Recover Deleted Data Back Without Backup

Recover deleted/formatted from iPhone effortlessly

If you’re suffering from iPhone data loss and now you are not able to access those files then one and for all solution is to make use of iOS Device Recovery Tool, that’s designed professioanlly to get back all your lost data and help you gain access to it.

Using iOS Data Recovery you can;

  • Retrieve lost media files like photos, videos, audios, etc.
  • Restore messages, contacts, memo, call logs, notes, etc.
  • Rescue saferi bookmarks, browsing history, whatsapp chat history and so on.

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Practical scenario:

Have you lost your data from your iPhone? Your iPhone data is inaccessible for some reason and you want to restore them? You have deleted your data but now you realize that they were important but unfortunately you do not have any back-up to restore from. And thus you are looking for a promising solution to rescue lost data.

User review:

Darlene, Mexico
darleneI thought I had lost my daughters sweet 16 birthday photos and videos forever. This software saved my sanity!! If there was a higher rating, dr fone would certainly be the one to get it from me. And I have never found anything that made me feel that way before. I even went online in search of a coupon code because my funds were so low that I couldn”t afford it and was almost in tears until I found one and got it for half price!! Thank you Wondershare Dr. Fone!!

Actually no notice you will get when you lose your valuable files. That’s why it is always recommended to keep back up of all your personal data in a safe place to prevent you from such data loss situation. But because of the ignorance or due to hectic office schedule most of forget to backup your important data that is very important for you and at the end when some issue arises in your iPhone set then you lose your data. But actually there is nothing to worry about this.

Scenarios In Which You Lose Your Important iPhone Data:

With the release of iphone series, most of the existing as well as new users upgrades their old OS with the latest one to have better experience and features. But the upgrade turned out to be disaster for most of the user because the bug embedded with the new OS. Many users have complained about this and among them data lost is the most common as well as serious issue which is occurring during the update. After upgrade they lose up there business contacts, memorable photos or your favorite music collections and many other stuffs.

Sometimes accidental deletion, system upgrade, factory resetting also results to missing up of your important data on the iPhone device. If it is you first time that you lost your data from this new iPhone set then it is highly advisable to protect your lost/deleted data and stop using it immediately as this will only keep the old data from being overwritten by new one.

It’s not a big issue if you have the proper backup of your iPhone with ITunes or iCloud. Or else it will be disastrous situation for you. And one more thing that you need to remember is that, you can only recover certain amount of data iTunes or iCloud. But do you have any idea that will be the result of this; iTune will overwrite whole of your data with the content that you have saved as backup, which means you can’t be able to recover newly added files that is not in your backup. Now you may be feeling so curious to know how you can recover deleted data on iPhone without any backup.

How To Recover Deleted Data Back Without Backup?

To restore your lost or deleted data back on your iPhone 4/5/6 completely, one of the most reliable way is to make use of effective data recovery program to retrieve the lost data and recover them from iPhone. Luckily there is powerful iPhone Data Recovery software, which is capable of recovering all types of deleted stuffs from iPhone directly and most interesting thing you don’t need any backup for it.

This iPhone data recovery software also enable you to recover data from iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 5S,  iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, or iPhone 3GS without any iTunes backup files.

Steps to restore lost iPhone data:

Step 1: First connect your iPhone to your computer and then run iOS Data recovery software

When your device gets connected then you will see the below mentioned window:


Step 2: Scan your iPhone so to find the lost calendar

After your iPhone is recognized and connected successfully; hit on start button so that scanning process begins to restore the lost calendar. It can take few minutes so wait for that time.


Step 3: At last, preview and then restore the lost data from iPhone

At last when the scanning is finished, the calendar that is found on your iPhone will be displayed. After that hit on calendar and press on the recover button so that you can save them on your computer.


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How To Recover Lost Data From Iphone Without Backup on Windows/Mac