Permanently remove your data from iDevice for your safety

Have you bought a new device to replace the old one like iPhone, iPod or iPad just because it has cross the date or has become old after using for many years or maybe you want to give it to your family members or friends or relatives or either you want to sell it?

Well, whatever the reason is just ensure that no personal information is left hidden before you handover you phone to someone else. And using iOS Safe Eraser you can accomplish this task very easily.

  • Permanently delete iDevice contacts, messages, media files, chat history, browsing data, etc.
  • Remove your iPhone invalid files, cache files, junk files and many more.
  • Erase System Settings, Apps, Keyboard Cache, iTunes DB, iMessage, Apple ID, iCloud ID, Apple Maps, Weather, Stocks, Game Center, Newsstand


It is very common to see many people using iPad or iPhone everywhere nowadays but privacy is the most important part in our daily life which includes social networking, text messaging or some other data.

So when it comes to give your phone to someone then the first thing which strikes is how to erase your data from phone and how to prevent all personal information being leaked?

It does not matter whether you want to reinstall your phone or just want to sell it or give it to someone but the data which you have on your device is important and it needs to be keep safe before you delete it permanently.

Data may includes, photos, videos, files etc. Though whatever solution you going to take but you would never want to leak your personal information and hence you would look for option where you can get a solution to permanently erase all content from your iPhone before selling it.

But before using any third party application to wipe out every data from phone, it needs to backup all content on your phone so that your data can be safe.

Backup and Erase All Data from iPhone, iPad or iPod

There are ways by which you can easily make a backup of your old data from your phone before you erase those data. With the help of iTunes and iCloud backup, you can easily backup all your previous data.

Way 1. Backup via iTunes

  • First connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer through USB cable.
  • After that run iTunes and navigate to the “Device” in the left-hand panel.
  • At last right-click and select “Backup”.

itunes backup


Way 2: Backup via iCloud

With the help of iCloud, you can back up the data from your device automatically but user can also do it manually before deleting the data.

Step 1: Be sure that the device is connected to Wi-Fi network

Step 2: Open the settings

Step 3: Go to iCloud and search for the ‘storage and backup

Step 4: Then turn ‘off’ and ‘on’ and start to backup.

icloud backup


How to delete iOS data permanently from iPhone

After creating backup of all data of your iDevice now you can delete all of your important files according to your need. If you are selling your iDevice then it is recommended to erase all data permanently, as normal deletion of iDevice data could be easily accessed by any other person.

In order to delete iOS data permanently you should use Safe Eraser for iOS which is one of the best data eraser tool for any device like iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. This software is especially programmed to wipe out all data and not be recovered with any other tool.

With the help of this software, you can very easily erase all data like messages, contacts, account info, apps, photos, passwords along with some other personal data and also it ensures that the data which is deleted is not be recoverable by any third party software.

Steps to wipe out data from iPhone/iPod/iPad


First, run Dr.Fone software on your computer and after that you will see the below mentioned image with several options.

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer

Connect your iOS device to your computer and then select “iOS Full Data Eraser”. After that you will get the below mentioned image:

Step 2: Begin to delete all data from your device permanently

When the program identifies your device then you can click “Erase” button to delete data from your device permanently.

Step 3: Wait till the data deletion is complete

After the data deletion starts, nothing to do but only have to wait till the process completes. Make sure the device is connected properly during the entire process.

When the deletion is finished, you will see the window disappearing as follows.

Now your iOS device is completely deleted and it now turns into a new device. There is no data left and you can use it according to your wish.


Conclusion: If you think that with the help of delete all option you can make your data inaccessible for other permanently then you are wrong. As, data can be easily recovered after deleting deletion.

So it is suggested to use a professional iOS device data eraser in order to delete all of your data permanently.

How to Permanently Erase all Data from iPhone, iPad and iPod on Window/Mac
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How to Permanently Erase all Data from iPhone, iPad and iPod on Window/Mac
Want to delete private data from your iPhone or other iDevice then follow this tutorial. Before selling your iDevice you must read this blog first..
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How to Permanently Erase all Data from iPhone, iPad and iPod on Window/Mac

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