Remotely erase stolen or lost iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Learn The Simple Steps To Remotely Wipe Data From iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch When It Was Lost or Stolen!

Lost your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)? Or somebody has stolen your iPhone? In such case users want to delete their important or private information from their iOS as quick as possible, so that their data remain safe.

So, how do you remotely erase data on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch when it was stolen or lost?

Well, you can easily delete entire data from your lost iOS devices if “Find My iPhone” is turned ON.

Let me tell you that deletion of data from stolen or lost iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is necessary in the manner to protect your privacy. This task seems to be impossible but say thanks to the latest technology and great mind of iOS programmers.

Now an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user can erase their data remotely from stolen or lost iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This task is achieved by the help of a brilliant free service provided by the iCloud, this service is known as “Find My iPhone” (or Find My iPad, etc). This service is suitable for the circumstances where a lost iDevice is long gone without chance of recovery; you can delete emails, texts, contacts, apps, or almost everything.

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So, let’s find out the simple steps to remotely erase data from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, if “Find My iPhone” is enabled.

Steps To Remotely Erase Data From Stolen or Lost iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Step 1: For this task you need an iPhone on any iOS device, such as an iPad, or iPod touch. Make sure that iOS device use for this purpose doesn’t have to be yours, you can use your brother’s or friend’s iPhone to track your lost iPad. Simply you need to login to the Find My iPhone app using the same Apple ID and password as the iDevice you are trying to erase.

Step 2: After logging in Find my phone account, you will get the list of all the iOS devices that are linked to your Apple ID. Tap on your device that you are trying to erase to choose it. Now you will be able to locate your device and even get driving directions to it. At this stage, it is highly suggested to put your device in Lost Mode right away.


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Step 3: Click on the “Actions” button and choose “Erase.”

Step 4: Confirm to erase your iPhone (click on the “Erase iPhone…” to confirm)

Step 5: Enter your Apple ID password again and click to Next.


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Step 6: After it you will have to enter a phone number (must be your or your friends) that will come into view on the Lock screen of the iPhone after data has been erased. People who might find your phone can contact you on this phone number. After inserting the phone number and click Next.


Step 7: You can enter a message that will be appeared along with your phone number on the Lock screen of the device. Tap Done after finishing.


Step 8: After it you will see a message verifying that your iPhone is being erased. Tap OK to allow to go.


The iDevice you have selected to delete will now be restored (the entire data contained on it will be erased ).

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Note: If the stolen iDevice is offline at the time of erasing process, obviously it  won’t be erased. It will get erased next time when the device gets online.

Once the erase process gets complete, no one can activate the device, as long as the device is connected to the internet, you will be capable to track its location with Find My iPhone option.


After going through the article, I hope you have got the simple steps that might help you to successfully erase data remotely from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that was stolen or lost.

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How To Remotely Erase Lost or Stolen iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Data?
How To Remotely Erase Lost or Stolen iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Data?
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How To Remotely Erase Lost or Stolen iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Data?
Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch got lost or stolen? Want to erase data from iOS device? Here, follow the easy steps to erase your iOS device data remotely, it will protect your privacy from others.
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