Permanently Delete Corrupted Files From iPhone and iPad

Permanently Delete Damaged or Corrupted Media Files From iPhone & iPad!

Summary: You want to delete some files on your iPhone or iPad, but you find that device rejected to delete files. Your iOS device stop working and start to show error message saying the file is corrupted. So, in this post you are going to learn how to permanently clean or deleted corrupted media files from iPhone and iPad.

  • Permanently wipe your iPhone & iPad data like text messages, contacts, videos, photos, apps, account detail, passwords and other data stored on it.
  • Work with iDevices – Jailbroken iPhone/iPad friendly and carrier-locked iOS devices.
  • Deleting data is permanent and it is not recoverable by any means not even by iOS data recovery software.
  • Protect your confidential data safe by wiping your iPhone/iPad data completely.

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Among several smartphones, iOS device is known as one of the top brand and iPad is also one of the selected devices in iOS device which is liked by most people. iPad is used by many people for watching videos and movies because it has bigger screen compared to other smartphones. This is portable and can be used anywhere due to its light weight and small size compared to computer. However while using, sometimes the media files in it may corrupt due to several reasons and it becomes a headache to remove it.

For example just check out the practical user scenario!

Removing corrupt files that didn’t sync properly (‘Other’ space)

iPhone 6 / 128GB / iOS8

Whilst I was setting up my new iPhone, I was transferring my music across (8,000 songs) and I accidentally knocked the USB lead out at around the 6,000 song mark – very frustrating. Therefore the sync stopped abruptly and failed to complete.

I re-synced the next day and all my music transferred successfully (taking up around 46GB in space).

However, iTunes now displays that I have around 35GB of ‘Other’ space on my phone. I’ve searched online and it seems that this space could be the corrupted files from the failed sync the day before. Is that correct? 35GB is a huge amount of space for ‘Other’ and clearly can’t be the usual app data, messages, etc, so this seems to make sense.

Is there a way to remove these presumably corrupted music files to free up that 35GB of space? Reluctant to restore the phone but if it’s the only way then I’ll have to. If I do restore, will it just re-sync those corrupted files and put them back on the phone (or does wiping it fix that issue)?

On another note, transferring my music (8,000 songs) took 12 hours! That doesn’t strike me as normal – should it really take that long? My laptop is fairly new, no real issues with it, and obviously it’s a brand new iPhone so I’m surprised it took that long – and was concerned at leaving my phone plugged in to charge for quite so long two days in a row.

Any help is much appreciated!

– Original Post From Apple Community

Corrupted files are easy to be produced. For example, all the media that we store in our iPhone, either in the form of our top favorite music playlist or a bunch of memorable videos, might vanish away one fine day by turning into numerous unwanted corrupted files. Besides, unplugging iPhone when transferring media files will also create corrupted media files.

Even you try to delete the files but it is not removed from your iOS device and at that time, you don’t know what to do. Your device does not respond and error message starts to pop-up. The reasons are due to the corrupt media files. You may not like these types of intermission and so you would like to remove them immediately so that your device can work perfectly as before. For that, you need to delete the corrupt media files but before that, it is necessary to know the reason behind the corruption of media files on your iOS device.

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If you think that after deleting data from iPhone/iPad all of your data gets deleted permanently then you are wrong, they can still available on your iPhone/iPad and one can easily recover them. So in order to delete all the entire iPad/iPhone data permanently before selling or donating, you need a professional iPhone/iPad Data Eraser tool.

But before that let us know some of the causes that are responsible for the corruption of media files.

Causes of Corrupted Media Files on iPhone or iPad

  • While updating any media files, if there is a sudden power failure then the media files can become corrupt. As for instance, if power fails while copying video files then the video files will become corrupt and it will not play. Therefore if you don’t want such situation then you need to have an alternative power backup so that your media files won’t get corrupt.
  • When your device doesn’t have anti-virus installed or when it is outdated then it is obvious that your device will be infected with harmful virus. The main reason for corruption is virus attack and to avoid such corruption, anti-virus should be installed and it should be updated. When your system crashes then the media files will be corrupted and the function of iPad, iPhone or iPod can be decreased.

The above-mentioned causes can lead your iPad or iPhone media files to become corrupt and so the corrupted files need to be deleted from the device. However, there are some media files which are not deleted even after deleting and some may get recovered after deleting with the help of some software. So, How to delete the iPad or iPhone media files permanently?

Below, find out the solution!

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How To Delete Corrupted Media Files Permanently From iPhone or iPad

When there is no solution of how to remove the corrupt media files and when it is not removed by normal deleting then it is better to use some professional software which can help you to delete all the corrupt media files permanently from your iOS device.

One of such professional software is iOS Full Data Eraser available for both Windows and Mac computer, which is one of the best iOS device software which can permanently delete the media files from iPhone or iPad. It will not let you down and it works very effectively by cleaning each corrupt files. After this, no other software can recover those deleted files and your iPhone or iPad would be safe now and it will work perfect. By this way, your iOS device will function well and there will be more storage in it.

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More Features of iOS Full Data Eraser Software:

  • This software can easily erase files like call history, Safari history, messages, notes, contacts, photos, reminders etc permanently and these deleted files will not be recovered by any other software.
  • The software is 100% risk-free and it is clean and therefore you don’t have to worry about the files.
  • The software completely scans the entire device so that no corrupt files remain on iPad, iPhone or iPod and if it is found then it can remove them immediately.
  • It has high compatibility and therefore the software can very easily delete the corrupt data from any iOS device.
  • There is no need of technical knowledge to use this software and it can be handled by users on its own.
  • Support all models of iPhone and iPad, including iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6 and iPad Pro/The new iPad/iPad Air/iPad mini, etc.

Below find out the steps to clean corrupted media files from iPhone or iPad by using iOS Full Data Eraser software.

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Steps To Permanently Erase Corrupt Media Files From iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Connect your device to the computer

First install and launch iOS Data Eraser software and then select "Erase" option from the available option. Now connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your computer.

Once it recognizes your device, it will display the two options for you such as – Erase Full Data and Erase Private Data. Select "Erase Full Data" in order wipe all data from the device.

Step 2: Start to erase all data from your device completely & permanently

Next click on "Erase" button to start erasing data from your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch completely and permanently.

Since the erased data can't be recovered by any means, hence, it is suggested that you must be very careful that you do not want any data back and then enter "delete" and press on "Erase now" to confirm.

Step 3: Wait till the data deletion is complete

After the data deletion process starts, you don't have to anything, but only have to wait till the process completes. Make sure the device is connected properly during the entire process.

When the data deletion is complete, you will see the following window as shown in the screenshot below.

Now your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is completely deleted and it now turns into a new device. There is no data left on the device and you can use it according to your wish.


If you are using iPhone or iPad and some of the files have been corrupted and you wish to delete all the files completely from your iPhone/iPad then you can easily do it. Yes, with the help of iOS Full Data Eraser tool, you can easily delete all the files from your iPhone/iPad with the above steps.

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