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When we search for iPhone many times we come across the term “DFU Mode”. What exactly it is and what does it do? This blog will help you in understanding what is DFU Mode and how to get out of it if you encounter any problem in your iPhone related to it.

What is DFU?

iPhone DFU stands for Device Firm Upgrade. DFU mode is a state which allows your iPhone to be restored from any state, which allow your iPhone to interact with iTunes but it does not load iOS. When your iPhone enter in DFU mode, it can be restored to any state; you can only see white background on the screen which will display recovery mode indicating you to ‘connect with iTunes’ sign.

However there is nothing to worry when your iDevice gets into DFU mode but the actual problem occurs when your device gets stuck on this mode. And after getting into this mode, it is not easy to get out of it. Read how to get out of iPhone stuck in recovery mode?

However in this blog, you will completely get the guide on how to make your device normal from DFU mode. You will get the best ways to get out of DFU mode from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


What are the uses of DFU mode?

However the common uses of DFU mode is to jailbreak the iPhone and unlocks the SIM card. But use of DFU mode sometimes put your iPhone hanged leaving behind with black display and it constantly shows error codes. So, if you are looking how to get out of DFU mode without restoring your iPhone, then you can simply go through this blog.

Methods to get out of DFU mode

Method 1: Exit DFU Mode on Your iOS Device via iTunes

 Well when your iOS devices enter into DFU mode then you can fix the issue via iTunes. And also this is the first option to fix the issue to get out of the DFU mode.

  1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  2. Hold down home button and sleep/wake button together at same time.
  3. After few seconds you can see the Apple logo appears and the iPhone will boot.
  4. After boot, your iPhone is out of DFU Mode

Method 2: Reboot iOS devices to exit DFU mode

This is another method to fix the issue. In this process, you have hold the HOME and POWER button at the time on connecting to iTunes. Continue this process until you see the Apple Logo on screen. Then Reboot your device with POWER button.

However this step really works for many iOS users and after this, your device will come back to normal state. However many time this steps don’t work and at that time, you need to follow some other alternative methods to fix DFU mode.

Method 3: Get out of DFU Mode by using iOS System Recovery

Though the above two methods are really helpful but many times they don’t work and at that time it really matters a lot on how to get out of DFU mode. Due to this even data gets lost and losing essential information can really irritate.

In this condition, you can use iOS System Recovery which is one of the best ways to get out of DFU mode. Using this tool will help you to get away of the situation easily. Not only it helps to get out DFU mode but also fixes several other errors like Stuck in Apple Logo, black screen, iPhone stuck on recovery mode etc without losing any important data.

Steps to get out of DFU mode

Step 1: Select the Repair iOS System feature

Select “iOS System Recovery” from Dr.Fone main window and after that connect your device with your computervia USB cable. When it detects then hit on ‘Start’ button to continue.

Step 2: Download and Choose Firmware

Now you have you first download the firmware on your device which Dr.Fone automatically search for the latest versions. Hit on ‘Download’ option and then wait.

Step 3: Repair your iOS to its normal position

After download is completed, it will automatically begin to repair the device so that the device can come back to its normal level. In Few minutes, it will indicate that device is restarting to its normal mode. This complete process only takes 10 minutes to repair.



Many iPhone users face such problem on their iOS devices and this is really a frustrating one. However after following this blog completely, it will help you to get out of DFU mode without any problem. These steps will surely help you to deal the situation and hence, you will get out of DFU mode.

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How to Get out of DFU Mode without restoring your iPhone?
Article Name
How to Get out of DFU Mode without restoring your iPhone?
Get out of DFU mode without restoring your iPhone , apply the below given method to do this task.
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How to Get out of DFU Mode without restoring your iPhone?