Copy iPhone Notes to PC/Mac

iPhone note is really helpful to note down any important task like business related or shopping related or any other. But what to do when you want to transfer your iPhone notes to PC or Mac? Do you have any idea about it? Let us read further to know everything about it.

It is already known that iTunes never allow to transfer only notes from iPhone to computer. Even it is also known that iTunes help to backup iPhone notes on computer but it does not let you to read it on PC. So now how to copy notes from iPhone to PC/Mac?

One thing that you can do is first backup your notes with iTunes and after that extract it on computer. This way you can move forward but before that, you should transfer notes from iPhone directly to computer. But how to perform is discussed below.

How to copy iPhone notes to computer?

However to copy iPhone notes to computer, you should use a powerful tool like iOS Data Backup & Restore. This tool helps to copy notes from iPhone in just simple clicks.


Steps to follow to copy iPhone notes to PC/Mac

Part 1: Copy iPhone notes to PC

Step 1: Install and run the program

First run the program and connect your device to PC. After connecting your iPhone, select ‘More tools’. Then select ‘iOS Data Backup & Restore’ option which allows you to copy your data from iPhone to computer.

Step 2: Select scan

However to copy iPhone notes to computer, check ‘Notes & Attachments’ after which the software will scan your notes.

Step 3: Wait for scanning process

Scanning process will take time, so just wait to finish to entire process.

Step 4: Preview and select notes from iPhone to copy on PC

Once the scanning is finished, preview the notes or attachments. After that confirm what you want to copy and hit on ‘Export to PC’.

Part 2: Copy iPhone notes from iTunes backup to PC

Step 1: Choose Recovery Mode

At first, launch dr.fone and select “Recover from iTunes Backup File” from “Data Recovery” tool. And then, the iTunes backup recovery tool will detect all iTunes backup files on your computer and display them in the specific window. You can then confirm which one you need according to the date it has been created.

Step 2: Scan Notes from iTunes Backup File

Next you have to choose the iTunes backup file that contains notes you want to copy and then click “Start Scan”. This will take a few minutes to extract all data from the iTunes backup file.

Step 3: Preview and select Notes to copy on computer from iTunes Backup

You will see that after just a few seconds, all the data in the backup file will be extracted and displayed in categories. With this, you can then easily preview them one by one. After this, you can mark like notes and click on ‘Recover’ to store on your computer.

Part 3: Copy iPhone notes from iCloud backup To PC

Step 1: Select Recovery Mode

After running dr.fone toolkit, you can choose “Recover from iCloud Backup Files” from “Data Recovery” on the dashboard. After this, you will see the window below. There you have to enter your iCloud account and password to login.

Step 2: Download iCloud Backup File for notes

In the next step, when you logged into iCloud, the program can find all iCloud backup files in your account. There you will be required to choose the one where you are going to retrieve data and click on the “Download” button. After that you can begin the scanning process by clicking on “Start Scan” to preview all the iPhone notes.

Step 3: Preview and copy notes from iCloud Backup

The process of scanning will be completed in a few minutes. After it stops scanning, you can preview all data in your iCloud backup file. Now you have to check them one by one and tick the item you want to copy and then click on “Recover to Computer” or “Recover to your device” button to save them on your computer.


[TIPS]- Best Methods to Copy iPhone Notes to Computer/Mac
[TIPS]- Best Methods to Copy iPhone Notes to Computer/Mac
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[TIPS]- Best Methods to Copy iPhone Notes to Computer/Mac
Know the best ways to copy iPhone notes to your computer or Mac easily. Ge the best methods to copy notes from iPhone
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