fix iPhone Touch ID not working

Are you an iPhone user facing problem on your Touch ID?

Looking for a solution to fix iPhone’s touch ID issue?

If yes then you are not alone in this problem. Many iPhone users have come across the situation and they failed to solve the problem.

Well, you already know that it’s quite a time that iOS 10 and iOS 10.1/10.2/10.3 has released. This update is already installed by many iOS users. It has come up with many advanced and improved features that can give user a better experience on their iOS devices. However in this, one of the changes has done and that is the removal of Swipe to unlock option.

Because of this removal, many iPhone users have to face lots of problem. They have to press home button to unlock their devices. In fact many have reported that they don’t have any idea of how to activate Touch ID after iOS 10 update and also some users Touch ID is not working. So here in this blog, we will discuss about how to fix iPhone Touch ID not working issue.

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Practical Scenario

Unfortunately, Touch ID is not working on my iPhone 7/7 Plus. What could be the reason behind the ill-functioning of the fingerprint identity sensor and how I can fix it?


About iPhone Touch ID

iPhone’s Touch ID is one of the best way to secure your phone from others and also is used to make purchases in App store or iTunes store. However, this feature is available in iPhone 5S and its later version along with iPad Mini 3/ 4 with iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.

However it works like magic and because of its effectiveness, everyone want it to work anywhere. But when it does not works or stops working then you may get irritated as this is the only way to secure your device. One of the most irritating situations occurs when you don’t get any way why they are failing?

In fact you also cannot figure out the actual problem because from outside, it does not show you anything. Many times it will work and many times it will not. So this is really a trouble condition which should be repaired immediately.

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How iOS Devices Touch ID works

This is very important to know how your iPhone’s Touch ID works. In iOS devices, a capacitive ring is around the Touch ID sensor whereas in MacBook pro, the touch ID sensor is capacitive entirely. When you touch the ID then immediately the sensor identifies the finger which produces a high resolution image capture. The image captured is converted into mathematical representation which after is sent to hardware channel to secure enclave.

Now here if the representation is matched with the stored enclave then a ‘yes’ token occurs and you can successfully authenticate it. But if not matched then ‘no’ token occurs and you cannot access your device. So it works like this by recognizing the finger that is scanned by Touch ID. And also it adds extra details to representation so that it can give users a better and faster experience.

Common iPhone Touch ID problems

However after that update of iOS 10 or later versions, many users have come across the Touch ID problem. Some of the common issues which they have faced are:

  • Unable to activate Touch ID on phone
  • Using third party apps stop working Touch ID
  • Unable to complete Touch ID setup
  • After screen replacement, Touch ID does not work

How to fix iPhone Touch ID not working on iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/SE/6/5s

Well here you are guided with few manual steps which can help you to come out the difficult situation you are facing. Hopefully all these steps are very much effective and one can apply these to get out of iPhone Touch ID not working issue.

Clean your iPhone’s Home button

One of the very important and the first thing which you can do to fix iPhone Touch ID not working issue is by cleaning the touch ID sensor if it contains any kind of sweat or dirt. Take a smooth cloth and clean the home button and after that try to use the Touch ID with dry finger.

Can add more fingerprints

Your iPhone’s Touch ID is made to identify up to five different fingers. Therefore you have the option to add more fingerprints which can work when your iPhone stops identifying any of your fingerprints. Important to note is when you add new fingerprint then be sure to rest your finger properly on Home button.

Simple trick a fix iPhone Touch ID not working on iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/SE/6/5s


Well, a simple trick can help you to handle the situation. However this trick has provided effective result for many iPhone users so you can also use it.

  • First go to settings > Touch ID & passcode and enter the passcode
  • Now switch off iPhone Unlock and iTunes & App store
  • Here, reboot your device by pressing wake/sleep button with home button
  • Now again go back to settings > Touch ID & passcode. Here enter the passcode and turn on iPhone Unlock and iTunes & App store
  • At last, to add another fingerprint, click on Add a Fingerprint option.

Remove and re-add again your Touch ID fingerprints

When your registered fingerprints don’t work then best option is to delete it and again re-add it by following the steps below:

  • First go to settings and go down, click on Touch ID & passcode. After that enter the passcode when you are prompted
  • Then go from right to left to delete any fingerprints
  • At last, click on “Add Fingerprint” and as instructed, follow them step by step to set up new fingerprint

Update your iOS

One of the best and last options left with you is updating your iOS version. When nothing goes on way then trying this last method can really help you. Just update your iOS and see if Apple has solved the problem.

Well, all these are the best ways to deal with the iPhone Touch ID Not working issue. However in few cases, users may lose their essential data from their device and they don’t get any way to get back those data. In this situation, you can get best way to recover them by using iOS Device Data Recovery software.

This works by retrieving all lost or deleted data from your iOS devices. It can rescue all lost data like contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history, notes etc from iPhone as it has powerful scanning algorithm that deeply scans the entire device and find out the lost data.


The above mentioned blog provides you the best way to handle the situation when you come across iPhone Touch ID not working issue. These ways have already worked for several iOS users. So you can now better deal with such situations in future. If you have any questions on your mind then you can ASK HERE.

iPhone Touch ID Not Working After iOS 10.3 Update- Complete Guide to Fix It
iPhone Touch ID Not Working After iOS 10.3 Update- Complete Guide to Fix It
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iPhone Touch ID Not Working After iOS 10.3 Update- Complete Guide to Fix It
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