imagesEvery person hopes need not ever require this blog, but if you do, it means you must have lost your iPhone or somebody has stolen it. Lots of phone gets stolen or lost every day and you can do nothing much about it, unless you get option to locate and find it and get it back from the executor. However the iPhone manufacturers are finding ways for holder to locate/track and have control over their phone if they ever get lost or stolen. Towards this step Apple’s Find my iPhone is the best application to track down the iPhone.

Find my iPhone comes free along with every iOS device, which allow users to locate and find their lost or stolen iPhone. This service from Apple works when the phone is on and it has a signal, if the person who has stolen your iPhone is smart enough and switched off it then there is no possibility of tracking down the iPhone. But with use of Find my iPhone there is hope which will help you to find your lost iPhone.


Here is the complete guidance on how to use Find My iPhone:

  • Before you use find my iPhone services, you have to install and enables find my iPhone on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You have to set up this application before your iPhone gets lost or stolen. Find my iPhone does not come pre-installed with your iOS device, for installing you have to open App store on your iphone and from there you can install Find my iPhone which is absolutely free.
  • The application works on Apple’s iCloud service which is used as backup of your data and sync files between the iOS device. Find my iPhone is included in this category. You can install Find my iPhone app on another iOS device to track you’re lost iphone from it (Note: it is optional you can also track it through computer using internet facility). Log in to account, the account which you have used while setting up Find my iPhone apps on your lost iOS device. This generally Apple ID or iTunes Account.
  • As and when you log in, the apps begin and trying to track and locate down your lost device. If the device is on it will show you the current location, and if the device is off it will show the last tracked location. And again when the device gets on, the map will show the latest updates. Green dot will appear if app locates your device it will zoom out the location and you can view it in the map similarly as you view in Google map. If you believe that your iPhone device is on move then refresh/reload the web screen to get the live location of the device.
  • When find my iphone find your device a windows message will be displayed on green dots which will provide more option for you to have control on your lost device. Option such as Play sound, you can use this service when you think you have kept your device in office or home but your are not able to find it. When you know where your device is and somebody want to play hide and seek or he/she is playing fool with you then use Play Sound option.
  • There is another option lost mode; with this service you can lock your lost device remotely. It allows you to set a 4-digit password on screen’s device which will not allow thief to access your device and personal data. To activate this services click the lost mode button and enter 4-digit password and then click done and your lost iDevice will be inaccessible to the thief.
  • For better security, if you really do not want your personal data to get in wrong hand then you can use erase option. This service will delete all data from the device, including iCloud log in details, it means that you will not able to use Find my iPhone service to locate your lost iPhone. So, it is recommended not to use this option until and unless you think there is no hope of getting back your lost device. But if you get the lost iPhone back then you can recover the data from iCloud account.
  • If you have more than one iDevice. Configure find my iPhone and always use same account on all of your iOS devices, this will help you to find the location of each iOS device. To know details click on Devices menu to see all the devices accessible to be found.

How to find lost stolen iPhone?

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