Restore lost data on iPad with any difficulty

Number of reasons could be responsible for you to loose your valuable data such as turning of your device improperly, virus attack, physical damage, software malfunction, accidental deletion etc. But do not be worried because it is not that hard with iOS Device Recovery Tool to get back your data from iPad.

  • Supports recovery of almost all models of Apple devices, like popular iPhone 6 series, iPhone 5 series,  iPod, iPad, Touch even latest iPhone SE.
  • All Files Supported: Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, iMessages, Music, Call History, Notes, Calendar, Voice Memos, Recover Reminders, Safari Bookmarks.
  • Recovers iMessages, Safari bookmarks, etc from iOS device even without backup.

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You might have faced the situation where you have lost the data from your iPad. Losing data from ipad is not weird, quite often we lose data. IPad is mostly used for saving data like MP3, photos, videos, audios and documents, so that we can carry and enjoy it anytime wherever we go.

But sometimes you feel that iPad is not excellent media storage and we often lose data from it through various ways. For example -you select couples of useless music files to delete it, but by mistake you select delete all option, or while watching videos, it gets clicked on delete button and this way you lose data from iPad.

Reasons for Data loss:

There might be number of reason where you could lose data from your iPad such as:

  •  Intentionally or accidently data deleted by you,
  •  Malfunction of operating system,
  •  Virus attack,
  • Got iPad broken and repairs asking to erase all data on iPad,
  • iOS upgrading caused data loss,
  •  Mistakenly resets your iPad through restore settings and much more.

Now question arise that- Is there any possible way to get those lost data back?

How to recover data from iPad?

Yes, there are two ways by which you can recover your lost data from iPad device:

First through iTunes backup; because iTunes create the backup file automatically when you sync your iPad with it.

Second way to recover lost data back is through the iOS device recovery tool for Windows/Mac. With help of this tool one can recover the lost/ deleted/ corrupted data from iPad. It recovers photos, music files, videos, documents, contacts, calendar notes, etc no matter whether you have iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini or iPad air. This tool is user friendly, simple and easy to use, just connect your device with computer, scan it, preview files and recover it. One can recover all lost data at a time or recover them one by one.  If you do not have iTunes backup then you must download this tool to get your lost data easily from your iPad.

windows icon For Windows

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup


mac icon For Mac

Recover data from iDevice
Recover data from iTunes Backup
Recover data from iCloud Backup
How to Recover Lost Data from iPad 4/3/2/mini/Air on Windows/Mac?

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