dfu modeWhen we search for iPhone many times we come across the term “DFU Mode”. What exactly it is and what does it do? This blog will help you in understanding what is DFU Mode and how to get out of it if you encounter any problem in your iPhone related to it.

iPhone DFU stands for Device Firm Upgrade. DFU mode is a state which allow your iPhone to be restored from any state, which allow your iPhone to interact with iTunes but it does not load iOS. When your iPhone enter in DFU mode, it can be restored to any state; you can only see white background on the screen which will display recovery mode indicating you to ‘connect with iTunes’ sign.

The common uses of DFU mode is to jailbreak the iPhone and unlocks the sim card. But use of DFU mode sometimes put your iPhone hanged leaving behind with black display and it constantly shows error codes. So, if you are looking how to get out of DFU mode without restoring your iPhone, then you can simply follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  2. Hold down home button and sleep/wake button together at same time.
  3. After few seconds you can see the Apple logo appears and the iPhone will boot.
  4. After boot, your iPhone is out of DFU Mode

How to Get out of DFU Mode without restoring your iPhone?

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