fix iPhone 7/ 7 Plus overheating and battery draining problem

Nowadays everyone wants to have an Apple iPhone because this is one of the best Smartphone in the world.  It does not matter whatever iOS version it have, it sounds classy always. iPhone 7/ 7 Plus is the latest edition of Apple phone.

But have you ever come across any problem on your iPhone 7/7 plus? Such as battery draining issues or overheating problem?

You might don’t have faced such problem but this problem can really make your iPhone completely damage. And this problem is not only for you but several iPhone 7 users have faced the situation. So what to do to get rid of such problem? This blog will guide you completely on how to fix iPhone 7/ 7 Plus overheating and battery draining problem.

Practical scenario

“I charge my red iPhone 7 while having the alarm on I don’t know if that’s making my phone overheating I also use an 12w adapter from apple to charge my phone faster but even whit a normal adapter still gets hot, it charges my iPhone but after an hour or less of not using it from being on 100% of battery it drops to 80%.”                                                                                                                                                                                              – Apple Community

Why iPhone 7/ 7 Plus gets hot?

Phone is used for several reasons starting from calling to text messages along with playing games. This is one of the common reasons for your iPhone to get hot. Especially playing heavy games or watching high quality videos can drain your battery as well as your phone gets hotter. Even the surrounding temperature can be the reason for your hot iPhone.

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Factors Responsible for overheating or draining of iPhone 7/ 7 Plus

There are various reasons which can make your iPhone gets hotter and also battery will drain fast. So let us know some of the common reasons:

Due to no signal or service– When your device don’t have any network then it searches for it. This is the reason for your battery drainage and also overheating problem. But if the device is switched on Airplane mode then this problem can be resolved.

Large amount of downloads– Many times you start to download big files. They are large in size so they take more time to finish. This is common thing that large files take time to complete the process and this is also one of the reasons for your battery drainage and overheating problem.

Excessive usage of iPhone– Many users use their device for longer time continuously. Doing this have a chance to overload the processor. This can also heat up your device and batter will also get over.

While software update– While updating the latest version of iOS, your phone gets hot due to several bugs that contains in the software. In fact many iPhone 7 users already have reported that their device gets hot after upgrading their device to latest iOS version iOS 10. Know more about iOS 10 here.

Due to third party apps– Installing third party apps on your device can also make your device overheat. Because of setting issue or a bug on software, this situation may arise. However the app you have installed may be the culprit and the solution is to remove the app ASAP. Even you can take help from app developer and also ask them how to handle the situation if any further problem arises in future.

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How to fix iPhone 7/ 7 Plus overheating and battery draining problem

It becomes very important for every iPhone users who face such problem to fix the situation immediately. Otherwise it can lead to other issues on the device. So some of the best solution to fix iPhone 7 / 7 Plus overheating and battery draining problem are mentioned.

Shut down your iPhone– If your phones getting hot then immediately take action on it. Don’t stop and think why it’s getting hot but that is the time to take action. Immediately switch off your device by pressing power button until red slider appears. Just wait for some minutes and again switch it on after few seconds.

Reset your iPhone settings– many times it happens that you have made some changes in settings and your phone gets hotter. This is because the changes you have made should not be supposed to turn on and might have messed up with the processor of iPhone. So its better to do a reset of your iPhone settings. To do resetting of your device, follow the process:

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings
  • Then enter your passcode
  • Click on reset all settings
  • Finally your iPhone will restart and reset all settings

Switch off your personal Hotspot– Many times you share your internet connection with your friends using iPhone personal Hotspot. This can also heat up your device as well as battery downs. So it is instructed to switch of this feature to make your device work properly.

To turn off the feature go to Settings > Personal Hotspot. Now here you have to click on the box next to ‘personal hotspot’ till color changes to gray.

Avoid any kind of heat– Avoid keeping your iPhone on any heat place like on car dashboard where sunlight comes directly. If phone is placed there then remove it from there and keep on cool place. Even sometimes due to hot weather, your phone gets hot. Therefore take care your device and avoid any kind of heat.

Check your iPhone’s battery– Facing iPhone overheating problem then it might be due to battery issue. Even battery drainage is also because of battery problem. So be sure that your iPhone’s battery is in good condition. No matter your device is new but many times battery problem occurs in new devices as well. If problem is in battery then change the battery.

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Switch off location services– many iPhone users use the location feature to find the exact location. Even it is helpful in finding nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. However it uses GPS to find the location and is continuously used. This way the phone gets hot and also battery draw off.

So it’s better to turn off this feature by going to Settings > Privacy > Location services.

Disable Bluetooth option– May be you don’t know but enabling Bluetooth feature can also heat up your device. So when there is no use of Bluetooth then disable it. It can stop your device to heat up and also your battery will last for longer. To disable it, go to control center, then swipe up and click on Bluetooth icon to stop it.

Stop playing lengthy games– Stop playing such games which are lengthy especially such games which are graphics intensive. Such type of games can overload the processor immediately; hence your phone gets hotter and also affects your battery.

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Problem can occur to your iPhone 7/ 7 Plus anytime and especially overheating and battery drainage are the common issues to occur. But following the above guide will help you deal with such situations completely and you will avoid any kind of problem on your iPhone. If you have questions on your mind then don’t forget to ASK HERE.

Fix iPhone 7/ 7 Plus Overheating and Battery Draining Problem with Simple Guide!
Fix iPhone 7/ 7 Plus Overheating and Battery Draining Problem with Simple Guide!
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Fix iPhone 7/ 7 Plus Overheating and Battery Draining Problem with Simple Guide!
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