes. Or as other option you can go with the iTunes recovery on Windows/Mac.

Steps to restore deleted apps from iTunes on iPhone or iPad:

Step 1: Choose the iTunes Backup File and Scan

When you launch the software iTunes Backup File you will get the list of all the devices that are synced with your Mac’s present copy of iTunes. From the list select the device by clicking it and then click on start scan.

  itunes data recovery1

Step 2: Preview and Select

Here you can easily see the preview of recovered file and then select for the files that you want to recover.

itunes data recovery2

Step 3: Recover file

Now tap the “Recover“option in the menu bar next to the Back button.

windows icon For Windows

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup

mac icon For Mac

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup

How to Restore Deleted Apps on iPhone/iPad on Windows/Mac?

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