iOS 10 Fast Battery Draining issueDoes your iPhone’s battery life is draining faster after upgrading to iOS 10? If your answer is YES then you are not alone as there are many idevice users are suffering from bad battery life. But now you don’t have to worry about this issue, in this blog you will read the several methods and tricks to boost iPhone battery life. With the help of below given steps you can easily make your iOS 10 device battery backup good, and one more thing: all the below described process doesn’t need any professional experience to execute them.

First of all you need to make sure that whether or not you’re using your iPhone in a different way so that the battery is discharging fast. If you are using your iDeivce as usually and battery gets discharged then there is an issue on your iDevice, don’t worry it is quite simple to fix. You can also wait for software updates that will address battery drain issue, but still there is not any update available that fix the battery draining bugs in iOS. In this blog, you will get the ideas about how to potentially fix bad iOS 10 battery life on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

How to verify where you’ve been using your iPhone or iPad Battery?

You can easily check how long you’ve been using your iPhone or iPad from the time you was last charged the device, this will help you to get some idea about your usage of battery life. Simply, navigate to the “Settings” -> “Battery” and scroll down to see “Time since Last Full Charge” here you can see the usage and standby times. This will gives you an idea about the battery draining.

Recognize battery hogs

Form the battery usage you will get the information about what app and service is consuming how much battery. If you found any app using a high percentage of battery then it doesn’t means that it is a battery hog. It could be because this app is used by the user for long time (or it was active in the background).

But you have to find an app or service that appears up on top of power consumption list however you haven’t been using them. You will also get the information that what activity that could have in battery use.

What to do next?

After finding an app that is draining battery life on your device, apply the below given things in order to boost your iPhone’s battery life (given tips are also suitable for any third party app):

  • If the culprit app is not necessary for you then immediately uninstall or delete them.
  • But in iOS 10 you can’t remove the apps completely and so that some apps start executing in the background to get content off the network. So you need to force close apps like VoIP, navigation and streaming audio apps if they are not necessary for you and a known battery life killer. It is recommended that you should only close apps that you don’t want to use as it is not good practice to force close all apps, as that could have an unfavorable impact on battery life. In order to remove the apps from your iOS 10 device you must read: Complete Guide to Remove built-in Apple apps from the Home screen on your iOS 10 Device

Some Effective Tips to Fix iOS 10 Fast Battery Draining issue

Tip 1: Turn off your iDevice and plug it

This is one of the common but effective trick, this will help battery life. So turn off the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. After turning off the device connect it to the charger and allow them to completely charge. Through this step your battery backup will become normal.

Tip 2: Always apply the Battery Life Advice in Battery Settings

In the latest version of iOS operating system i.e. iOS 10 you can specifically suggest the battery saving suggestions in order to extend battery life.

  • Open Settings > Battery > look for “Battery Life Suggestions

Here you will get what is offered for your device, after it follows the advice.

Tip 3: Turn off the Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is very powerful feature but it needs lots of battery power to allowing apps to run their activity in the background. So that, by turning off the Background App Refresh feature can boost the battery life.

  • Navigate to the Settings and go to “General”, select “Background App Refresh” and set the top switch to the OFF position to turn off the feature

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Tip 4: Apply Reduce Motion

By decreasing the amount of visual effects in iOS device you can boost the battery life little bit.

  • Open Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > ON

Note: Turing on the reduce motion will affect the iMessage, it gets unable to work. So if you are agree to compromise about the fancy message lasers, slams, and confetti type effects then you can turn it on.

Tip 5: Turn off Location Services if You Don’t Need or Use

Location services and GPS feature can affect the battery backup very hardly, as these features are always in the running state. So it is recommended to disable some of the location features in order to make battery backup last longer.

  • Go to the Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  • Modify settings appropriate for your usage, setting to “Never” or “While Using” as required per app and feature

Tip 6: Backup and Restore you iDevice

If you are irritated with the bad battery life of your iPhone, iPad or iPod then you need to apply some effective trick in order to prolong the battery life of your iOS 10 device.

First of all you need to create a complete backup of your iDevice to iTunes or iCloud, and after it restore the device to that recently created backup. This process is little lengthy but if oyu want to boost iOS device battery life then you have to do this.

Tip 7: Push Email

Push email feature is one of the main culprit of low battery life in iOS, in order to find if your email is Push or Fetch, run the Settings app, and go to mails, Contacts and Calendars > Fetch New Data. Now verify that the email account has been set as Push, Fetch or Manual.

In Push email your device displays an instant notification when your account receives a new email, whereas Fetch will take 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly or sometime when user run the Mail app.

So if you don’t want instant notification from your email service then disable Push email temporarily for your email accounts.


Tip 8: Verify Cell Signal

This step is for those who are living or working in an area that has poor or out of LTE coverage, Or your cell partner doesn’t offer you LTE coverage. If you are one of them then you should switch to 3G in order to protect the LTE radio from draining battery life without need.

How to switch to 3G? Open Settings -> General -> Cellular/Mobile -> Enable LTE/Enable 4G and tap on the Off option.

Tip 9: Disable Dynamic Wallpapers

Dynamic wallpapers or animated wallpapers are very attractive but unfortunately, the animations can consume lots of CPU cycles and more battery. So if you want to enhance battery life of your iPhone then set dynamic wallpaper.

Open SettingsWallpaper > select Wallpaper either from photo library as your wallpaper.

Tip 10: Turn off App Store’s Automatic Updates

App Store is able to automatic installs app updates in the background which consume more power, so if you are not too serious about updating all your apps then you must turn this off.

Open Settings > iTunes and App Store > scroll down to the Automatic Downloads section and turn off the “Updates” switch.

Here you can also prevent your device from using cellular data for automatic downloads and iTunes Match streaming.

Tip 11: Turn off unwanted indexing in Spotlight search

Spotlight feature searches various kinds of contents like Apps, Contacts, Music, Podcasts, Mails, Events and more, but majority of users are using it only for contacts, applications, and music. So disable the type of content you don’t want to search.

Open Settings > General > Spotlight Search.

Conclusion: All the above given 11 tips to boost battery draining issue will fix low battery backup after updating to iOS 10. These tips are very effective and easy to apply, via these you can make your iDevice battery life last longer.

How to Fix Bad Battery Backup in iOS 10 : Make iOS 10 Battery Life Last Longer