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Have you lost your iPhone? And with that lost some important notes on your iPhone and worried about getting it back? Or you want to know if it is possible to retrieve those notes back without your iPhone?

You will be happy to know that yes, it’s possible to recover the lost notes from iTunes backup without iPhone. You can get your data back as long as you have an iTunes backup for those lost notes. For extracting notes from iTunes backup you need an iOS data recovery tool. These iOS data recovery tools not only recovers deleted data like notes, contacts, and messages from your iPhone but also retrieve and restore lost data from your iTunes backup.

So, this article helps you to get your lost notes back even without your iPhone with the help of iTunes backup. The steps involved to fix this problem are quite easy and can be performed by any non technical person. You just need to use iTunes data recovery software and follow the steps. iTunes data recovery software recovers lost or deleted notes, messages, contacts, photos etc from iTunes backup.

Below shown are the steps involved for processing the same:

Step 1: Choose and scan your iTunes backup

When you launch the data recovery software, you will be availed with a list of all the devices that are synced with your operating systems current copy of iTunes. You can choose the device from list and then click on start screen.

itunes backup1

Step 2: preview and select

You will get an interface as shown below where you can get the preview of the restored files from your iPhone device and select the notes you want to recover from your device.

itunes backup2

Step 3: Recover file

Click on the recover button on the menu bar next to back button.

And now you have successfully recovered the lost notes from your iTunes backup without iPhone.

How Can I Extract Notes From An iTunes Backup Without iPhone?
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