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Clear App Cookies on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

App cookies of iPhone, iPad or iPod become large and increase the burden over the iOS device; this can make your iOS device slow by occupying memory. So it is recommended to use professional iOS Device Cleaner software, via this application you can easily clean all types of app’s cookies and other junk file and improve your iPhone, iPad or iPod performance.

  • Protect your confidential data safe, permanently wipe all the data.
  • Permanently Clear ‘Already Deleted Files’
  • Free up iOS device’s space by removing your phone from invalid files, cache files and many





Wondershare Dr.Fone Safe Eraser is a desktop app for Windows PCs and Mac. Just install it, then launch the program and connect your iOS device to your computer. From there, you can delete photos, text messages, videos, contacts and more with ease.

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Have you ever noticed your phone is working slow or not working properly? Or have you ever tried to know why your phone’s performance is becoming slow or may sometimes you get harmful content while browsing? Cookies are those data which are stored on device which helps to manage the apps state along with their connection with server. These cookies generally store the information of your personal data, login details along with other data.


You should know that lots of cookies get generated while surfing internet on your phone and all these histories get recorded on your iPhone and next time when you browse your phone then it will give notification every time. In fact you should also know that the cookies are much responsible for all the unexpected situations which your phone seems to be. Though these cookies are important to clear out from your iPhone so that your device can speed up, therefore necessary steps should be taken to wipe out app cookies from your phone.

Clearing cookies from your iPhone has many advantages as below:

When clearing the iPhone cookies, lots of space will get free from phone and it will also increase the performance of your phone. If you browse a lot then lots of data will be stored in the device and these recorded files will always decrease the performance of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Moreover after clearing the cookies, it improves the privacy of your device as with this improvement, nobody can track the browsing history after clearing the data.

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How to delete app cookies from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Although it is very important to delete the app cookies from your device because deleting the cookies can really increase the performance of your device as well as there will be more privacy and your device will be secure. However to clean the app cookies on iPhone, you need a professional tool which can help you to clear out the cookies from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

With the help of iOS Full Data Eraser on Windows/Mac, you can easily clean or delete the app cookies from your device. This is one of the best data clear software which can wipe out all data from your device. It not only delete cookies but also deletes some other data like cache, junk files, temp files etc with some other data which is not recoverable with any other software. This software is 100% safe and therefore there is nothing to worry about your personal data will be leaked after using this software.


Steps to clear app cookies from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch on Windows/Mac

First, run Dr.Fone software on your computer and after that you will see the below mentioned image with several options.

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer

Connect your iOS device to your computer and then select “iOS Full Data Eraser”. After that you will get the below mentioned image:

Step 2: Begin to delete all data from your device permanently

When the program identifies your device then you can click “Erase” button to delete data from your device permanently.

Step 3: Wait till the data deletion is complete

After the data deletion starts, nothing to do but only have to wait till the process completes. Make sure the device is connected properly during the entire process.

When the deletion is finished, you will see the window disappearing as follows.

Now your iOS device is completely deleted and it now turns into a new device. There is no data left and you can use it according to your wish.



From the above mentioned post you must have got the clear idea on how to delete App Cookies on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  So, follow the steps to do this carefully and attentively otherwise you may end up to lose your important data also.

How To Clear App Cookies On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch On Windows/Mac
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How To Clear App Cookies On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch On Windows/Mac
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How To Clear App Cookies On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch On Windows/Mac

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