ios 9The latest iOS 9 update which has come for iPhone, iPad or iPod brought lots of enhancement for users but along with that, it has also brought several issues with it. Therefore whatever the problem that iOS 9 has brought, you will get the details of it in this article along with the solution to fix.

There are some users who have reported about some problem in their iOS 9. It does not go any surprising as whenever any update some, it brings some or the other problem with it. Even there are problems with iOS 9.1. Whenever Apple comes with some update then it comes with several ways to fix any problem but along with it also comes with some problem and those men who have downloaded the new version face the same issue.


iOS 9 problems and its solutions

How to fix iOS 9 Installation Problems

With the release of iOS 9, it has also widespread of installation problems. Although those problems were solved easily within 30 minutes but still there were installation issues which include frozen downloads. Hence neither is ideal but there are solutions for every problem.

How to Fix iOS 9 Touchscreen Problems


After upgrading to iOS 9 if your touch screen stop responding then nothing to worry about. However when the update was first installed on iPhone 6 then there was also the same issue. This problem has stooped from accessing any other apps and even turning off the phone. But soon there was a solution to fix that. When your screen stops responding then you should hold the power button along with home button at the same time. Juts wait for your phone to reboot and after that use it as normally you do with your phone. At first if it does not work then try until you it works. Generally it has been seen that it takes three resets to start normally.

How to Fix iOS 9 Battery Life Problems

With the update of iOS 9, the battery life of the iPhone has been seen an increase. Well some users have got an extra battery life whereas some users are seeing poor battery condition as they are not working properly and draining the battery life of the device. Generally the issues related to battery are very common and it becomes a major issue related to iOS 9. Well if you want your battery to be good after installing iOS 9.1 then just wait for some days after updating as some things improve after few days.

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How to Fix iOS 9 Wi-Fi Problems

Already many problems related to Wi-Fi in iOS 9 have occurred and it is not surprising that the major problem is with iOS. In fact there are solutions to fix such issues which can really help you in this field. Well if you want your Wi-Fi to work good on your iOS 9 then you has to do some settings in network. Just follow the settings provided.

Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings. The process will take some time to complete it and when it is done then you will see forgotten known Wi-Fi passwords, so be sure that you have your passwords secure. Still if this process does not work for you then just forget your Wi-Fi networks and again reconnect them. After that follow the settings again: Settings > Wi-Fi > Select your connection > tap forget this network which is at the top of screen. After that if you can, just reconnect it.

Still if the above mentioned steps don’t work then you have to take a close look at your router. Just unplug it for some time and plug it back again. But if this also does not work then just have a look whether is an update of firmware for your router.

How to Fix iOS 9 Data Problems


There are many complaints about the data in iOS 9. There are lots of issues related to data after the update of iSO 9. Another issue which is common for iOS and it affects a lot to the user of iOS 9. There are solutions for every problem leaving one or two. If you think that all such issues are nothing in Apple or in the device service provider then you have to restart your device first. Switch off your device and after that reboot it. This process is simple but has solved many cellular issues in past.

When the restart does not help then you should try toggling data off along with your device settings. To perform the process, go to settings > cellular > cellular data > toggle off. After toggling off, again toggle it back and just have a look whether it works or not. Another option when the above process does not work is by flipping airplane mode on for 30 seconds before you trun off it again. Generally it happen that turning airplane mode on remove every connection on your devices and this option will be at the top of your settings. Now just search that the problem is not with LTE, if it is then shut LTE for few minutes. For that go to Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE > off. Turn it on when it is ready.

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How to Fix iOS 9 Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth issues are one of the common issues of iOS and there is nothing to be surprised about it to see after iOS 9.0.2 and iOS 9.1 releases. Similar to the problems of cellular data, this problem is also not easy to fix due to large number of Bluetooth devices. But you can follow some process to fix the problem.

First you should reset the network settings of your device. After that go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings. Now your device will not remember the Bluetooth device so you have to reconnect it once again. Still if this does not work then you have to forget the Bluetooth connection. For that you have to go to Settings > Bluetooth > Select the connection that is using circular blue i tab > Now tap on forget the device. Try reconnecting.

Even resetting all your settings can also work for you. This is because it has worked in the past and so there is a chance that it will work for you. To do that just go to Settings > General > Then reset all settings. However this may take some time to complete the process but after that your device’s settings will be recovered to factory defaults. However when you have any problem related to Bluetooth, just wait for some time as it will be alright after you consult someone for repairing it.


How to Fix iOS 9 App Problems

After installing iOS 9.1 if you come across issues related to third party applications then it’s an obvious thing that you would like to try some ways before you delete the app from your device or before you throw your phone. First you should look for if there is any recent update for your app. It happens that the developers roll out their iOS 9 support updates which can help. But before downloading, you first read the reviews on the app store and after that only you should download it.

If still does not work then just try to reinstall the application. Although this method has already worked for many users in the past and this is very helpful. But before that you should be sure that you have a backup of all your data. At last, if it does not work then you should contact the developer and should state about the problem and you can get the details of the future update.

How to Fix iOS 9 App Store Problems

Many complaints have already come with the problem of App store along with downloading updates. This is one of the biggest problems which are affecting the users of iOS 9.0.2 and iOS 9.1. In fact there are two ways to fix the problem but these methods are not sure that it will work. Well the first method is resetting of the device. For this, you have to hold the power button along with home button. This method is seen to be useful to get rid of such issue.

Some users have noticed that they instantly ‘update’ on an app that too before ‘open’ symbol appears. Even some have faced more issues related to their app store. Basically this issue appears on the older versions of iOS and this issue has removed after some time. Therefore just stay patient when something does not work.

How to Fix iOS 9 iMessage Problems


After the update of iOS 9.1, problem is not stopping and now the problem is with iMessage. Generally iMessage is a common problem and it continues to the latest update also. Well if you see issues with messages then the very first thing which you should do is to clip the feature to off and again on it. To follow the process go to Settings > Messages > Toggle iMessage off and after that turn on. This process has worked in the past so you should try it first.

When the above process does not work then reboot you device once. But when this also does not work then go to settings and reset Network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings. After this settings your device will forget all the connections, therefore be sure that you password for Wi-Fi is useful.

What to do when noting works

After using all the above processes, still if you face problems or if nothing works then factory reset your device. By doing this, everything will get erased or deleted on your iPhone and after that it will return to its way in the same way as it was at the time when you bought it. However to factory reset your device, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. Still if problem appears then take your iPhone to Apple store.

Common iOS 9 Problems & Their Solutions
Common iOS 9 Problems & Their Solutions
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Common iOS 9 Problems & Their Solutions
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