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Permanently Remove Spotlight Search History from iPhone

Normal deletion of Spotlight search histories may still recoverable, so it is recommended to delete Spotlight search data permanently. You can do this task with the help of  professional iOS Spotlight history Removal Tool. Data deleted with the help of this software will never be recoverable so this tool will help you in protecting your private searched information.

  • Along with spotlight search it also able to permanently remove other data like text messages, contacts, videos, photos, apps, account detail, passwords and other data stored on the device.
  • Mil-spec DOD 5220 – 22 M for deleting data permanently
  • Compatible with iDevices – Jailbroken iPhone and carrier-locked iOS devices.

Spotlight Search is used to find out anything that is stored on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It includes music, apps, notes, contacts, movies and podcasts. Therefore with the help of useful tool like Spotlight search, one can very easily find out all any data and hence known as one of the best way. But Spotlight has one of the unwanted features which many users don’t like and that it stores everything about your search history. This can bad for you if you don’t want anybody to see the information that is on your phone and you have to hide all those.


When you don’t want to share your search history with any other guy then you need to remove the particular Spotlight items from phone. But this search history sometimes helps while searching anything. You don’t have to type the whole word but by typing only first few letters can open the entire page. But when there are lots of messages saved in your spotlight then you don’t get actually what you want and therefore you delete them. While using spotlight on iPhone, it shows the same result every time like text messages which you have deleted before.

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How to Delete and Erase Data from iPhone permanently on Mac/Windows

Though you say that you have deleted the messages but when searching in spotlight, it is seen there. text messages which you have deleted before. Though you say that you have deleted the messages but when searching in spotlight, it is seen there. So what after deleting those messages; Have you ever thought that the messages are deleted or not permanently from your phone? How to clear those entire Spotlight Search from iPhone?

Steps to clear Spotlight Search from iPhone

Step 1: First press the power button and wait for the device to boot and show the lock screen. After that move the slider from left to right to unlock the device.


Step 2: Move to iPhone’s settings that has control panel

Step 3: Now go to general section and click on ‘spotlight search’. Here you can select the items which you want to remove

Step 4: Now from the search list, tap the item to check and uncheck. When you click the unchecked item then it will checked and vice versa. But if you want to disable spotlight search completely then uncheck every item from search list.

Step 5: At last press home button when it is finished.

When all the above steps don’t work and your history still present in the phone or you want to delete more searches then what to do?

How to delete Spotlight search history permanently

When anything does not work and those men who don’t know how to handle smartphone nicely for them it is better to use some professional software to delete the spotlight search history. Here the use of iOS Full Data Eraser on Windows/Mac will work as this is one of the best software. This  tool is well efficient to completely delete the entire spotlight searches from iPhone easily.

Using this software will never let you down and it effectively cleans out every history or messages from spotlight search. After using this software, your spotlight search would be safe, and there will no problem in using your iPhone, iPod or iPad without worrying about your data being scattered around. And your private data will be perfectly protected.


Guide to Delete Spotlight Search History from iPhone easily

Method 1: Clean Unwanted Data On Your iPhone

First of all you need to clean some useless data on your iPhone, so that will not appear at your spotlight search history. Maybe even after deleting them, they will appear at your history list. You can’t anything for this, but after operating the next step, you can successfully delete them from iPhone permanently. Here we are considering call history.

First go to the phone app icon where you will get edit button. Hit on the edit button and it will open on new window. After that you will get the ‘clear’ option where you have to press the option just to delete the call logs.

In fact if you want to delete some particular call history then you can click on read circle just before each call to delete one by one. This is the first step to wipe out your call history but it will not delete it permanently. Just follow the next step to get rid of permanently.


Method 2: Use iOS Private Data Eraser to permanently delete photos/videos

First, run Dr.Fone software on your computer and after that you will see the below mentioned image with several options.

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer

Connect your iOS device to your computer and then select “iOS Full Data Eraser”. After that you will get the below mentioned image:

Step 2: Begin to delete all data from your device permanently

When the program identifies your device then you can click “Erase” button to delete data from your device permanently.

Step 3: Wait till the data deletion is complete

After the data deletion starts, nothing to do but only have to wait till the process completes. Make sure the device is connected properly during the entire process.

When the deletion is finished, you will see the window disappearing as follows.

Now your iOS device is completely deleted and it now turns into a new device. There is no data left and you can use it according to your wish.



If you want to delete data such as text message from spotlight search result, it is recommended to erase the keyboard cache and some old data information that you don’t need any more. By doing this, you will find the results come from spotlight search will be new one.

How to Delete Spotlight Search History Permanently from iPhone on Windows/Mac
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How to Delete Spotlight Search History Permanently from iPhone on Windows/Mac
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How to Delete Spotlight Search History Permanently from iPhone on Windows/Mac